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re-archiving the negs! #filmisnotdead #fortheloveoffilm #Lebanon


mama and the kitten who seems to think her lap is his bed #SundaysAtMado #Lebanon #blackandwhitekitten


Inspector Clouseau at work 🕵🏻‍♂️ #ZeynTheCat #Lebanon #CuriosityKilledTheCat


this is like a children’s book: mama, little kitten who decided to stay and the yarn ball. 👵🏻 😼 🧶 #SundaysAtMado #Lebanon #blackandwhitekitten


Tonight, the Lebanese parliament finally passed the law to investigate the fate of the enforced disappeared. Imm Ahmad passed away on July 13, 2017 before knowing the fate of her only son Ahmad, who was 21 yo when he was kidnapped from his home in 1986, and never came back. Imm Ahmad never stopped looking for her son. There is an estimated 17,000 victim of enforced disappearance from #Lebanon’s civil war whose fate is still unknown. #MissingOfLebanon ‎اقر مجلس النواب في جلسته التشريعية قانون المخفيين قسرا في #لبنان بعد التصويت عليه! ‎رحلت ام احمد في ١٣ تموز ٢٠١٧ من دون ان تعرف مصير ابنها الوحيد احمد الذي اختطف سنة 1986 من منزله ولم يعد يوما. لم تتوقف ام احمد عن البحث عن ابنها يوما. ‎هناك 17000 مفقود من الحرب الاهلية اللبنانية ولا يزال مصيرهم مجهول


black and white on black and white. litle crazy #kitten is back #Lebanon #SundaysAtMado


if it wasn’t for the coloured buildings, the weather would be black and white today #theviewfromdaliasbalcony #Beirut #Lebanon


mama, the dying jasmine and a view of #Beirut #SundaysAtMado


New flowers, old and undone post-its #FlowersAndPostIts at the apartment in #Beirut


Today, August 30, marks the #InternationalDayOfTheDisappeared Imm Aziz sits in her house under the photos of her four sons. On a September day in 1982, militants came knocking on the Dirawi's door in #Beirut #Lebanon, while they were having breakfast together and took away by force Imm Aziz' 4 sons, Aziz, 31, Ibrahim, 27, Mansour, 25, and Ahmad, 13. Like many families of the #Missing, Imm Aziz kept some of the belongings of her children as relics of their one-time presence, hoping that they will come back home one day to find them preserved. Imm Aziz talks to her children every night before she goes to sleep. She asks each one of them if he can see her, if he is ok, eating and sleeping well. She keeps the window above her bed open in case they come back one day and walk down the alley behind the window. She wants to make sure she sees them when they finally come back home. There is an estimated number of 17,000 missing from the 1975-90 Lebanese civil war whose fate is still unknown. From my ongoing project on the #MissingOfLebanon


August 30 marks the #InternationalDayOfTheDisappeared A pendant in the shape of a heart, with photos of Ammar Mohammad Saleh, centre, and his father and another with the letter A for his name hang on a chain. Ammar was 21 years old in March 1982 when he took a taxi from #Beirut, #Lebanon, and headed to Baalback to his parents' house. He never reached home that day or the days, months and years that followed. A month before Ammar went missing, he gave his pendants to his sister Salam, a year older than him. Salam and her mother looked for Ammar in Lebanon and in Syria's prisons but never found him. His fate is still unknown. There is an estimated number of 17,000 missing from the 1975-90 Lebanese civil war whose fate is still unknown. From my ongoing project on the #MissingOfLebanon