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Private tattooing in Blue Springs, MO. Subscribe to machines at dankubin.com ...won't respond to DM's. Email dankubinrotary@gmail.com


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For the guy ( @kodykadaver )who does the “buff-off” on my frames, I show my gratitude by giving him things that don’t buff off! Healed and settled using my new prototype thing and his wife’s aftercare @a.touch.of.gold


New finish.. Flat two toned purple! Dankubin.Com also a few other Sidewinders on the site! Peace, love, and heavy linework! ✌️🤟✍️⛏⛏⛏🏎


My favorite size tattoo to do. 🖤


I had a lot of fun with this one..


Build tune tattoo repeat. Available dankubin.com


My favorite finish of the week😍 dankubin.com. This and many others available! I won’t have anything on the site next week. Next posting time will be Sunday, August 12. Thanks for looking!


Just did this super fun two headed albino rat on my loyal helper @kodykadaver used my new prototype for the whole thing.. swipe over to see it in action!


Just finished up this Shawl the other day.. first time doing something like this.. kept me in my toes! Thanks Talanna.


Here is the project I have been working lately.. I think I’m on version 6 already! Now that I can prototype with CNC, I can solve a lot of problems before going into production...this machine is a similar concept to the Swingliner, but runs both standards and cartridges. With the armature bar, it has more of that mojobox feel, but with a lot more versatility. I’ve been using variations of this for about last 3 months, and I’m just about ready to gear up for production! I’m hoping for October, but don’t hold me to it.. good things take time😅


I have a few of these line jammers still up on the site! 👉dankubin.com 👈. Thanks for looking


Breaking the seal on Laura today! Used my prototype #dmcmachine with a hella tite 4... 👌


I’m really digging this copper look.. 👉dankubin.com 👈. Swipe over to see more!