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Let's be honest - I have NEVER been a shy person. When I am required to do an outfit change in the middle of a park, it just has to be done! But, I'm extremely GRATEFUL for my watchful eye to ensure no one is around🤣... How about you?! Are you a shy person or are you more outgoing?!


It’s YOU vs YOU. Mentally you can conquer anything. It may be physically challenging but, in the end, it’s your head that needs to know you can finish it. • Who is ready to conquer their head & their body in the New Year? Who wants to try out the new program that starts in January?! Message me & let’s talk GOALS!✨


Missing this guy a little extra today. 💕Monday’s always bring another week of opposite shifts & not seeing each other so Monday’s truly are a tough day for us. We make sure our weekends are filled with quality time but it doesn’t make up for the lack of time together during the week! • Staying positive though as we have a long weekend ahead to spend time together as well as the holiday coming up! Is it Friday yet?!


...we’re the jolliest bunch of puzzlers on this side of the nuthouse!🤣🧩🎄


Just another MANIC....Friday?. • Overslept, wet hair & no coffee...BRING ON FRIDAY!!


Give me a cute coffee shop, a cozy sweater & a snowy day ....ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.⠀ ⠀ When I initially joined this coaching community, I rarely used social media. I watched from afar & scrolled endlessly watching others behind my screen. But, when a girl approached me asking if I would want to join their community, that all changed. I found what was missing in my journey that was keeping me from being successful...COMMUNITY. ⠀ ⠀ I can always count on leaning into my challengers, my fellow coaches & my coach for support if I am having a rough day. They have my back if I am not motivated to workout but need that extra push. They know when mentally I need some encouragement. ⠀ ⠀ Have you ever had this in your life? Do you need this in your life? Don't be like me, watching from behind your screen secretly wishing you were apart of it. Take that leap of faith & message me...I would love to tell you more about it!


When all of your veggies you prepared somehow disappear in the refrigerator (cough cough RYAN!) - you make a pit stop at Subway to pick up a delicious salad so that you can stay on track with your meal plan!. • Don’t use the excuse that there are no healthy options for fast food! THERE ARE! 🥗


WHAT JUST HAPPENED?. • 20 minutes & I’m done with my workout but I feel like I just ran a marathon! That workout was INSANE & AMAZING all at the same time!. • I mean, FOR REAL, who doesn’t have 20 minutes to get a sweat in?! If you are interested in knowing more about how you can TRANSFORM your life in just 20 minutes - MESSAGE ME!. • 📧: dareyoutomovefitness@gmail.com


He has made everything beautiful in its time💕. -Ecclesiastes 3:11


“Whatever makes your soul happy - DO THAT”. • Day 1 of my prep calendar for the new program coming out in January & I never thought I would enjoy cardio as much as I do!


Small fact about me: I am an only child!. • When I was little, my Dad & I used to go shopping every year together for my Mom at Christmas since it was just us! We would make a full day out of it & window shop to try to find the perfect gift that my Mom won’t expect!. • Since moving out of my parents, we have lost track of that tradition...until this year! I planned a full day of shopping with just my Dad & I including breakfast at 6:30am, shopping at all the shops & plenty of laughter!. • It was a PERFECT day to catch up with my Dad & get some Christmas shopping done!


Call me an old soul but I absolutely LOVE puzzles. You will find me here the rest of the evening with the Bing Crosby Christmas station on 🎶🎄🧩. • The BIG question is whether you start with the edge pieces or the middle?!?. We are an EDGE PIECE family!


That post-workout glow is like none other💕. • Give me 25 minutes & a 6x6 space & I am good to go!


Don’t worry about the yesterdays...focus on the new day ahead✨💕


💣TRUTH BOMB💥. I am in one heck of a FUNK today. And it has nothing to do with my nutrition & my health. It has 100% to do without outside stressors. Work, finances, a sick dog...it ALL can affect you. • There are so many things going on in our lives that it can be a LOT on your body & on your system. I felt run down today, I didn't drink enough water & I honestly felt like I could burst into tears during my workout. • To all of you who watch men & women on social media that appear to have it all together. Just know that no one has a perfect life. Everyone has things going on in their lives that can affect their mood & their day. This is NORMAL. This is LIFE. • What matters is how you react. Don't let life's stressors change who you are as a person. Remember each day the things you are grateful for & keep those at the forefront of your mind over the stressors💕.


The ultimate battle: As a Home Health Therapist - HOW MUCH WATER IS TOO MUCH WATER TO DRINK?! I have limited spots to use the bathroom on the road so what do you do?!🤣🤣🤣💦