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I love this soft color palette 💛 I also love that I can vote- for the environment, for the underserved, for erased communities, for women’s rights, for you. Mid term elections are here and lucky for my fellow Californians, same day voter registration is available. That means you can go to the polls until 8pm, register in person, and use your voice to protect others. “Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.” -Susan B. Anthony


Can you tell I’m kind of a cat lady? 💛 Posted the new bedroom on the blog ft some @urbanoutfittershome goodies + a link to what’s making all the tiny little rainbows in my room :’)


Loving our new space full of the loveliest light and sweetest tiny rainbows 🌈 #uohome


November is here and I still can’t believe the year flew by so quickly. Change has been rapid and inevitable for me in the past couple of months and while I’ve had mixed feelings about it all, I know that it’s all temporary. There’s something really comforting and wonderful about the temporality of it all and reminder that everything will be okay 🌾


My heart and iCloud are full of these wild horses images 💛


Everything in Iceland makes you feel like you’re living in a scene from Game of Thrones 🙌🏽


Magical dreamland 🔮


Two years ago, I lost one of the most important people in my life. A loving, wild, complicated, and generous woman who created so much opportunity and growth for me. Here’s to my first special hand poked piece in memory of her by @kellikikcio 💛 Kelli is not only an insanely talented artist but she’s also a really wonderful human and created such a special and safe place for me. Excited to have this piece of art from this special person in memory of another very special person.


Moon land 🔮


Obligatory Iceland drone shot... Before my drone started having issues and ultimately stopped working the first week 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Luckily we got some beautiful footage and images, excited to share them!


Pink skies and black sand 🖤 #stutterheim


A big thanks to this guy for this beautiful trip to beautiful Iceland 💛


What’s an Iceland photo without Icelandic ponies? 🐴🦄


Easily one of the top 5 experiences of my life. Swam in this hidden 1920s geothermal pool in the middle of these sprawling green mountains 💛


Although I’m in a swimsuit in my last post, this is what I normally look like here: a walking marshmallow with gloves that make my hands look 3x their actual size, with some sheep within walking distance 😂


Definitely figuring out how I can get to a hot spring at least once a day. I’m already in love with the vast countryside Iceland has to offer. Yesterday we hiked up a mountain full of sheep, waterfalls, and cloud covered bridges and came to this beautiful natural hot spring river. Can’t believe this is real ✨