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Well done Red Bull. I really enjoyed watching that! Great to see Ryan Dungey riding a 250cc 2-stroke and going head to head with Villopoto 👍🏼 Impressive riding by McElrath! I want to thank Red Bull for attempting to reunite Art Eckman and I for some more TV booth time and some of Art’s great Bar-to-Bar race call. Unfortunately he had a health issue and it wasn’t meant to be. I opted out and wish him the best and appreciate @grantlangston8 filling in for me. Like Art and I, Grant and @jasonweigandt make a good team 👍🏼


HEART!!! They’re IN! Congrats Sipes, Kevin and Travis 👍🏼🇵🇷🇺🇸🎪


Lot of history on this trophy and pretty special to see it up close again. Won’t be long now before another country is added. C’mon USA!!! 🇺🇸🤞🏼 Keeping dry for now with my dad who turned 75 yesterday, Florida hotshot Eric Yarnell and my long time friend Mark Edwards. @ride100percent ✊🏼💪🏼


The best decision I ever made! 32-years through peaks and valleys, this girl has been my favorite thing through it all. Things come and go, but I thank God she said yes and is so patient and still loves me. I don’t know where or what I would be without her. Thank you Gina. 😘 I love you. #Blessed


My favorite MXdN overall was in 1986 at Maggiora Italy. The team, the track, the weather, the crowd and our results were perfect. A lot has been said already except mine and Johnny’s fire extinguisher battle the night before the race (he started it) and our trip to the Ferrari factory the next day thanks to Gabriel/Alpinestars. It was all great and fun and funny and nice to reflect on. Watching Johnson and O’Mara from the roof of our rig with Bobby Moore as they ran away with moto 1 was awesome and also making me a little nervous. I was up against some stiff competition riding their “works” bikes in moto 2, but DeCoster picked #1 for us and I got away clean with Johnny back around 11th. I loved the track and things came pretty easy, but Johnny stole the show with his charge to 2nd, sweeping his class and keeping our perfect score going. Rick and I rode the last lap together and it was like a dream! It couldn’t get any better. Thanks to everyone who made that day possible and here’s to everyone working and preparing to make Red Bud an epic day. See you there! 🇺🇸 @oshow1 @therickyjohnson @redbudmx @road2recovery @maggiorapark


Throwing it back to Red Bud 1986. It was the 1st race of the 500cc title chase and a continuation of the 125 class. Micky Dymond (after a goggle pitstop) won the 1st moto and the overall on his way to winning the title. The 500 class was loaded with big guns and the last chance for one of us to steal a title from Rick Johnson who already won the SX and 250cc titles! In 100 degree heat and humidity, O’Mara took the early lead with his trick upside-down SHOWA forks and although I got close, he was stronger and took the moto ahead of me, Ward, Johnson and Lechien. @oshow1 got the holeshot in moto 2 but messed up and dropped behind me and RJ. Just when I started to think I had it, Johnson dug deeper and took it away. I still had the overall I thought, but Johnny started catching me. Rick was pulling away, but the overall was between me and Johnny. He was right there and I couldn’t shake him. Finally over the tunnel jump heading over towards where LaRocco’s leap is our lines came together and we collided in the air! Johnny took a gnarly hit and I did a spastic cartwheel. Luckily we weren’t hurt. As bummed as I was to crash and cause Johnny to crash, I had to get going fast or the overall would slip away. I was so hot and stunned and then had to start that big 500! We had a good gap and I was still 2nd, but my bars were crooked and I could see Lechien back there reeling me in. I was struggling and Lechien was flying! He passed me and Johnson got the overall win. Plus it was his birthday. The 500 championship was off to a good start. Ward was the fastest guy on the track in moto 1 and the rest of us all showed winning speed. I first saw and raced as an amateur at Red Bud in 1974. I raced as a pro there in 1980, 1983, 84, 85 and the last time in 1986, which was the first year we did the big double that became Larocco’s Leap! It changed a lot in those years. Can’t wait to see it Oct. 6-7 for this years MXON! @redbudmx @therickyjohnson @thedogger4 @jeffward3x @6time @road2recovery mxonexperience2018.com 🇺🇸 #LarryMeiers Gary Bailey video #sorryJohnny


It appears Al Dungey @ryandungey isn’t the only one coming off the couch this year for Straight Rhythm. We are getting the band back together with Art and I in the booth! Now let’s see if we can get @travispastrana or @rickycarmichael to come out since they were racing 2-strokes back in the day with us in the booth.. #straightrhythm #whynot #bartobar


MX Des Nations and Trophy Des Nations in 1984 had Ward, O’Mara, Johnson and I all firing on all cylinders. Ward was the 125 national champion, O’Mara was the SX Champion, I won the 500cc title and Bel-Ray GNC blue plate again and Johnson was the 250cc Champion. I was like, we’ve got this! The first race was in the sandy, slick and choppy Finland drizzle. O’Mara holeshotted, Ward was up there, but Johnson and I were a ways back. I started in the second row with all my confidence on the 500 on that track and moved up pretty quick. Then Ward threw up in his Jofa, Johnson’s Bike seized and I did a high speed swap and jacked my wrist. Ward and Johnny hung tough and I made it up to 5th, but between motos my wrist was horrible. I didn’t know if I could ride, but I went out there. I HAD to! 3 of us crashed in the first turn! So much for “We got this.” Carlquist (who I’m pictured with) won the 2nd moto and lapped me, but we held on to win for the USA. The next weekend in Sweden on 250’s Broc Glover subbed for me and was 2nd in both motos to an untouchable Jeff Ward who looked and rode awesome and we/they won again. The pressure and the tests were always intense, but it always brings out the best! Looking forward to Red Bud 👍🏼 @jeffward3x @oshow1 @therickyjohnson @mxgoldenboy @redbudmx #100% #TeamUSA 🇺🇸


1985 MXdN at Gaildorf Germany. That was the year they decided to combine the Trophy Des Nations and the Motocross Des Nations which were held two separate weekends in different countries. 4 riders made up the teams and one week was for the 250cc class and the other on the big bore 500! The new format only required 3 riders, one for each class and we all raced together in 3-motos. 63 riders in all lined the gate and we had Ward on the 250 and Lechien on the 125 right behind him with an inside straight shot to the first turn way up the grassy valley while I started on the far outside on the 500. We had three chances to try what we thought would work best and in the first moto I got a quick reaction and went through the gears perfectly picking up so much speed my eyes were watering inside my goggles! That was the biggest holeshot I ever got and Ward was right there at the front as well, but Lechien got tangled in all that traffic and was in 61st place! As I was celebrating my holeshot Thorpe 7 went by me and soon after that I could hear Ward’s 250 and I lost my confidence and faded to third. It started to drizzle making the track slick and Thorpe was so dialed in. Jeff found some good lines and traction while I struggled. Something happened to Jeff’s rear brake and he dropped back handing me 2nd. Lechien was inside the top 50 when he fell and had to pass all the same guys back. It was a long moto for Ronnie but he fought his way up to 12th by the end. We weren’t off to a great start, but we were okay I thought. DeCoster didn’t look to happy and I knew he expected more out of me. Broc Glover was the 500 National champion that year and the original pick but his wrist wasn’t fully healed so I filled in and after that first moto I realized I wasn’t prepared and was no match for the newly crowned 500 World champion wearing gold pants! I screen grabbed a pic of him off YouTube “Dave Thorpe stuffs the Americans.” Pretty funny. And accurate. We couldn’t touch him that day! @redbudmx @road2recovery mxonexperience2018.com #teamUSA 🇺🇸


Today would’ve been my dad’s birthday. It’s always good to remember the strong influence he had. As many know already we weren’t together for a large portion of my life, but the beginning and the end were great. In those early years growing up in Dana Point while he worked for Hobie, I would catch the soup (what was left of it) at Doheny and still remember the sound of the water hitting the bottom of the board as I paddled. That was really fun, but the thing that changed the course of my life was when he took me out to see the Europeans at Saddleback in 1968. I didn’t know what he meant by Europeans, but he did! A year later this guy named Gary Bailey would beat those Europeans at Saddleback and a year or so after that become my stepfather. Eventually I traded in my Schwinn Sting Ray for a works 500cc Honda and won the last national at Saddleback. Crazy how life goes when you think about it. All the stuff I got to do in southern Ca. and then in Motocross was all what I loved doing so much and was so lucky to do, but I consider it all BC. Before I crashed and my life changed drastically. It was then that my dad Terry visited me in the hospital and gave me The BOOK! It ends good! His life ended good. Click the link in my bio to see his take on things “Shaping Life” Thanks dad! Mark 8:36 ☝🏼🙌🏼


Team USA 🇺🇸 1983. Our team was solid! To my knowledge that was the first time the US sent our best guys. Since Honda sent a whole team in ‘81 and ‘82 it was decided that we send the top rider from each manufacture. The first weekend was the 500cc race and Barnett grabbed the holeshot. Broc was coming in from the outside with a lot of speed and squeaked by in the next left and led with Barnett 2nd, Ward 3rd and I was 4th! The view I had of my teammates running 1,2,3 with those unmistakable helmets was so awesome, but so was the pressure to hold off the Belgians in Belgium! Barnett broke a shock and my transmission jammed and I couldn’t get past 3rd gear. Soon the Belgians were in good position, but Broc ran away with it followed by Ward and I held on to 4th. For the 2nd moto I ran the spare engine, but it was only a 4-speed. I started in 2nd gear extra ready with that hydrolic clutch and it worked. I holeshotted and won the second moto with Barnett and Ward both in the top 5! The next week was on 250’s and again the Belgians were breathing down our necks but we won again on a spectacular track! It used to be so much work for the mechanics and crew to prep all four 500’s and then the 250’s for the next race. I always liked racing new tracks in new countries in new gear with the team USA helmet and those cool bibs with our flag on them. Plus I got to know my teammates a little bit better and watch them ride and see how they went about their business. I think we all returned from those races a little more refined individually. Nobody made a dollar! It was just an honor, a ton of pressure and work and a really neat experience. I’m getting excited for this years race as it appears we are equipped with our nations best riders! @mxgoldenboy @jeffward3x #MarkBarnett @redbudmx @road2recovery @ride100percent mxonexperience2018.com


My two hobbies. Riding and driving. Thanks again AAR for the custom bike and dad (Gary) for the custom clubs for the driving range. I am always reflecting on RAAM and feeling patriotic while riding 🙌🏼🇺🇸 These days I’m riding shorter and trying to hit farther!


1984 Red Bud 500cc National. Fran Kuhn took this photo and captured that awesome works Honda. I’m starting to look forward to the MXoN there! It sounds like it’s going to be packed!mxonexperience2018.com @redbudmx @road2recovery #TeamUSA #bringithome #itmightgetloud 🇺🇸


Came across these old photos of the AMA Amatuer National Championship in 1977 in Virgina. It was only three classes. 125, 250 and Open. I was 15 and I rode my 370cc Bultaco in the open class and won the first moto - even though my seat was falling off. I messed up the second moto and through the title away. 9-years later I had bought that place and held an AMA National. It was only 2-classes. 125 and 500! I rode my 1986 CR500 Honda and won both motos even though Rick pressured me hard the whole second moto. He even showed up to the start for the final moto without a roost protector planning to be in front of me! Luckily I didn’t mess up that time and won the day and the title. I had a ton of history there and to win my own National was really something! George Holland won the 125 class that day, but @mickydymond won the title. #oldendays #2-strokes #500’s #hometrackadvantage #Simmonsforks #PrestonPettyfenders #GoodYeartires #milkjugs


Scoping out helmets at @apdesignsusa today and Alex busted this out. Ha! My 2-lap jet-ski experience at the World Finals in the mid 90’s. It looked easy from the shore.. Good Times! #USA #MXoN #staytuned


In 1981 the USA assembled what was considered a B-team and shocked the world! Roger DeCoster and Dave Arnold along with Honda’s blessing and help from Dick Miller and Motocross Action went to Belgium and Germany against the best in the world on their turf and won! Both weeks!! It reshaped American Motocross and to this day is a marker in MX history. The next year Honda assembled another team and headed over to prove it was no fluke! During some testing just days before the race, Donnie Hansen - fresh off the Swedish 250cc GP win and both the SX and 250cc MX titles was badly injured and I got a call to get to Germany as fast as I could! There were no bigger boots to fill on the planet than Donnie’s! I took it more serious than anything in my life to that point. We had to win! I couldn’t let them down or the USA. It was weird, but I had to focus. The team of Magoo (who’s helmet I wore), O’Mara who I didn’t know that well and Gibson treated me like a brother as we walked the tracks, ate dinner, went jogging and rolled out for practice together and we WON! It was the biggest thing I had ever been a part of. Knowing Donnie’s condition was really difficult, but I/we couldn’t let him down. Magoo was crazy fast and flawless and swept every moto in Germany and Switzerland. I went 8,6,4,2 and came home proud to be an American and a little more grown up. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you to everyone who made that possible - and I’m happy when I see Donnie in that photo from 1981 because I know he got to experience all of that too. Here’s to a great MXoN this year at Red Bud 🇺🇸 See you there ✌🏼


I believe this was Jeff Stanton’s first National. It was the final race of 1986 on 500’s at Washougal and it was a hot one. The series started at Red Bud with temperatures around 100 and ended much the same, except the sport had a new kid on the rise! Running #971, @6time stepped right up and ran a pace indicating he was for real! He would eventually win 3-SX titles and 3-250cc titles and help Team USA win the MXoN. Recently Jeff came up with the idea of getting all former Team USA riders together for an epic evening to kick off this year’s event. It’s called “The MXoN Experience 2018 at Red Bud.” Such a great idea! I’m looking forward to it and honored to be on that list. This video clip during the final moto at the Washougal 500cc National, Jeff Ward leads, I’m 2nd, Stanton 3rd, Lechien is 4th and Johnson, who won the first moto is running 5th. We will all be there along with every other MX great during their era like Brad Lackey and Mike Hartwig. Hope to see you there! For more information see; mxonexperience2018.com @road2recovery @redbudmx 🇺🇸 @jeffward3x @thedogger4 @therickyjohnson


With the Tour De France over now, I needed a little cycling fix. My mom filmed me out the window while driving our awesome old car down the street in front of our house in Dana Point. I saw all the flat trackers at Ascot in the tuck on the straightaways so I just copied what they were doing. After the sidewalk got boring we headed for the hills up behind the house. Good stuff to look back on. Time “stands still” when you’re having fun.