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est. 1999, world’s FIRST digital magazine for architecture, art and technology. follow us with post notifications! milan | beijing | new york | tokyo captures new images of @madarchitects' harbin opera house @ma_yansong_mad #designboom #architecturalphotography


@h_y_u_r_o’s #mural art features dreamlike compositions where she blends politics with a surrealist sensibility, maintaining an intimate style that plays with the surrounding architectural elements and the urban environment. read more on #designboom


in 2014, @sou_fujimoto was chosen to construct the second ‘architectural folly of the 21st century’ in the southern french city of #montpellier. with the 17-storey mixed-use tower nearing completion ahead of its expected opening in early 2019, photographer @vincent.hecht visited the site to document its progress. read more on #designboom


🌈 in the forest @danielmercadante on #designboom #digitalart



a foggy view of the world’s tallest building — #dubai’s #burjkhalifa. image by @ra.visual #architecture #designboom


@aulets_arquitectes vaulted #brickwork reflects the historic #architecture of #mallorca. photo by josé hevia #designboom


this #memphis-inspired mega-mural by @camillewalala in #brooklyn's @industrycity is among our TOP 10 large-scale #artworks of 2018! see the full list on #designboom #industrycity #camillewalala


for this year’s @amsterdamlightfestival, @design_bridge and artist gali may lucas have collaborated on a new light sculpture entitled ‘absorbed by light’ that comments on how digital technology engrosses us and takes people away from reality. #designboom was a judge at the #amsterdamlightfestival


located in #oslo and designed by @espen.surnevik, this black cabin floats above the norwegian landscape. #architecture #designboom


spot the #goldenmadonnina! @THEDESIGNPRIZE 2019 . the ONLY international program in which the creative community itself nominates the BEST of the past year. celebrated with and by the city of milan and the #teatroallascala. there is no entry fee and no self-submission! . simply the highest, brightest and most noble peak of recognition from within the arts. in its third edition now, #designboom’s longlist crowdsourcing is in full swing already. please stay tuned. . images by @sarashakeel