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Private tattooing in Blue Springs, MO. Subscribe to machines at dankubin.com ...won't respond to DM's. Email dankubinrotary@gmail.com


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I will be making a pit stop today/tomorrow in Nashville! Stopping by @goldclubelectrictattoo but let me know if you would like me to stop by your shop (Time permitting). I have some machines with me along with some prototypes that I would love to show people. Cheers!


The Shorty! -in slow mo🤨 I think I decided to move to a cartridge only version for the Swingliner.. just better ergonomics. I will share more as things unfold. The project isn’t over yet though! Don’t ask when or how much. I don’t know! 🤷🏻‍♂️


Got a few finishes of V6’s still up on the site! And maybe a few MC Revisted left! Dankubin.Com


Added another piece to this #shawl project.. thanks Talanna! Also, for anyone reading this, I snuck a couple machines on the site a little early;) MC Revisited, Swingliner, and Sidewinders. Still posting more tomorrow 9:00 am US CST.


Did the @tattoo.paint.roll trick today! Swipe over to see how it all went down😅


When your client brings in his reference, but you filibuster until you can put a dagger in it 🔪🖤


Thanks @tattoo.paint.roll !! This is going to be a lot of fun!


Awe shit! I got low on some inventory, so started digging around in the back corners of the shop... remember the MC Max?? Well I was able to put a new Faulhaber in it like I use in the v5 and v6 Sidewinder and Swingliner.. super smooth and quiet, and a bit more low end torque. $625ish price range. Limited numbers... I should be able to post some on the site this Sunday .. 9:00 am Chicago time, like always. For all of those who can’t check your world clock app on your phone, that’s 7 am west coast, around 3pm Europe and around 2am Australia


Healed unicorns in the wild! As I feel I’m always chasing unicorns, it’s only proper that I’m stoked to tattoo them... because that’s about the closest I ever get😅


I’m so bent on making everyone appreciate Burgundy as much as me... I think the nickel really sets it off! I will have some fun new finishes coming out in a couple weeks!...maybe a few this Sunday as well😯


Did some coverup action for my pal Jodi today.. swipe over to see some up close deets! 3hrs. Used my new prototype #dmcmachine for most everything.. and a v6 for half the linework. Been going back and forth to see which I like more for lines.. 🤔


Sunday funday at Dankubin.Com Sidewinder V6 for precision lining of all needle groupings with standard needles, and Swingliners for a serious cartridge all around lining, packing and shading machine. Thanks for the support, and thanks for looking! Off to tattoo now🔨🔨