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Private Tattooing in Blue Springs, MO. Machines posted Sundays 9:00 am US CST (Kansas City) @ dankubin.com . dankubinrotary@gmail.com no DM’s please


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Airplane doodles to San Fran.. I’m hoping to be done pedaling machines by Friday... and can get a tattoo in over the weekend...


It has literally came down to the last hour!! I will have these and some more along with some Sidewinders etc at the @bayareatattooconvention So stoked on this new creation!! Swing by and check it out🦄


Packing spare parts for the Bay Area show... so.. if there is a repair you want done, please email me dankubinrotary@gmail.com so I can make sure to pack accordingly.


Whole lotta meaning wrapped up in this one.. cheers Vincent!! #dmcmachine


Available at 👉dankubin.com 👈. Lots of new finishes this week! There won’t be anything on the site next week, as I will be at the @bayareatattooconvention doing my hustle there


The #dmcmachine !! I will have some of these for sale and to play with at the @bayareatattooconvention should be ready for website sales come the first part of December. This has been a very challenging machine to make, so the lead time has been pushed out a few more weeks than what I’ve previously stated. It will be worth the wait though! This machine is made for lining and solid shading with all sizes of needles. Standard or cartridges. There is a captive adjustable return spring that can be engaged when running standards, and disengaged when using cartridges. It has a punchy and sharp hit when the positive lead on the clipcord is up. It is toned down a bit when the positive is down. -better suited for fine line and lower volt operations. The clipcord holes are slightly tapered, so you can lock your cord in place for a super solid connection. The thumbscrew can be placed on either side of the tube vice. The opposing screw keeps the vice sleeve in place. It also doubles as a backup for the top clipcord screw (in case it wears out) I have been using various prototypes of this for the past 5 months, and am so stoked on how it’s all come together. I didn’t compromise anything in my hopes for this, and am excited for y’all to try them out!!


All finished with my banner painting. “If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute to do!” I will be available for tattoos at the @bayareatattooconvention see ya there!


Getting my banner ready for the @bayareatattooconvention ... along with the #dmcmachine !! I’m also down for doing some tattooing.. email dankubinrotary@gmail.com if you want to schedule something!


It’s not all skulls, panthers and roses. I sometimes have the most fun figuring out how to make a Pinterest tattoo look cool. Thanks for the trust, Lola. On a side note, used my #dmcmachine and cartridges for the entire thing. Effortless!


@destroytroy and I got an F in Whisky math last night...safe travels man!


How your timing mark on the cam should look when your v6 and most v5’s should look when tuned how I set them up. Notice in the up stroke, when you roll the cam clockwise so it touches the pivot spring, the timing mark on the cam is at the 10:00 postition. This adjustment is set by the stroke knob on the back of the machine. Shortening the stroke, it will put that mark closer to 11:00. Turning the knob clockwise will lengthen the stroke. If your knob. If yours is in the 9:00 position, it’s probably too long. Now setting the impact screw so that it is in between the two lines on the frame. I now prefer to set the impact so that the mark on the cam is closer to the lower line on the frame. Too little impact (adjusted by the set screw on the top of the a-bar) and the machine won’t snap as hard. Too much and the machine will have to work too hard and break springs. Keeping your timing mark in these parameters will keep your machine running strong and long. Thanks for reading 🙏🦄✨


Good morning Instagram.. available at Dankubin.Com . Every Sunday 9:00 am US Central time (7am west coast, 10 am eastern. 1am Sydney, 3pm London. Thanks for looking!