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Each time I ride the Santa Ana River Trail to the beach and back it goes right past Anaheim stadium - and it’s almost impossible not to reflect on all that’s gone on in there. I waited anxiously for Cycle News to see the race report and the new bikes, numbers, gear, who was fast and I remember Hannah winning it once with TROUBLE on his pants to back up his pre race prediction. My first time there was 1982, my first year with Honda. Our team was huge and our bikes were so exotic! But in the week leading up to the race I broke my foot and couldn’t race. I found a place way up in the stands and watched my new teammates Darryl Shultz, Donnie Hansen and the O’Show all running in the front of the pack along with Jeff Ward. They looked SO fast! That year had such a huge field of great riders, but after Darryl Shultz’ wild ride through the KMET Rockers (whoops) the first 3 were the new sherrifs in town. There seemed to be a changing of the guard taking place. Hansen got his first win, Ward 2nd and O’Mara took the final spot on the podium in a last lap duel with Shultz. Hmmm, was I that fast I wondered? I would have to wait until 1983 to find out, and just like Hansen, I got the starts I needed and everything clicked and I got my first SX win! O’Mara squeezed by Glover in the final corner to make it a Honda 1-2 and our newest teammate and hero of sorts Bob Hannah made it up to 4th. It was so exciting to watch the year before and I couldn’t believe I was winning. It was so awesome it didn’t seem real. Then to have my friend O’Mara who was letting me stay at his house finish 2nd was that much sweeter! Nothing beats that first win, but the battle Rick Johnson and I had in 1986 was pretty exciting. I only raced in there 4-times, but winning the first time and the last time in front of 75,000 people is a great memory! Anaheim 1 will be here fast and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a fun NYE celebration. See you at A1. #1982 Anaheim Supercross #1983 Anaheim Supercross #DarrylShultz #Magoo @holeshothansen @jeffward3x @oshow1 @therickyjohnson @mxgoldenboy @ride100percent @monsterenergysupercross #Round 1


Jeff Ward is somebody you want to listen to and has excelled at so many forms of racing. Respect! @jeffward3x @thelegendsoftheroad


Classic footage of me and @oshow1 out at Hondaland. My dad Gary wanted to film us climbing hills and doing technical stuff for a trail riding video. Man I miss these days riding with Johnny so much! We had a good time one upping each other out there. To see the rest on YouTube go to Gary Bailey motocross videos. It’s called David & Johnny old Hondaland. #cactus


NASCAR playoffs from Phoenix. #48 looking sharp in the garage and a look at the start in the new configuration. That sound! 👍🏼🇺🇸🌵 #thanksJimmie


Found a good place for my sticker. Years ago when I wore the flag and raced for the USA, I was young and ignorant of the significance. During my Ironman days my friend strongly encouraged me to learn, to be informed, and to vote! Been voting ever since. Thanks TJ! When I raced across the USA last year it was with a new perspective and respect. Here’s to hoping we as a nation stand firm today. 2 Cron 7:14 #allamericanracers #thanksDavey #bib 🇺🇸


Well done Red Bull. I really enjoyed watching that! Great to see Ryan Dungey riding a 250cc 2-stroke and going head to head with Villopoto 👍🏼 Impressive riding by McElrath! I want to thank Red Bull for attempting to reunite Art Eckman and I for some more TV booth time and some of Art’s great Bar-to-Bar race call. Unfortunately he had a health issue and it wasn’t meant to be. I opted out and wish him the best and appreciate @grantlangston8 filling in for me. Like Art and I, Grant and @jasonweigandt make a good team 👍🏼


HEART!!! They’re IN! Congrats Sipes, Kevin and Travis 👍🏼🇵🇷🇺🇸🎪


Lot of history on this trophy and pretty special to see it up close again. Won’t be long now before another country is added. C’mon USA!!! 🇺🇸🤞🏼 Keeping dry for now with my dad who turned 75 yesterday, Florida hotshot Eric Yarnell and my long time friend Mark Edwards. @ride100percent ✊🏼💪🏼


The best decision I ever made! 32-years through peaks and valleys, this girl has been my favorite thing through it all. Things come and go, but I thank God she said yes and is so patient and still loves me. I don’t know where or what I would be without her. Thank you Gina. 😘 I love you. #Blessed


My favorite MXdN overall was in 1986 at Maggiora Italy. The team, the track, the weather, the crowd and our results were perfect. A lot has been said already except mine and Johnny’s fire extinguisher battle the night before the race (he started it) and our trip to the Ferrari factory the next day thanks to Gabriel/Alpinestars. It was all great and fun and funny and nice to reflect on. Watching Johnson and O’Mara from the roof of our rig with Bobby Moore as they ran away with moto 1 was awesome and also making me a little nervous. I was up against some stiff competition riding their “works” bikes in moto 2, but DeCoster picked #1 for us and I got away clean with Johnny back around 11th. I loved the track and things came pretty easy, but Johnny stole the show with his charge to 2nd, sweeping his class and keeping our perfect score going. Rick and I rode the last lap together and it was like a dream! It couldn’t get any better. Thanks to everyone who made that day possible and here’s to everyone working and preparing to make Red Bud an epic day. See you there! 🇺🇸 @oshow1 @therickyjohnson @redbudmx @road2recovery @maggiorapark


MX Des Nations and Trophy Des Nations in 1984 had Ward, O’Mara, Johnson and I all firing on all cylinders. Ward was the 125 national champion, O’Mara was the SX Champion, I won the 500cc title and Bel-Ray GNC blue plate again and Johnson was the 250cc Champion. I was like, we’ve got this! The first race was in the sandy, slick and choppy Finland drizzle. O’Mara holeshotted, Ward was up there, but Johnson and I were a ways back. I started in the second row with all my confidence on the 500 on that track and moved up pretty quick. Then Ward threw up in his Jofa, Johnson’s Bike seized and I did a high speed swap and jacked my wrist. Ward and Johnny hung tough and I made it up to 5th, but between motos my wrist was horrible. I didn’t know if I could ride, but I went out there. I HAD to! 3 of us crashed in the first turn! So much for “We got this.” Carlquist (who I’m pictured with) won the 2nd moto and lapped me, but we held on to win for the USA. The next weekend in Sweden on 250’s Broc Glover subbed for me and was 2nd in both motos to an untouchable Jeff Ward who looked and rode awesome and we/they won again. The pressure and the tests were always intense, but it always brings out the best! Looking forward to Red Bud 👍🏼 @jeffward3x @oshow1 @therickyjohnson @mxgoldenboy @redbudmx #100% #TeamUSA 🇺🇸


1985 MXdN at Gaildorf Germany. That was the year they decided to combine the Trophy Des Nations and the Motocross Des Nations which were held two separate weekends in different countries. 4 riders made up the teams and one week was for the 250cc class and the other on the big bore 500! The new format only required 3 riders, one for each class and we all raced together in 3-motos. 63 riders in all lined the gate and we had Ward on the 250 and Lechien on the 125 right behind him with an inside straight shot to the first turn way up the grassy valley while I started on the far outside on the 500. We had three chances to try what we thought would work best and in the first moto I got a quick reaction and went through the gears perfectly picking up so much speed my eyes were watering inside my goggles! That was the biggest holeshot I ever got and Ward was right there at the front as well, but Lechien got tangled in all that traffic and was in 61st place! As I was celebrating my holeshot Thorpe 7 went by me and soon after that I could hear Ward’s 250 and I lost my confidence and faded to third. It started to drizzle making the track slick and Thorpe was so dialed in. Jeff found some good lines and traction while I struggled. Something happened to Jeff’s rear brake and he dropped back handing me 2nd. Lechien was inside the top 50 when he fell and had to pass all the same guys back. It was a long moto for Ronnie but he fought his way up to 12th by the end. We weren’t off to a great start, but we were okay I thought. DeCoster didn’t look to happy and I knew he expected more out of me. Broc Glover was the 500 National champion that year and the original pick but his wrist wasn’t fully healed so I filled in and after that first moto I realized I wasn’t prepared and was no match for the newly crowned 500 World champion wearing gold pants! I screen grabbed a pic of him off YouTube “Dave Thorpe stuffs the Americans.” Pretty funny. And accurate. We couldn’t touch him that day! @redbudmx @road2recovery mxonexperience2018.com #teamUSA 🇺🇸


Today would’ve been my dad’s birthday. It’s always good to remember the strong influence he had. As many know already we weren’t together for a large portion of my life, but the beginning and the end were great. In those early years growing up in Dana Point while he worked for Hobie, I would catch the soup (what was left of it) at Doheny and still remember the sound of the water hitting the bottom of the board as I paddled. That was really fun, but the thing that changed the course of my life was when he took me out to see the Europeans at Saddleback in 1968. I didn’t know what he meant by Europeans, but he did! A year later this guy named Gary Bailey would beat those Europeans at Saddleback and a year or so after that become my stepfather. Eventually I traded in my Schwinn Sting Ray for a works 500cc Honda and won the last national at Saddleback. Crazy how life goes when you think about it. All the stuff I got to do in southern Ca. and then in Motocross was all what I loved doing so much and was so lucky to do, but I consider it all BC. Before I crashed and my life changed drastically. It was then that my dad Terry visited me in the hospital and gave me The BOOK! It ends good! His life ended good. Click the link in my bio to see his take on things “Shaping Life” Thanks dad! Mark 8:36 ☝🏼🙌🏼


My two hobbies. Riding and driving. Thanks again AAR for the custom bike and dad (Gary) for the custom clubs for the driving range. I am always reflecting on RAAM and feeling patriotic while riding 🙌🏼🇺🇸 These days I’m riding shorter and trying to hit farther!


1984 Red Bud 500cc National. Fran Kuhn took this photo and captured that awesome works Honda. I’m starting to look forward to the MXoN there! It sounds like it’s going to be packed!mxonexperience2018.com @redbudmx @road2recovery #TeamUSA #bringithome #itmightgetloud 🇺🇸