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🎯START BY TELLING YOURSELF THE TRUTH🎯 • Yesterday, I traversed the expansiveness that is The Bay Area, doing 2 behavior sessions with 2 separate dogs. Nick, a medium-sized terrier mix in Burlingame, struggles w/ severe resource guarding #issues + w/ dog reactivity on-leash. Esther, a shortie mixupmashup in San Rafael, is struggling with... maaayyybe deep-orange-zone dog aggression; she gives some warning she’s gonna go off, and, she locks in anyway 🔒 wanting to maul the dog in front of her 😵 before even doing a, “Hey what’s up who are you?” butt sniff. • Both Nick and Esther share a not-super-unusual behavioral trait: they redirect. What this means, is that as they’re learning new expectations and ways of being communicated with & handled, they both lash out toward their handler, potentially biting, well, anyone walking them, or even folks nearby. It’s basically like an involuntary & severe survival instinct that’s no longer serving them. Or anyone. Obvi. 🆘 • No two dogs are the same complex creature, just as no two humans are the same complex creature. ⚛️ And, as such, dogs and humans all have different ways of communicating w/ one another (and w/ themselves), and responding to new boundaries. • How do I approach working with more severely reactive and aggressive doggos? 🤔 I START BY TELLING MYSELF THE TRUTH. ➡️Where is the dog *actually* at, versus where I/you/we *wish* they were at, behaviorally? ➡️How do I meet them there, with firm and boundaried compassion, that comes with strict expectations? ➡️What tools are in my kit that I can implement and use to slow fast-moving minds, while keeping everyone safe? • Even little Cecil, the senior PomBabe in the photo, struggles w/ aggression toward humans; he has bitten both his people in the face & has sent his primary human to the ER. Cecil has sleep terrors and, when startled awake (or startled in general really), charges and sometimes bites. 🤭 • Basically: I believe confident, grounded truthfulness with oneself about one’s needs, expectations and boundaries, paves the way 🛣 for healthier relationships in general - and, here - especially with our more eccentric dog friends 🐺. • 💓THE WORK STARTS W/ YOU💓


...when your party hat is too big, and you kinda look like the love child of ET and a garden gnome from the 16th century, who landed on planet earth sometime in the early 2000s 👽🖤🧙🏻‍♀️ • • • ℹ️ IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A four-pound chihuahua sits atop a concrete block on the San Francisco Bay shoreline. She is wearing a pink merle sweater with a pink ruffle-frill decorative neck poof, along with a pointy pink party hat. She looks up at a treat awkwardly as her hat sort of slides into her eyes. • • • • • • • • • • • • #DandyDogwalker #DandyDogPack #ForYourCreaturesComfort #GretaTinyDancer #DogFashion #DogStyle #DogFashionista #MyWildebeest #GayDog #QueerBusiness #TransBusiness #ABC7now #NBCBayArea #HellaGay #SupportSmallBusiness #DogsOfInstagram #WeeklyFluff #DogsOfSF #SFDogs #SFDog #DogsOfSanFrancisco #SanFranciscoDogs #BayAreaDogs #SanFrancisco #ChihuahuasOfInstagram #ChihuahuaLove #ChihuahuaLovers #ChihuahuaFanatics #SaturdayVibes #PartyAnimal


🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIELLE🎉 • Danielle is the #PackLeader for our #SFMission #DandyDogPack 💎 She is also my partner, and Tiny is her companion creature 🌹 HBD to this brilliant, compassionate, generous, thoughtful, caring, kind babe. 🌌 Annnnnnd: dogsintinypartyhatsomfg😭🎉 • 🐩(L to R) Tiny (@gretatinydancer) + Ed + Muffin (@muffininmotion) + Henderson (@henderpy) • ➡️IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Four small dogs sit atop some concrete steps at the shoreline of the #SanFranciscoBay; two are in tiny pink party hats and two are in tiny teal party hats. The four dogs sit obediently behind a queer fat hard femme of color in sequins and sunglasses, flashing a double peace sign with her hands and allowing a small smile to form on her pink-lipsticked mouth. + + + + + + + + + + + + + #DandyDogwalker #PartyAnimals #ForYourCreaturesComfort #MyWildebeest #GretaTinyDancer #HappyBirthday #SFDogs #DogsOfSF #SanFranciscoDogs #DogsOfSanFrancisco #BayAreaDogs #DogWalker #Dogwalkers #Sagittarius #SagSeason #SagittariusSeason #QueerFemme #FatFemme #QueersInBusiness #QueerBusiness #SupportQueerBusiness #Gaywad #BirthdayQueen


Oh hey, handsome man 😎, welcome to the #DandyDogPack 🖤 • This babe is SHADOW. He is about 11 months old, and is a total mashup of floof: #AlaskanMalamute meets #husky meets #lab, with maybe some #GreatPyrenees sprinkled in there for good measure. He’s a total goofyfloofy and comes to us via our amazing friends at @everydoghasitsdaycare 💎 • SHADOW is a mostly easy-going, curious dude whose enthusiasm can get the better of him, especially during less structured play... which has the potential to be a bit freaky to handle, especially because he’s such a big fella. He was a profesh wrestler in a past life, so he thought it appropriate to pin a dog, which we are now learning isn’t consensual. 🤼‍♂️ • SHADOW wasn’t thriving in a daily off-leash environment; the babes at @everydoghasitsdaycare recommended he have more structure and regulation in his socializing and walking, in the service of Shadow’s development processes and fullness of life. (Have I mentioned how much I love Every Dog?!) 🌹 • SHADOW’s first day went swimmingly (🌧) and I am so beyond honored for the opportunity to work with such a cool dude, on whom I had an #instacrush #dogcrush 😍. Don’t worry, young fella: I’ll give you all the structure and routine you never knew you wanted so bad, and teach you behavioral expectations on-leash and with other dogs. AND, I’m working with Shadow’s humans concurrently, so we’re all on the same page. 🌌 • SHADOW, I already love you, I’m so honored to get to work with you and your fluffy pantaloons ✨ • • • • • • • • • • • • #DandyDogwalker #ForYourCreaturesComfort #EveryDogHasItsDayCare #AlamedaDogs #DogsOfAlameda #BayAreaDogs #CaliDog #DogsOfInstagram #DogRehabilitation #DogTraining #PackLife #PackLeader #DogWalker #QueerBusiness #TransBusiness #QueersInBusiness #SupportTransBusiness #BigDog #Floofer


Ziggy and this @fayesvideo cup 💎 • Just about every morning, around 7:00am, I walk to Faye’s (in SF on 18th just past Guerrero) for a huge half-caf, and I read at least one newspaper. Taking in the news these days sucks and is depressing and it’s completely indigestible; for me, reading a newspaper at a place like @fayesvideo helps me remember humanity in very earnest and tangible ways - especially as I read nausea-inducing headlines, such as: “U.S. agents at San Diego border hit migrants with tear gas.” • For folks who are unaware: there has been a massive caravan of Central American people traveling north, for months. Now that people have arrived (and have been stalled) at the U.S./Mexico border, 45 (Trump) has sent federal troops to “defend” the U.S. against traumatized folks looking for asylum. Border bridges and crossing points have been shut down, and folks have been stopped in Mexico just at the U.S. border. • On Sunday (25 Nov), folks held a peaceful march; ultimately, hundreds of people ran toward a big border crossing leading into San Diego. Here, they were met by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, which closed the crossing in both directions and began firing tear gas into the crowd. The @sfchronicle reports that “some of the migrants told the @nytimes they thought they could negotiate with U.S. officials, but as they approached the metal border fence topped with barbed wire, they were met with several rounds of tear gas.” • As Senator Brian Schatz @brianschatz (Hawaii/Democrat) wrote, “Tear gas across the border against unarmed families is a new low.” + + + ➡️Image Description: A merle chiweenie with one radiant blue eye and one deep brown eye stares enthusiastically at the camera. He is perched with his front legs on the arm of a couch, next to a coffee cup that reads, “Neighbors don’t let neighbors get deported. Solidarity!”⬅️ + + + • • • • • • • • • #DandyDogwalker #DandyDogPack #ForYourCreaturesComfort #WildTimesOfZiggyAndSparky #DogsOfBrooklyn #BrooklynDogs #ShopLocal #SupportLocalBusinesses #GayDog #Chiweenie #RescueDog #FayesCoffee #SFMission #SanFrancisco #CaliDog #QueerBusiness #SupportQueerBusiness #TransBusiness #QueerOwned


#Repost @missmajor1 • tdor.info link in profile 🌹🖤🌹 So finally people outside of our community realize & recognize TRANS PEOPLE EXIST... Well that’s really CUTE, but as long as we’re still looking over our shoulder for the next cis dude who decides he doesn’t like the acceptance we’re getting — we’ve got to put the drama aside & keep each other safe. Take the time you need to grieve, and then it’s time to get to WORK. Because I’M tired, YOU’RE tired, we’re ALL tired of seeing this motherfucking list of murdered girls getting longer every year...www.tdor.info. BE SAFE and STAY STRONG, we’re in this battle together 💋💋💋 #tdor #tdor2018



#fbf before 232 us aqi also rest in power my favorite show pony of my heart 🖤🌹🐾🌌🍂 • • • 🐶 (L to R) Arrow + Roosevelt + Archie + Indi + Wrigley + Fredo + Gracie + George • • • • • • • • • • #DandyDogwalker #DandyDogPack #ForYourCreaturesComfort #DogsOfAlameda #AlamedaDogs #AlamedaCA #BayAreaDogs #CaliDogs #PackLife #DogwalkerLife #RescueDogsOfInstagram #PuppiesOfInstagram #MuttsOfInstagram #FlashbackFriday #FriYay #TGIF #QueerOwned #TransOwnedBusiness #QueerBusiness #SupportTransBusiness #SupportQueerBusiness #StrengthInNumbers







😭😂😭🤣😭💦 // but seriously: don’t call 911 or the police on folks of color; if you see that somebody is in distress, you can call the fire department (EMTs). #TheMoreYouKnow \\ also, try talking to your neighbors, versus scurrying around with your head down and calling the cops on them for existing. #KnowYourNeighbors • • • #Repost @afropunk with @get_repost ・・・ Still crying over this 😩 | Repost from @niecynash1 @nytimes