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Comin in HOTTT 🔥🌶 with a FULL BODY BURN. This is your weekly workout challenge so tag a friend and tell me if you'll be trying in the comments👇🏼There's a LOT to break down on this one.... and a few TRUTHS I want to tell below, so keep reading for additional tips about this workout before trying. •• First, I need to say this. I always test out workouts, if not do them completely before I post! This one was by far one of the hardest I have done. I think the get ups at the end really knocked it out of me. Anyway, to be transparent I was only able to get about 3 rounds before I tapped out. •• I did do a run before, so if you hit this workout fresh you can definitely try for more - but it's a TOUGH one with combo moves that will leave you feeling fatigued. •• I'm going to break down weight ranges and protocols because I know you've said that's helpful for you. •• Protocol: 5 exercises, 3 rounds, 60 seconds each. (I prefer timed rounds here instead of reps). Because they are more intricate exercises, I get distracted counting reps. •• 1️⃣Beast kick throughs 2️⃣Plyo lunge press (switch at 30 secs) 3️⃣Burpee to lateral raise 4️⃣Alt side lunge to pop squat 5️⃣Flat back get up to alt step back lunge •• Couple quick notes 📝 •• On the plyo lunge press, I'm using a 17.5 lb DB. On burpee to lateral raise, I'm using 10 lb DBs. On alternating side lunge to pop squat, I'm using a 15 lb DB. Use what's best for you given the exercises. •• For the flat back get up to alternating step back lunge. I know getting up from that position is hard! Like anything else that's challenging, you have to DRILL THIS. Much like a pull up or pistol squat, etc. You can drill this one. •• So how would you do that? Try just the first part of the exercise. Not the step back lunge (that's the easy part). Try just going from the flat back to the feet under you and back down. Practice getting your feet under you quick, then lay back to flat. Rinse and repeat doing "quick sit" drills as I call them. If you have another person with you - you can practice getting up with their help out in front of you. •• More questions? Ask away below! I’m happy to help. Go kick some ass this week team 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼


That feeling when you finally make it to Friday and the RAIN HAS STOPPED! Also, just realized I’ve been wearing this Sherpa jacket for 2 weeks straight and it may be time to wash it 😂🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ •• Does rain affect your moods, overall motivation?? •• We don't often get rain here so to have it for almost a week straight, felt like A LOT! •• I actually love the rain on day 1 or 2. It's a fun change up 😂 but then it's not as fun when it goes on for consecutive days. •• Curious to know, for those of you that live in rainy regions - do you get used to it?? •• Do you workout in it? I felt myself enjoying running more in the rain because there was a lot to focus on (i.e. not slipping or stepping into a shin deep puddle). It made the time pass fast. •• All my clothes are still drying from this week because I have ZERO rain gear I've realized, so everything is drenched. •• Other than running though, I felt my energy was just low in general with it being dark and rainy! I thrive off sunshine being from Arizona and now living in California. •• Happy to see it make an appearance today! •• Where does everyone live? How does the weather affect your moods? •• I'm heading to New York next week so I'm trying to decide if this sherpa is the only thing I need to bring or if I need to get proper rain and snow gear LOLLLL. I'm actually going to freeze though aren't I??? 🥶 •• Also, just wanted to say I'm PROUD OF YOU. Whoever you are, wherever you are...... I'm proud of the work you're putting in. This has felt like a long 2 week stretch for me with work and there were so many moments I wanted to toss in the towel, but I was constantly reminded you guys were here for me to cheer me on and keep me going. •• Thank you! 💗 •• #weekendvibes #TGIF #fridayvibes #fridayoutfit #sherpajacket #sherpa #livingforthis #livinginthis


PULL-UP PROGRESSION!! Please let me know if something like this helps you. A lot of you requested progression videos in the new year. Like how do you work up to a pistol squat or pull up. •• Truth be told, I really don't have a crazy skillset so I feel weird doing a progression like this when I myself can barely do 5 pull ups with solid form 😂 LOLLLL! But the point here is that I drill these things. Skills like this take time. •• When I was a gymnast, I could crank out 15-20 STRICT pull ups at one time. Now, I can maybe do 5 consecutive ones on a good day when I haven't already exhausted myself. •• Pull ups may seem daunting or intimidating - so I get that! They are my least favorite exercise but I've come to love them because I do feel like a complete badass when doing them! It's just one of those strength exercises that makes you feel LIKE A BOSS. •• In no particular order, here are some of my favorite pull-up drills to start with before you just hop up there and try. There's a ton more as well, but I highlighted the ones I currently do on the regular that help me gain strength for a pull-up. •• 1️⃣Hanging reverse shrugs 2️⃣Bent over lat pull downs 3️⃣Heavy assist pull-up w/ monster band 4️⃣Jumping pull-up to negative (3-4 seconds) 5️⃣Light assist pull-up w/ monster band •• On the negatives, try to count to 3 or 4 as you lower down. The slower the better. •• It needs to be said that I also do a LOT of push/pull exercises daily, so remember to incorporate that stuff in too! Not just these drills. •• I would love to know if this helped you at all. Drop me a comment below and let me know if you'll be trying any of these. And which one is your favorite? My personal favorite is doing them with the bigger bands. It just gives me the confidence boost that I can eventually work down to NO resistance. •• Do you like pull ups? Or nahhh? What’s the one exercise on your list you are determined to master this year?! •• SONG: @daphnewillismusic Do It Like This •• #pullups #pullupprogression #workoutvideo #workoutvideos


Filming the next round of workouts for you guys today @fitonapp 🎉🎉 •• I woke up not feeling so hot today 😷 It kills me that I’m not 💯 on a day like this but I’m trying to just show myself some grace and do the best I can. •• Let me just say, HIIT workouts aren’t necessarily my best friend at the moment 😂😤 •• Still so excited to be creating more badass workouts for you!! •• If there was ONE cold remedy you could give to someone, what would it be?? •• Mine are those disgusting wellness shots I always talk about on my stories. It’s a spray you can get from Vitamin Shoppe or GNC but it’s truly so gross. It’s the oregano oil in it 🤢 •• Clearly though, NOT working at the moment LOLLL. •• Let’s just hope during my burpee lateral hops that a snot rocket doesn’t fling itself at the camera. OK, sorry TMI byeeee. •• #behindthescenes #fitonapp #fiton #makeitfit #getfittogether #katcrew #homeworkouts #thursdaymotivation #onthegoworkouts


The difference between these 2 photos is 5 years. But SO much more than that. •• Girl on the left ⬅️⬅️ ▪️Refused to do push-ups because they would make my chest "puffy." ▪️Thought pull-ups were for men ONLY. ▪️Did hours upon hours of HIIT training and cardio. ▪️Constantly picked apart her body. ▪️Never felt "lean enough." ▪️Would FREAK if she missed a workout. ▪️Would indulge on holidays/weekends and feel bad about it. ▪️Girl on the left was still strong - strong enough to put up with her own bullshit - for way too long. •• Girl on the right ➡️➡️ ▪️Does push-ups EVERY DAMN DAY. ▪️Can do pull ups and has drilled the 💩 out of them for years. ▪️Actually likes lifting heavy shit and has NEVER felt stronger. ▪️Still runs, still logs mileage that she used to fear would diminish all her muscle (but yet, it hasn't). ▪️Feels good in her body. ▪️Gets injured less. ▪️Takes more rest days. ▪️Doesn't use workouts as punishment. ▪️Practices intuitive eating and doesn't put one particular food "off limits" EVER. ▪️Girl on the right is a strong, balanced, badass BISHHHH! •• Ok sorry I got carried away there. But hey, that's truly how I feel 🤣 •• And by the way - it took a LONNNNNG time to get to this place. Hello 5 years. Each week, each month, each year got easier. Weight gain is such a funny thing because it used to be a mind F*** for me but when I look at the 2 body types - I choose the right every time. STRONG IS BALLER. •• Strength training has changed my life in so many ways aside from the physical change you see here. •• With those physical changes came a whole LOT of mental changes and I think that's the bigger gain if I'm being honest. •• So when people talk about transformations, I may not have the traditional weight loss journey or before/after photo. But what I can tell you is that a LOT has changed from college me (2008) to now. And a lot has changed from early 20s me to now (30). •• I'm here to remind you to A) PICK UP SOME HEAVY WEIGHTS! For real, it's a game changer. And B) That you are so so worth it. Any transformation you are going through right now may seem muddy or messy or just flat out fucking hard but you know what.....you'll look back and be 👇🏼


Basically January 1st though right??? Anyone else feel like last week wasn't the TRUE first week of 2019? LOL, I struggled just a teeeeeny bit with getting back to the hustle 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I eased my way back in. Tried to stop eating garbage/got a few workouts in. Tried to check some emails, and do the bare minimums with work. I still felt productive just not my "typical Danielle" productive ya know? •• Whether you got back into the swing of things last week or this is your week (or maybe you just truly aren't ready yet)? Show yourself some GRACE. It's easy to feel like you aren't doing ENOUGH with all that's being pumped out to us right now. Challenges, diets, detoxes, training plans, etc etc. •• It's ALLLLL GOOD! •• You have the entire year to start creating healthy habits. You have the entire year to join different challenges. You have the entire year to put your plans into action. It doesn't ALL need to HAPPEN the first week of January 😂. Just a friendly reminder from me to you. •• OK, back to the workout! Got some new ones coming atcha! This is an UPPER BODY STRENGTH & BURN sample from my new #KATGSTRONGER program. Requires dumbbells only. A lot of the workouts in STRONGER have the burnout aspect, which just means I tack an exercise onto the end and you do 3 sets at 60 seconds with minimal rest between each. •• Anyone doing STRONGER that loves/hates the burnout rounds??😤 •• I'll be firing up a challenge later this month so that we can all have a little extra accountability. But until then, feel free to browse through the workouts on the page. OR get a head start with one of the training guides 👊🏼 •• Protocol: 8 exercises. Pair 2, rep count, repeat 3X before moving to the next pair. •• 1️⃣12 push up to DB pull through 2️⃣10 kneeling med ball halo to press •• 3️⃣10 single leg balancing curl to press 4️⃣10 tricep kick backs •• 5️⃣10 DB row to open row (5 each side) 6️⃣10 close grip bench press •• 7️⃣8 walk out push up to superman 8️⃣10 forward to lateral raise (5 each) •• Burnout: not included here but Mountain Climbers. •• Let me know if you try this one out. Don’t forget to tag a friend 👭🙋🏼‍♀️ •• #katcrew #mondaymotivation #mondayworkout


Running away from marathon training like....🤣🤦🏼‍♀️ •• I ran maybe 20 miles total in the month of December and have run about 5 this month. •• I’m behind on training for my marathon but here’s the UPDATE: •• I finally printed out my plan. I’m using Hal Higdons beginner marathon plan with a side of asking all my distance running friends here on insta for tips. Trying not to overwhelm with advice though - because truly - everyone has something to say or some advice to give. •• I hear it ALL and I do listen. But I definitely want to make it my own and cater it to what I think I’ll want to do so I don’t get burnt out. •• Here’s roughly my plan since I wanted to keep you guys posted throughout. •• I’ll venture out on one of my first longer runs tomorrow at 12 miles. I haven’t run over 8 miles in 2 months and the last time I ran close to 12 was my 1/2 marathon back in early October. •• I’m definitely feeling out of running shape but I have to get back into it and I’m just going to dive in. Also, the weather is supposed to be really cute tomorrow 🌧💨 •• The glory of cross training is I’m hoping it isn’t AS BAD as I think it’ll be since I’ve still been working out on the reg. •• I’m doing a 12 week marathon training plan as opposed to an 18 week one. To be honest, my goal was to do 18 but I just wasn’t feeling like training in December 😏 •• My biggest thing will be to practice fueling. I’m not much of a fuel person having a sensitive stomach so that process intimidates me most. Cliff shot blocks have always been friendly for my digestion, so I’ll probably stick to those. But stay tuned. •• I have my 20 mile long run scheduled for March 3rd and until then I will be mentally prepping myself (lol already having nightmares😂) •• That’s all I got for now. I feel like a hot mess of an athlete training for this thing but TRANSPARENCY. This is the truth. I’m doin what I can, when I can, without compromising things I love doing (strength training, circuit training, etc). •• Because after all, I’m trying cross the finish line, not PR or aim for a goal time. I’ll probably skip some of the shorter runs during the week but I’ll still be doing speed work without a doubt!(Cont👇🏼


JUMP • AND THE NET • WILL APPEAR •• If there is one thing the last year taught me, it's that very thing. •• I was notorious for waiting. Waiting for the time to be right. Waiting for me to feel comfortable with a decision. Waiting to have the funds. Waiting for me to learn the craft. Waiting for me to feel credible. Waiting for...... WHATEVER. I could find a reason always to delay. •• The last 3 years have been nothing but JUMP. Just do it. Even if you don't have a plan, just DO. •• When I was 20 years old, I packed my suitcase and moved to Los Angeles with ZERO PLAN. Literally no clue what I was going to do. But the simple act of me doing it, FORCED me to figure it out. •• The same has been true with every other big decision I've made. Sometimes the path isn't always clear. Sometimes you have no f***in idea how it will pan out but it does. In a sense, the pressure forces you to figure it out. •• I've launched things before I was ready. I've quit jobs before I had another one. I've lived paycheck to paycheck. I've been told I'd go nowhere. I've had failed launches/business ideas/ I've been shut down 150 times over and over. •• I literally told people I was going to launch an ebook before I wrote a SINGLE PAGE 🤣 #truth •• I'm not kidding when I say, I've announced more things that "weren't ready" than I care to even admit! •• The simple act of putting yourself on the line is powerful. •• As a perfectionist, this was a really hard pill to swallow. But I'm on year 3 of just making big/bold decisions no matter what the outcome. I can say, I don't regret a SINGLE ONE. •• It has enhanced my life in every single way. Not just mentally & physically but FINANCIALLY too. •• It’s hard work. But there's something SO rewarding about knowing that you made your way and you made your own path. That sometimes when you are making pennies or dollars during the growth process - you’ll know it’s for a bigger purpose. •• So with that, I’m just going to ask - are you making plans to do what you’re truly passionate about this year?? If not now, when??? You gotta leap! And trust me - I’ll be making more weird and uncomfortable AF leaps this year with ya. So I GOT YOUUUU. #2019goals


2019 starting the sammmme way 2018 did. With a shweatyyyy ass workout. You in?? Tag a friend and tell me you’re going to try 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 •• I posted this one in stories over the holiday but wanted to keep it as a feed staple because it was a solid one! Did anyone try it already?? •• Bosu ball work + a couple tough DB exercises. The boat post shoulder press rocked me 😤😤 •• Also, Sidenote and quick question. I’m trying to create a challenge calendar for the year and I’m wondering.... I had this crazy thought to do an 18 week challenge where we go 1.0, 2.0, and STRONGER alllll together, but is that too much?? •• Let me know if you are more like a 30 day or 6 week challenge person. OR if you want to do 18 full weeks to start the year off? There’s no wrong answer here just general feedback would be great. •• #STRONGINFALL is a staple challenge now, so that one is staying 30 days. And we may do 14 day #KATCREWSLAY again too 🎉😊 •• OK back to the workout! •• Protocol: 7 exercises, 3 rounds, REP COUNT. For my advanced exercisers - try 5 rounds. Break as needed. I take about 2-3 minutes between rounds and 20 seconds between exercises. •• 1️⃣8 runners lunge climber to burpee 2️⃣12 squat curl to press 3️⃣10 lateral plyo push ups 4️⃣8 side lunge chest press (each side) 5️⃣10 plank up to pop squat 6️⃣15 lateral weighted squats 7️⃣10 boat pose shoulder press MODIFIY: drop heels down to ground •• Alright let me know whatcha think! And HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉🎉🎉Lets make it a great 2019!! If you’re interested in checking out how the Kick-Ass Training Guides can help you in the new year 👉🏼 head to www.daniellepascente.com/programs or shoot me a DM! I’m happy to help 🤗 •• #newyearworkout #workoutvideo #2019workout #tuesdayworkout #tuesdaymotivation #happynewyear #firstworkoutof2019 #katcrew @bosu_fitness


2 things you’re excited about? And 2 things that you’re scared shitless about in 2019?? •• Drop em below!👇🏼 •• Here’s mine! •• EXCITED 🤩: 1️⃣Moving!! Don’t know when or where yet but I can sense it’s happening probably this year. 2️⃣Being exclusively partnered with a few brands so I can bring you guys more value and more exciting things (I have yet to announce) in the new year!! •• SCARED SHITLESS 😬: 1️⃣Running my first marathon. You guys already know how I feel about this - and no, I haven’t started training 😂 2️⃣ Expanding the biz and possibly hiring people. This scares me more than you would even imagine but it’s so necessary for growth. More on that soon because I will be asking for help! •• Heading back to LA LA land today. So bittersweet, I may or may not have cried when I was giving my Mommy a hug this morning bye 😭 •• If I’m being honest, I’m not ready to be back and not feeling overly ready to crush goals or any of that ISH! But I know once I’m back, it will click and I’ll be ready to rumble again. •• I have quite the January schedule so there’s really no easing back in it’s just GO TIME. As I always say, put your big girl panties on and do the damn thing... •• OK, tell me yours 4 things below. I need some solid reading material for the car ride ahead 😊 •• #katcrew #katcrewslay #katgstronger #fitnesscommunity #newyear #2019 #goals #fitnessfamily #fitfam #fitspo


OK! Time for highlights..... I want to hear them below 😊 We play this game as a family but you guys are like my extended fam so I’d love to hear from you below👇🏼👇🏼 •• We go around and say our high and low of the holiday. Usually the highs are seriously too many to even count and the lows are just a bi-product of the highs if that makes sense..... •• So for instance: Here’s some of my highs in no particular order! •• 👍🏻Late nights with my family and so many shenanigans! If you watch insta stories, you know. 👍🏻My brother’s special Christmas gift to the fam 😭 so proud of him seriously can’t describe in words. 👍🏻Spending the whole day with my nephews and the Hall fam. Those little boys are the cutest and it’s such a fun age to watch them be curious and energetic about everything. 👍🏻Spending time with Matt away from work. As simple as it sounds.... just laughing and having a good time totally stress free with ZERO conversations about work (refreshing AF). 👍🏻Throwing my sister a bday party and seeing her happy on her bday makes me happy 🥰 👍🏻My brother setting off fireworks last night 😂😬my abs hurt from laughing and adrenaline is still goin. 👍🏻Spending time with my grams. We only see her at Christmas and I’m low key obsessed with her. I won’t go on about that but she’s truly the best gram in the whole world. And of course my Mom/Peter/ and the kids! We had some real hilarious dinners together that will stay in my memory bank for awhile 😂 👍🏻Those AZ sunsets THOOOO 🔥 👍🏻Jules being jules •• OK lows! Which i don’t even consider lows but I’m soooo tired! However - worth it. I definitely feel sluggish from being wayyy out of my routine but again - so worth it. •• This is the first year I didn’t stress about a workout on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Let me tell you..... the memories were wayyyy better than any workout could have been. •• To my fam: I love you guys so incredibly much. I’ll never be able to quite put into words how special the holidays are with you all. •• Easing back into reality this week and feeling so freakin happy and filled to the brim💗 •• Let me hear your holiday traditions and highs or lows below! •• #merrychristmas


Happy “Hallidays” from the Halls. See what I did there??? 🤪 An original Matt pun. Mine was “dabbing” through the snow. We crack ourselves up 😂 I blame the sugar high. •• Merry Christmas to you and your families 🎄💗🎁🎅 Love you guys immensely! •• Sidenote, we got these sweaters from Amazon in less than 24 hours because we did Christmas onesies last year and needed something this year. Sometimes I wonder what we did before amazon?? Don’t you?! •• #merrychristmas #christmaseve #lovethehalls #family


Happpppy Birthday to my sweeeeet, sasssy, pizza 🍕 lovin sissssssy @lyspsnte •• Thanks for making me laugh until I pee. For always being there no matter what. For cheering me up when I’m down. For literally reading my mind and knowing everything I’m thinking even if I don’t say it aloud (sister telepathy is a REAL THING). •• You make this world and my life a little brighter. I always felt bad you had a Christmas bday because everything gets tossed together in a bundle and it’s easy to let the day pass by and not have your bday feel special. •• I hope you know how freaking LOVED you are and if anyone hands you a present that says Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday I’ll slap it right out of their hands 😂😂😂😂JK (or am I??) •• ALLYSSA NOEL PASCENTE, Margie pants pie, sissy talks a lot, Lys, Margaret’s house of ranch dressing...... I love you so much. Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎊 •• Any other Christmas babies out there?! Hope you and your families have a Merry Xmas Eve! •• Sidenote - if you watched my insta stories - the Ranch dressing pizza cake was a major success 😂 when in doubt, dump ranch in a ziplock bag, poke a small hole in the bottom, and frost your pizza😊 •• #happybirthday #sisterlove #sissy #weremakingpantspie #margaretshouse #ranchdressingislife #pizzaislife #familylove


NO EQUIPMENT WORKOUT! For all those traveling this week, I wanted to post an efficient, super sweaty HIIT for you to save and do whenever (if you feel like it). I know it’s busy, you’re short on time, and you want a bang for your buck if you do decide to workout. •• Give this one a whirl, tag a friend, and let me know if you try! It really was killer ☠️ and sweaty AF. •• I have one modifier in there for those plyo plank ups because that one is definitely tough coordination wise. Work your way up to it with the mod! •• What workouts will you be doing over the holidays?? HIIT/bodyweight only? Gym sessions? Cycling? Running? Laughing? Cooking? Lifting wine bottles? Sleeping? Chillin? LOL because actually all are good for the mind/body/soul 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 •• I’ll be doin it alllllll! •• Protocol: 5 exercises, 3 rounds, 45 seconds each exercise. For my advanced exercisers - try 5 rounds. Break as needed. I take about 2-3 minutes between rounds and 20 seconds between exercises because it’s necessary with these HIIT ones 😤😤 •• 1️⃣Lateral high knees to 3 skaters 2️⃣Plyo plank ups to burpee tuck jump 3️⃣3 lunge pulse to lunge jump 4️⃣Plyo donkey kicks 5️⃣180 squat jumps •• Alright let me know whatcha think! •• #fridayworkout #workoutvideo #tgif #fridaymotivation #workoutvideos #workoutoftheday #gymmotivation #hiit #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation


I've been noticing feeling a bit nauseated scrolling through my feed and seeing POST after POST talking about New Years goals and already jumping ahead to all the shit we're gonna get done in 2019. •• Am I the only one that wants to say PUMP THE BREAKKKKKSSSSSSSS??? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 •• LOL, don't get me wrong I'm all about working hard and having goals for yourself - I mean that's truly what I preach - but I also live that life day to day throughout the year. •• If you are sick of seeing the premature "goal list" posts and "healthy habits to take you through your holiday" or "get a jump start on your fitness routine with A, B, + C" OR "don't eat the cookies." •• This is a balance reminder from me to you right now..... •• Workout if you want, skip a day if you want. •• Spend time with family, but have alone time if you need. •• Eat a cookie or 12, + have a greens smoothie or big ass salad. •• Shut down your business, but maybe answer a few emails in your spare time. •• Write down new goals, OR just be happy with what you've done. •• Don't allow the pressures of creating new goals lists or "finishing the year strong" diminish what you've already done or have been doing. •• For me - I've had an incredible 2018 and I feel so satisfied TRULY shutting down right now. I genuinely work my ass off year round so I am in zero rush to even think about 2019 right now. •• I just want to enjoy some down time with my family and soak up all that was this last year. •• I figured - in case you too were getting overwhelmed with the posts this week - I want you to know I'm proud of you. You deserve a break. Allow yourself to shut off. And allow yourself to continue doing what makes you happy. •• You CAN create whatever balance works best for you, you don’t need the end of a year or new year to do that 🤗 Tag someone who might want to hear this👇🏼 •• Love you guys 💗 •• PS! If you are thriving off of those posts right now - also nothing wrong with that. Do you! I just wanted to share what was on my heart in hopes it would resonate with a few of you. •• #thursdaymotivation #katcrew #holidayhustle #christmasweek


🎁GIVEAWAY CLOSED!🎁 Congratulations @healthful.meghan 🎉🎉🎉 I just couldn't help myself. With all the newness happening via launches and exciting projects, I want one of you to have the ULTIMATE holiday gift of FITNESS. It will be one hell of a way to enter 2019 🎉 •• It's super easy to enter 👉🏼 HERE'S THE DEETS. One lucky winner will receive: •• 🌟All 3 Kick-Ass Training Guides 1.0, 2.0, and STRONGER ($240 value) 🌟1 YEAR FREE membership to @fitonapp 🌟1 bottle of Glow Sweet Glow gummies from Hum Nutrition 🌟2 boxes of Goodwipes new Rosewater wipes 🌟Carbon38 Cosmic collection mesh outfit (size small) •• How can you win/How to enter (it's super easy I promise). •• 1️⃣Follow me @daniellepascente, @fitonapp, @carbon38, @humnutrition, & @goodwipes 2️⃣Like this post (double tap it)❤️ 3️⃣Tag a friend, or 2, or 3! •• That’s it! You can enter as many times as you want between now and ‪Thursday 12/20 @ 9 PM PST‬. •• Winner will be randomly selected and announced ‪this Friday 12/21‬ on my IG. •• Ready, set, GO! •• #giveaway #holidaygiveaway #kickasstraining #katcrew #katgstronger #fitnessgiveaway #tuesdaymotivation