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Who’s Ready? 🔥💣For those of you who have NO BUSINESS PADDLING OUT PIPE, GO FIND ONE WAVE POOL. There’s plenty now to choose from! REMEMBER: SHOW RESPECT GET RESPECT. THIS IS DA PROVING GROUNDS NOT THE LEARNING GROUNDS. KEEP DA COUNTRY COUNTRY👊🏽LETS GO👊🏽🤙🏽 Music: Boot Scoot/ #aloha #alohafriday #squad #film #money #gym #party #squad #animal #gopro #canon #edit #beastmode #respect #provinggrounds #brasil #france #europe #fun #wavepool #indonesia #africa #australia #straya Footage: Andy Potts/ Edit: Da Hui


🔴DIVE OAHU CANOE CAPTAIN LICENSE UPDATE: ENJOY THE NEW VIDEO OF ONE SO CALLED LICENSED CANOE CAPTAIN FOR DIVE OAHU. LOOK LIKE HE NOT HAVE ONE CLUE WHAT HE’S DOING IN DAT CANOE🧐🤣 🔴For several months DIVE OAHU @diveoahu Hasn’t had A CERTIFIED LICENSED CANOE CAPTAIN. Recently @diveoahu claims dey have One Certified Licensed Canoe Captain & His name is Pat. From what everyone is hearing this is how it all went Down: Pat had an expired license from 2015. He retested in July and FAILED His Test. They ran another test on August 31 without the advisory committee from the beach. The waves were flat so the test supposed to have been cancelled. DLNR gave him the license anyway. FIRST TIME IN HISTORY a Canoe test has ever been done without the Advisory Committee. Which is considered ILLEGAL & Bogus. They gave it to him even though every rule the DLNR has in place and has always been followed, was not not followed in his case. Advisory committee not present to conduct the test, waves has to be a certain height just to have the test, that didn’t happen, supposed to have a 2nd captain on the canoe during testing, they had no 2nd. Captain. Real issue was The city had Dive Oahu on a August 31 Deadline to have a Licensed Captain or else... Guy kaulukukui used to be a deputy director of DLNR & He supposedly called Ed Underwood who is the Administrator for DLNR. Guy was Ed’s boss before. He asked Ed to give Dive Oahu their Captains License before the 31st. Ed told the boating manager “just get the test done on the 31st with or without the committee, and with or without waves” 🧐🧐🤬🤬 SAME OLD POLITICS & SAME OLD LIES FROM DA CITY. 💩 🤡/ Some Video Provided by: @danssurfvideos @waikikibeachboys / @tribulls.808 @tony_scarfone @hungryhungryhawaiian @meanhawaii @eddierothman @kookslams @kook_of_the_day @kainoamcgee @kala_dacaptain / #comedy #funny #cannabis #Lit #vibes #mana #canoe #beach #boat #dolphin #reef #instagood #haole #honolulu #hawaiian #tan #girl #rap #tourism #bodyboard #jiujitsu #fashion #organic #pono #letsgo Edit & Production With Music: Da Hui 👊🏽


💜 Surf Experience Day update 🙌 Our #Malibu Surf Day has been moved to November 10th 10am-1pm Emails will go out shortly *Date Change Notification 💜 More information available at www.mauliola.org #MayTheWaveHealUsAll Repost @mauliolafoundation 🙏🏾


Our Own & Professional Surfer Makua Rothman @makuarothman got help decorating several surfboards thanks to children at Kapiolani Medical Center @kapiolanimedctr for Women and Children and Shriners Hospitals for Children. The visits mark the launch of Rothman's Malama Na Keiki Give Back Project, which aims to inspire youth to achieve their dreams while raising much-needed funds for two of Hawaii's leading children's hospitals. Rothman asked the keiki to write their hopes and dreams on the boards. He'll then take these boards out, and ride them on upcoming tours. "I get to take their drawings and love, and I take it out to the waves," he said. "This year I chose to surf for something other than sponsors. I chose to surf for these children. "These children, they've got to charge hard every single day. Every day they wake up, it's a challenge. It's hard. They wake up with a smile on their face. They say aloha when you come. They might not be feeling the best, but that attitude that they have and that warrior spirit they have, I want to try and take it out there on the waves with me," Rothman added. Rothman will eventually auction off the boards with 💯%. percent of the proceeds benefiting the hospitals. #DahuiHawaii @huioheenalunorthshore @eddierothman @shrinershon @mahinadahui808 @koarothman @lonorothman @mauliolafoundation @kala_dacaptain #heavy #organic #cannabis #love #art #music #artist #fish #ohana #mana #travel #travelblogger #ocean #children #skate #gym #athlete #sport #cancersucks #yoga #vibes Repost @khonnews #dahuihawaii


Yesterday in Mexico at Da Mexican Pipe @nathan_florence finding this Gem 💯 #DahuiHawaii 🎥 @parallelsea



Like FATHER @makuarothman Like DAUGHTER, little Nalia Chargin Already 🔨🙌🏾💯🤙🏾 Repost @_nalaniiii #DahuiHawaii


🔴Hurricane Florence made Landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina at 7:15 a.m. ET this morning as a Category 1 Storm. The National Hurricane Center warns that life-threatening storm surges and hurricane-force winds will continue, and heavy rain is expected to cause severe & Historic CATASTROPHIC FLOODING across portions of both North and South Carolina. All of us here At Da Hui Send our PRAYERS & ALOHA To our FRIENDS & OHANA & EVERYONE Being Directly Impacted by Florence in North & South Carolina 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Video Source: @abcnews & folks several folks sending us video. Edit: Da Hui


WHALE 🐋 DELIVERS CRACKS 💥💥A humpback whale made a surprise appearance off the coast of Nova Scotia, slapping an inflatable boat with its tail. Canadian government regulations require vessels to maintain a minimum distance of 330 feet from most whales and dolphins - whenever possible. #humpback #whale #tail #novascotia #travelphotographer #travelblogger #animal #heavy #biology #cannabis #captain #letsgo Repost @abcnews


SNAKES🐍 , ELECTRIC SCOOTERS 🛴, & SURFING 🏄 Wit @brodyjenner & @koarothman What could be better?😂 🎥@jack_g_808 full video link in @koarothman Bio 👊🏾🤙🏾


🔴EVACUATIONS CANCELLED: Board of Water Supply says evacuations in Nu`uanu not necessary after Olivia’s rains fill dam near spillway capacity. BWS crews continue to pump out water. HFD crews helping pump, as well because BWS pumps weren’t working fast enough. Dam is located right above Country Club Rd. #wx #weather #storm #olivia Repost @kitv4 #DahuiHawaii


🔴BREAKING NEWS UPDATE:FLOODING FROM NUUANU DAM POSSIBLE. 10,000 PEOPLE MAY NEED TO EVACUATE. (September 13 at 10:45 AM): The Board of Water Supply warns that as many as 10,000 residents may have to be evacuated as Nuuanu dam no. 1 threatens to spill over. Heavy rains from #TropicalStormOlivia overnight and into Wednesday have nearly filled the dam, officials said. Its water level is now about 1 1/2 feet below the spillway, the board said. BWS has been monitoring and siphoning the excess water from the reservoir since the beginning of the week to keep the water level below the spillway. However, with the passing of #Olivia, the rain exceeded the siphoning capacity. BWS and Honolulu Fire Department personnel are currently deployed at the dam with water pumps to bring the level of the reservoir down further. BWS is working with the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Emergency Management to coordinate the operations plan, which includes public evacuation notification and sheltering if needed. (Video: @maheatv & Map: @googlemaps Repost @milekalincoln