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Raise em up 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ if you FEEEEEEL this right now? Friday's are usually the day where I feel MOST sore/fatigued from the weeks workouts, but this week was different for me. •• I don't get debilitatingly sore often, however I veered away from my typical Danielle routine and I am paying the priccccce! •• What workout or exercise gets you most sore that you are surprised by?? •• I wasn’t feeling running at ALL this week. There was way too much resistance every time I tried to go out for a run - so I decided to scrap mileage runs for the week. •• On Tuesday I opted for 6 - 200s and followed that up with 10 sets of stairs (which if you tuned into my stories you saw) - but RIP to my freakin quads 🤣🤣🤣 THEY HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE!! Legit, still sore. •• Don’t underestimate stairs or sprints! •• Yesterday, once again - didn’t want to run so I opted for handstands and burpees instead. Now, let’s be honest - I don’t get sore from burpees anymore but my shoulders and traps are freaking DONNNNE from those handstands!! •• And you know what? I’m not even mad about being sore because that tells me I’m doing something my body hasn’t done for a while and THAT’S GOOD! •• All this to say - change up your routine if you are feeling bored or uninspired. Guarantee it will ignite some new motivation for you. I forgot how much I really miss sprinting and gymnastics! •• Have you changed it up lately?? Tell me about something that totally crushed you recently (workout wise) that you were surprised by. •• Also, have a good weekend! I’ve never wanted Friday to be here more than I did this week 🤣 •• #oneofthoseweeks #soreAF #TGIF #friyay #fridaymotivation #fridayinspiration #workoutmeme #workoutmemes #funnymeme #fitnessmeme #fitfam #fitsp #katcrew #stronginfall


3 years married TODAY!! 💕 Where does the time go?? I can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. Every little detail, moment, hug, and kiss. •• In fact, I can remember the moment I knew. Although Matt and I argue all the time about our version of stories as to "when we met each other." But I knew shortly after meeting him that this was it. •• I mean he did wait 8 years to propose 😂(yes, we've been together for 11 years - be patient LOL), but eventualllllly he did and made me the happiest damn girl on the planet. •• It's funny how hectic life can get and how you forget these little moments. You forget the moments of your journey. You forget the stories and memories of your past on the day to day. •• We fly through life. We are constantly working on growing our business. Matt just referred to "our kids" in his anniversary card as WooCommerce and Mailchimp (hahaha 🤣 for ANYONE that runs an online business, this is comical). But it's true. The biz has been our baby for the first 3 years of marriage. •• And the crazy part is, it's brought us closer in so many ways. •• I didn't think it was possible to love Matt any more than I did when I married him, but it is. Every single day I have a new appreciation for him. Every single day I am reminded how lucky I am. Every time he calms me down, every time he makes me laugh uncontrollably, every time he deals with my CRAZY antics - I realize - DAMN..... he's good. •• So I refer to this phase as the set up. This was the set up to see what we could handle. We needed these 3 years more than anything. •• We've never been as clear on our path as we are now in this moment. And I think that's a really damn cool thing. So yes, I'm so so grateful on this day for my husband and I won't apologize for being mushy (even though that's my natural inclination) because I don't want to be insensitive to anyone who hasn't found their person yet. •• But I want you @the_matt_hall to know how special you are to me. To know that I appreciate you more than any insta caption could explain, and to know how much I love you not just today but every. damn. day. •• Happy Anniversary HYPE Baeeee 😘🤗 •• #hypebae #hypeman #anniversary #love


I seriously need to live vicariously through you guys for a second.... so tell me about your hometown pumpkin patch because I shared the beautiful truth of mine on Sunday’s insta stories😂😂😂 •• Yep, housed in a stunning car dealership lot on Santa Monica Blvd. As Matt said, “oh this ain’t no farm girl, it’s a concrete jungle.” And most of you DMed and said “WTF is that?? That’s not a pumpkin patch.” •• Oh, but it is. And the 2 guys that run it wanted to sell us their baby goats (aka the only attraction they have there) for $500 😱😱 WHATTTT??? So many thoughts, so many feelings 🤔 •• We grabbed our perfect workout video pumpkin and bolted out of there to find a better location LOL. •• So, enter the BASIC PUMPKIN WORKOUT. JK, it’s not basic it’s got some legit combos in it, so before you carve or trash those pumpkins (whichever comes first) give this one a whirl. •• Kettlebell (🎃) swings are probably a no if you want it to survive 😂 •• 1️⃣Squat clean press 2️⃣Beast pop push up to broad jump 3️⃣Single leg DL row 4️⃣Burpee 5️⃣Lateral jumping push ups 6️⃣Traveling quick feet 7️⃣Forward to overhead press 8️⃣Russian twist 9️⃣Pumpkin swing (if you dare) •• Tag some friends below!!👇🏼Go have a little fun and tag me in your vids so I can see a real freaking pumpkin patch 😂😂 •• #stronginfall #pumpkinworkout #pumpkinpatch #pumpkincarving #halloween #fallchallenge @k.deer


It's been a second since I've done an intro and I have a lot of new friends here from my pee pants post over the weekend so of course I want to learn more about you and what your story is?!! Let me share a few things and then I'd love to know something about you in the comments👇🏼 •• My name is Danielle Pascente - pronounced PA (like papa) - CENT (like centipede) - TEA (🍵). My nickname in high school/college was Placenta so that's a solid fun fact for you to LOL at this morning😂 •• Rapid fire facts: I’m 30 years old. I skipped kindergarten and graduated college in 3 years. I graduated from Arizona State (go devils!) with a BA in Psychology. Was a multi sport athlete growing up (swimming, gymnastics, track, & cheerleading). My Dad died in a tragic accident when I was 6 years old (as @heatherkmcmahan would say, dead dad club 🙋🏼‍♀️ anyone else??) •• I moved to L.A. 10 years ago from Arizona. It's so weird to even write 10 years because it feels like yesterday I was graduating college with ZERO plan of what I was going to do. •• After years of grinding my way up the corporate gym ladder and being a private personal trainer - I knew I wanted to reach more people. I now run my own online business and created the Kick-Ass Training Guides which are online training guides for the busy, hard working, and badass woman (moms, students, entrepreneurs, AKA my ultimate heroes - shoutout to you #katcrew )! •• I run my business with my husband who is a completely self-taught videographer/ photographer/ techie/ and HYPE MAN. I kid you not, he will watch any youtube video and solve all my business problems. •• Couple things that may surprise you about me: ➡️I'm obsessed with murder/crime podcasts. If I had time for a passion project, starting a murder podcast would be top on my list. Any murderinos out there?? I just bought tickets to my first ever live show for any podcast (who am I???). Going to see @myfavoritemurder in LA on Halloween so pretty much counting down the MOMENTS! •• ➡️I have a ton of digestion issues. I've shared this in the past but many people would assume from looking at me that I'm the epitome of "healthy." Which to some extent (more in comments...)


My very first INSTAGRAM VS REALITY 🤣🤣🤣 Maybe nobody else will think this is as funny as I do, but Matt and I can’t stop laughing. •• I’ve never made one of these because I consider my Instagram feed instagram and my instagram stories reality. Lol hello, I freaking cried on Instagram stories this week (super cute, I know 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄) •• But this was tooooo good not to bring to the feed. •• I mean one literally looks like the cover of Runners World and the other looks like I might keel over and vomit. •• First of all, who looks like that first photo while running?!! I really must have been cheeeeesin it up because I can guarantee I was only smiling for maybe the first 5-6 miles. This was taken at mile 6 where I was still cruising and feeling like a damn champion. •• Reality photo was taken moments before the finish line. Mile 13. Literally giving it whatever the f*** I had left for that PR. My perfect braid has become human nunchucks 😂 my leggings looked like I peed 12 times over. My face is a mixture between crying, puking, and nostril flaring to get any oxygen I could. •• The many faces of running and racing. Anyway - most of my running photos on the feed are staged. We got out and shoot a running photo so that when I want to talk about running - I have something to pull from. •• The reality - it never ever looks that good 😂 •• I can’t believe I actually purchased race photos. It’s so not like me because I think it’s a rip off, BUT since I got a PR I thought WHY NOT?! Best $40 of my life. There are some solids in there. •• Have you ever purchased race photos? Do you think they are funny to look through? Also, is it possible to find pee pants proof leggings I mean GEEEEEESH! •• #peepants #peeingyourpantsiscool #racephotos #longbeachmarathon #tgif #happyfriday #fridayhumor #halfmarathonPR #vomworthy


30 DAYYYYYYYSSSSS!!! I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭😭 JK I’ve totally been brought to tears multiple times in the last 48 hours. •• You girls are INCREDIBLE in so many ways. And btw, you are officially #STRONGINFALL or as some of you liked to joke #deadinfall after a few of those workouts 😂 •• A rough estimate but in case you were wondering.... collectively we did a total of 132,480 burpees TOGETHER 🙌🏼😱 And that’s on the low end. •• You picked up heavier weights than you have before. You crushed exercises you didn’t think were even possible before this challenge. You cheered eachother on every step of the way. Through the bad days, the good ones, and the ones you just straight didn’t want to do it - YOU GIRLS GOT IT THE F DONE. •• I'm blown away by this community. •• I’m brought to tears by your journeys and stories. I always underestimate the impact of challenges but when I hear your videos and read your check-ins it makes me so proud/honored to know you each and be a part of your journey. •• So yeah - weightloss is cool. Being fit is cool. Doing hard workouts is cool. But what’s MORE COOL is that you girls stepped outside of your comfort zones. What’s more cool is every damn non scale victory you had. What’s cool is watching your kids cheer you on. What’s cool is seeing you attempt something for the first time and believing in yourself. What’s cool is how many of you are signing up for half marathons 🙌🏼 Apparently a bi-product of completing a kick-ass challenge with me 😂 •• Thank you for showing up. Thank you for pushing through. Thank you for trusting me. And thank you for sharing your personal journeys. No part of this challenge was easy! I mean, hello Ladder workout (I know some of you don’t want to see that again). •• PROUD doesn’t do it justice. Writing an instagram caption doesn’t do it justice. Please just know that you are capable of whatever you want on your fitness journey! Never doubt yourself. Find workouts you love and that challenge you. •• I can’t wait to keep kicking ass with you girls! If you did the 30 day challenge - tell me your biggest takeaway in the comments?👇🏼👇🏼I want to hear it! •• 👉🏼www.daniellepascente.com/programs👈🏼


Whoa, a food photo! •• Don't worry, I didn't make it. Those aren't IG worthy 🤣 •• But because I went to get a smoothie bowl yesterday (it's been a minuteeee since I ordered one) - I realized an important thing I wanted to share and hopefully help you guys out with. •• One of the biggest obstacles I hear from my clients about food is that they feel guilty asking questions about the food on a menu or having "complicated" orders when they are dining out. •• I'm here to tell you STOP! Don't feel bad! Have the most complicated order on the planet. DO YOU!! My motto is the same around this topic as it is about modifying workouts. •• I went up to the register yesterday and I looked the girl right in the eyes with a big fat smile and said "OK, my order is going to be complicated so hang with me here." She just laughed and said "OK!!" •• I feel like that's my way of encouraging them that THEY GOT THIS! Most restaurants are MORE than capable of matching your requests and worst can scenario is they tell you they can't do something - but you won't know until you ask. •• Here is my order for this seemingly easy Acai Bowl. •• What the menu said: Acai, apple juice, protein, coconut butter, strawberries, bananas, honey, granola. •• What I said: Replace apple juice with an almond milk base. No coconut butter but would like peanut butter drizzled on top of it not mixed into it. Add spinach and kale mixed/blended into the smoothie (because GREENS). No honey. I ask if they have vegan protein - they respond yes. I say, please use that one. Only a 1/2 a banana. I'd like to add hemp seeds, coconut shreds, and bee pollen on top! •• She says "Ok, no problem!" and repeats the order back to me. •• Will it take them a bit longer to write down, yes. Will it take them longer to make, maybe. But will it make you so happy to know that you are creating something YOU KNOW WORKS BEST FOR YOU - HELLLLL to the yes! •• My message: order what you want. Be complicated. OWN IT. Everyone has different allergies, and digestion, and food preferences. •• What’s your most complicated order? And do you feel bad asking for things or modifying your order? Or do you own it 💯? I’d love to know👇🏼👇🏼


A ‪Monday morning‬ reminder that YOU can do what you set your mind to. •• Is it a fitness goal? Is it a business goal? Do you want to run a marathon? Half marathon? 10K? 5K? Create an ebook? Leave your job? End a toxic relationship? Get your personal training certification? Move to a new city? Open a new business? Start a podcast? •• The list goes on. Sure, you see me at the finish line smiling (duh....because I was on cloud f***in nine). Sure, you see me post everyday about my #stronginfall challengers crushing it. Sure, you see me launch online products that are well put together. Sure, you see me having a good time with my husband and life. •• But maybe what you don't see is the tireless hours of work, and sweat, and tears it takes to get to these places. Maybe you don't see business scuffles, tech glitches, failed launches, ugly runs, non existent workouts, zero motivation days, heated moments or arguments with Matt, deals that fell through, etc. •• My point: IT TAKES STEPS. That perfect picture, that perfectly put together product..... that's only a SLIVER of the real story. That's only a SLIVER of what you are seeing. •• I try to be transparent and show the entire journey to you guys because I do think it's important. I think it's important to show the reality and the behind the scenes. I think it's important to show the work that goes into achieving HARD THINGS and FAR FETCHED GOALS. •• You want it??? You gotta take small steps. You have to reverse engineer the shit out of your goals. You don't go from point A-Z in one step. It's every other letter in between that gets you to Z! And they are necessary often MESSY as hell steps - but damn when you take them all, YOU WILL GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. •• So what can I help you with? What's just one step you could be taking to get you further toward your goal? I want to hear. Put it out into the universe👇🏼👇🏼 •• #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #hardwork #hustlemode #goals


This moment 🙌🏼 After years of not being able to run under 2 hours..... it finally happened today!!! 1:54:38 unofficial Long Beach 1/2 marathon time. Not easy - there were some gritty moments but I just kept saying don’t stop don’t stop, you’ve done harder things than this 😂 •• Mile 8 and 9 were mentally the toughest for me because I started out a little too fast but I’ve always been conservative and today I said fuck it. Just go for it. •• I know to some of you this may not seem fast but I’m honestly elated in this moment. Definitely gave it my all. Was so much fun to do it with ma girls too. They crushed it!! •• Shoutout to my fam for always coming out to support 💗💗💗Thanks for all the race love. You all are the shit! •• Going to enjoy this PR moment all week. But like, I’m gonna be honest - I can barely walk RN 😂 jelloooo legs in full effect. •• #longbeachmarathon #stronginfall #halfmarathon #PR #fuckyes #sundayrunday #sundaymiles


Describe your week in 3 emojis!! •• Lol I love this game. Especially because it’s so open for interpretation 😂 •• Mine was 🎉💯😤 •• Translation: celebrated having a few projects off my plate, having much more mental capacity to focus on some other tasks I needed to (ie getting rid of clutter, planning trips, resetting my fall launch calendar for new Kick-Ass thangggs) and cranked through some tough workouts and training runs. •• All in all, solid week. •• Just a friendly reminder : not every week is going to look the same. This one for me has been the friendliest, most chill week I’ve had in months 😂 but if you had asked me last week or the week before, it would have looked more like this 👎🏻😴🤯 •• We tend to put more focus on the bad weeks and don’t give the good ones enough credit. Right?! So show yourself some grace, give yourself a high five, take a breather. If this wasn’t your week - ALL GOOD! We’ll reset next week. •• Shoutout to my #stronginfall badasses who finished out week 4 with a bang!! Even though we aren’t officially done till day 30 - feels like a major milestone to have made it through all the scheduled workouts. I’ll save my sappy post for next week 🤗😭 Because I have so much more to say. •• Hope everyone has a great weekend. Good luck to anyone racing 👊🏼👊🏼Foam rolling my face off all day and chillin so I’m ready to rock tomorrow! •• #stronginfall #weekending #weekendvibes #saturday #sundayrunday #raceweekend


Me contemplating what I'm going to eat the night before my race 🤔. JK I'm about to tell you my thoughts on that. This is me actually dreaming of what I will eat POST race. •• What's your pre race meal? Do you have a "go to" or a couple "go to's." •• BIGGEST MYTH 🤯: You need to go carb crazy and eat 5 heaps of pasta/bread the night before a race and chug gatorades. Like where did we get this idea?? •• I know exactly where 😂 from our parents LOL. It's what I did as a kid. It's what I did before every race, competition, etc. Sometimes I do wish I could go back knowing what I know now about nutrition and be an athlete again. But that's beside the point. •• The night before a race I will ALWAYS eat safe & smart. What does that mean exactly? It means I don't want to be shitting my brains out on the course🤣💩so I'm going to eat something I know digests well. Will I eat any more or less than I usually do? Nope. I just honestly keep things the same. •• I eat a meal I would typically prepare for myself on any other night.  My "go to" is either a big bowl of protein oatmeal with peanut butter OR a quinoa pasta bowl with veggies. •• My stomach is already sensitive as it is so my biggest race fear is always just having to go to the bathroom multiple times. I'm sure if you are a runner and reading this - WE'VE ALL been there! But, if I can put my best foot forward to avoid it - I will. •• So before you head out for a massive pizza or pasta dish at a hearty restaurant - maybe save that for after the race. When you aren't expected to perform. •• Post race meal for me - nothing is off limits. Dreaming about chips and guac and pasta and cookies. It will all sound good to me after a race. •• The morning of a race - I usually just eat a banana and a tiny bit of coffee (I get nervous so I don't love to eat because it will come right back out). And then i'll take cliff shot blocks with me on the course. •• KEEP IT SIMPLE. That's my biggest advice to you for pre race. Don't make crazy changes to your diet, don't have heavy/hearty/spicy foods, and don't eat a massive breakfast. All not necessary. •• Tell me your pre/post race routine in the comments! Can't wait to read👇🏼 •• #run


Over the weekend, I posted something on my stories about training abs and it seemed to get QUITE the attention from fellow trainers/colleagues in the industry. •• I get requests almost daily to post my ab workout or just any ab focused workout. You've never seen me do that because I don't do ab workouts. I don't do sit-ups or crunches daily. You will never find me putting together an ab circuit and calling it good. WHY? Because I train my core daily in ALL of my workouts. •• Lower body strength days, upper body strength days, HIIT training - ALL require you to engage your core but it maybe doesn't seem "intentional." Every single time I workout I make sure I'm engaging my core throughout all exercises. If I'm doing core focused exercises you are likely to find me doing core stabilization exercises NOT crunches or traditional ab exercises. •• So my challenge to you is instead of those overrated and "popular" ab exercises (crunches, bicycles, leg drops, sit ups, etc) - replace those for a week or 2 with more CORE STABILIZATION EXERCISES. And don't carve out a whole workout for them, just add them into every workout somewhere. •• I won't be giving you a protocol to do this workout on it's own because I would never do these back to back for multiple rounds necessarily. But what I would do is add one of these onto the end of each circuit for 60 seconds. So say I'm lifting lower body and doing 4 supersets. I would tack one of these onto the end of each superset just to get my core fired up. •• For the sake of showing you which core exercises you will find me doing most often, I've put together a video of some of my favorites that challenge my balance, control, and core like no other. GO slow! The name of the game is control so it's not about speed here. •• Also, if you would like to see me eat SHIT on a non core related exercise, go ahead and scroll to that last one 😂😂😂, Matt and I like to make bets with each other and I failed on this one miserably. •• 1️⃣Elbow plank plyos 2️⃣Side plank to oblique crunch 3️⃣Plank up to advanced bird dog 4️⃣Sit up to cross body punches 5️⃣Beast shoulder tap to reach 6️⃣Advanced weighted flutter kicks •• #corestability #forthewin


I'm officially 6 days out from my next half marathon and I'm gunning for a PR. No more 2's. If I come in ‪at 1:59‬, I'll be a happy camper 😂 Even though most would consider my training plan TOTALLY non traditional - that's kind of how I like to do things. •• These last few months have been anything BUT routine. Traveling, massive projects I took on, launching a product, running an incredible challenge, squeezing in training when I can but definitely not following protocol. On paper, I am NOT prepared for this race. But in my brain, and body - I feel ready to run a half. •• THAT'S OK. Everyone does things differently. I constantly get the question "how do you train the week of a race?" Do things stay relatively the same, or do you take more rest, etc? This will never be a straightforward answer because it will depend how I feel the week of. But currently, I'm feeling ready to crush it - so here's a basic rundown of what I'll be doing. •• Again, every BODY is different. I know mine well enough to know what it can and can't do prior to a race day. But I encourage you to find the training method that is best FOR YOU. The only way you can figure that out is by testing a few different methods. •• So here's what it will look like for me: •• M: 4 miles - negative split, Full body weight workout T: 5 miles - easy/steady pace, Lower body strength workout W: 30-45 min walk, HIIT workout TH: 3 miles - negative split, Upper body strength workout FR: No running, HIIT or conditioning workout SAT: No running, Likely NO workout, possibly filming content though SUN: Race day •• I also take a little more time each day to stretch and roll!! I'm adamant about stretching longer after each workout on race week to avoid any "stupid" injuries - Like me standing up wrong and tweaking my back (lol, happened before my last race). •• So I'm curious to know......Do you follow to a "T" by the book racing protocols?? Do you know your body well enough to do your own thing?? Do you follow a specific plan that you love?? Let me know in the comments. •• Also, needs to be said - I'm not a serious racer. Competitive runners are shaking their head at this RN. My goals (cont in comments👇🏼)


Sneak peak from yesterday’s shoot😍 I cannot express to you guys how sore I am today😩😂. Wait what?? You mean you got sore from your own workouts?! •• LOL YES!! Does it make you guys feel better that I also put myself through the torture? •• There's essentially 2 different ways to do content. You either take still photos to later put in an ebook or something, which don't get me wrong is still a task - OR - you film full length videos where you do the workout and coach at the same time for people to follow along with you. •• Let me tell you, talking while doing 1 legged burpees to skater jumps just sucksssss ballllls. For me, it's SUCH a struggle to make an executive decision on shoots like this because on the one hand: I'm smart enough to know that whatever workout I come up with - I ALSO have to do - and talk through while doing it. •• I know a ton of trainers for that very reason - who will program easier workouts (SMART THING TO DO). On the other hand, I don't want to create or release workouts that I don't think are challenging because that wouldn't be my style. So I'd rather it be authentic to the stuff I release and have to struggle through it a little more (PROBABLY NOT THE SMARTEST). •• Paying for it today but it is ALWAYS WORTH EVERY OUNCE OF SWEAT to know you guys will have access to more killer workouts that you A) don't have to leave the house for and B) can sweat your ass off doing in under 30 minutes. It’s a labor of 💗💗💗 •• One more day of shooting tomorrow so you'll find me hugging my foam roller and sitting in an epsom salt bath. But I actually think I'm going to attempt a shake out run because I've got to get these legs moving. For me, some amount of movement always helps loosen them up a bit 🤷🏼‍♀️ •• What's everyone got on tap for the weekend? •• #stronginfall #katcrew #katcrewslay #behindthescenes #burpeesonburpees #sweatsesh #literallysweatmyassoff


Serving up this spicy🌶 combo today! But seriously - some of these are obviously hard, and others in this mix CREEP up on you. I'm still sore from that single leg glute bridge combo and I did it on Sunday😂. Do you have those specific exercises that always leave you sore no matter what? •• For me, it is always hamstring stuff. Deadlifts, bridges, hammy curls - I will be sore for legitimately 3 days following. Which tells me 2 things: first - I don't do them enough and second - I am clearly weaker in that area. •• I could do burpees - however - in every variation and I would never be sore. But I also do burpees everyday because I like them. So it's something to consider (and trust me I'm SUPER GUILTY OF THIS) - but if you KNOW you are weak at something you should do it more. •• I know I'm not weak at burpees so I do them everyday. I know I'm weaker at back squats and pull-ups for example but I avoid them at all costs because I hate them. •• I'm a firm believer in doing the things you LOVE when it comes to exercise. BUT, there are also things that are important to balance out the chain so to speak - so we don't develop over dominant muscle groups. I have always been quad dominant, but this last year I've been working much more on my posterior chain and even though I've seen small progress - it's still progress. •• Anywayyy - WHOA. Got off on a tangent there. Let's bring it back to the workout. •• Protocol: 5 exercises, 60 seconds each, 3 rounds (because trust me its HARD AF - you'll be feeling it after 1 round). •• 1️⃣Plyo plank up to burpee 2️⃣Side lunge to step back lunge press 3️⃣Beast plank ups to jack 4️⃣Alt SL glute bridge with open fly to skull crusher 5️⃣Weighted halo to punches •• TAG A FRIEND WHO'S DOWN FOR THE CHALLENGE👇🏼and even if you don’t want to try the whole workout - add one of these moves to your arsenal for a finisher👊🏼 •• #workoutwednesday #wednesdaymotivation #workoutvideo #workoutvideos #workoutoftheday #gymmotivation #hiit #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation


Alright FAM - Need your help!! Tell me, what workouts do you like MOST from me?? •• Here's just a few options to pull from: ➡️No equipment/bodyweight only ➡️HIIT style ➡️Circuit style with dumbbells ➡️Lower Body ➡️Upper Body ➡️Full body ➡️Strength training ➡️Other? If so, what? •• Whether you've done one of my programs or just tried my workouts on the gram - I'd love to know which ones you use or find yourself doing the MOST. •• I'm filming a variety of workouts for a new project, but I always like to have you be a part of the process and figure out what YOU really want to see. At the end of the day, I want to pump out fresh content that you actually like and USE so it would help me to know😊 •• Thanks in advance. My personal favorite are the combo exercise dumbbell workouts. There’s nothing more efficient and sweaty then those ones🔥🔥. Also, don’t be afraid to chime in about rep count or timed rounds. I know that’s a biggie for some of you. •• #newworkouts #newcontent #keepitfresh #hiit #circuittraining #strengthtraining #stronginfall #katcrew #katcrewslay


3 small goals you have for the week? Let's hear em! •• Mondays, start of a new month, new year, birthday, a random Tuesday. Here's the GLORY - You can start WHENEVER. You can wipe your slate clean literally whenever you choose to do it. From my experience - I like to do it all the time. I reassess, I pivot, I re-program workouts, I make nutrition changes, ETC weekly! •• Using a new year or new month or Monday to start over is a bit of a gimmick. You should, in a sense always be changing things along the way. Sometimes you just have a shitty day and you need to start fresh the next day..... ya know?? •• I shared with you guys last week that I was having an "off week." Couldn't quite put my finger on it other than hitting some bumps with biz, feeling a little less than motivated to workout, dealing with a couple personal health things, etc. Honestly, all small in the grand scheme of things, but nonetheless it can have an effect on motivation. •• That's why I like to do my "3's" every week. I physically write down just 3 small goals I have for the week. It can be the tiniest thing or the biggest task, but having it in front of my face daily - is a good reminder. I don't do well with phone calendars - or phone alerts. •• I like to physically see it on paper. I look at my phone enough each day😂🤦🏼‍♀️I don't need more distractions. •• Here's my 3! Tell me yours in the comments👇🏼👇🏼 •• 1️⃣Try to make a dent on my inbox (haha is it even possible to ever catch up??). • 2️⃣I have a big shoot this week (so excited to share with you guys when I can) but I need to create workouts for it. My goal is to get them all done by tomorrow so I have time to rehearse, look them over, and make any changes. • 3️⃣No mindless scrolling or adding unnecessary work. I'm on a tight sched this week and don't have excess time for task switching. I need to stay focused and just check things off one by one. So that means not adding tasks to my plate like "question Tuesday on instagram" 😂 but I do love you guys I promise I’ll bring it back when my plate is less loaded! • Shoutout to my #stronginfall crew!! You are officially at the halfway point of the 30 Day Challenge! Let’s crush Week 3+4!


Who's up for a fun Friday challenge?? Tag 2 friends who you'd want to try this with. I gotta say, the middle person has it the worst🤣🤣. Not sure how I'd fair if I had to be @austincagley . We were the BEST cheerleaders though Kira. "YESSSS, YESSSS, every time he did a successful push up. •• This is meant to be fun guys, but be safe as always. It's more of an "outside your comfort zone" challenge and one that would be cool to do with a couple of fitness/accountability/gym friends. •• Just for fun though, I want to try that middle flying push up at some point soooo if you're down to try and workout with me on the reg - let me know in the comments. •• The KEY for the outside 2 is to keep your core engaged and stance strong (fire UP those shoulders - BUT keep just a slight bend in the elbows). You obviously have to take the weight of that middle person so give them a strong base. •• Shoutout to my girl @kirastokesfit too for being on this months cover of @strongfitnessmag . She's such a bossssss and leader in this space so if you don’t already follow her, doooo it. Now get to L.A. so I have someone to run with and also someone to ride my ass when I'm going slow lollll @garyjac 🏃🏼‍♀️ •• Alright, let me know if you’re trying in the comments👇🏼👇🏼 •• #tgif #fridaychallenge #pushups #pushupchallenge #pushuppyramid #strongbody #balancecheck #fridaymotivation #fridayinspiration