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Design Milk is dedicated to modern design + founded by @JaimeDerringer. 👉 @designmilkeveryday @designmilktravels @cleverpodcast @dogmilk @adornmilk.

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Ax3 is a loft located in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel designed by Eitan Cohen of @studio.etn. The 90-square-meter apartment was renovated to better suit the clients’ needs while maintaining its original Jaffa character, including tall ceilings and wooden blinds. A home-like coziness was added to the space with combinations of light, materials, and textures. \\\


Last year, Mexico experienced an earthquake which led Mexico City based design studio @cpmx to re-think the bookshelf with Librero Entropía, or Bookcase Entropy, that uses solid materials not typically used in shelf design. \\\


Maybe you’ve seen @benandajablanc’s work before – their popular Half Moon Mirror is a coveted piece that’s been shared often. The exciting news is that they just opened their first ever solo show at @salondsgn, a new gallery in Boston that’s dedicated to independent American design. From November 29 through January 27, you can view the 12 brand new mirrors created exclusively for their “New Work” exhibition! \\\


The Penrose triangle was created in 1934 by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd for its impossibly perfect form. It’s called that because it’s something that can’t exist in three-dimensional form, but @Cuatro.Cuatros took on the challenge and created a vase that gives the illusion that it does. The 90º vase can look like the Penrose triangle that has actual volume depending on what angle you view it! \\\


When iconic designer Dieter Rams comes to mind, you probably think about products for Braun or his furniture for Vitsœ, but did you know that he designed a handbag back in 1963? We didn’t either. About 50 years ago, Rams designed a leather handbag for his wife, Ingeborg, and thanks to German label @TSATSAS, the 931 handbag is finally seeing the light of day. \\\


@tacklebox_ny’s design for @clausporto’s first international store in #NYC has us excited to shop for something as simple as soap. \\\ 📷 by @cb, fabrication by @digifabshop,💡 by @looplighting, design and concept by @tacklebox_ny


Traffic Jam (Order of importance) by #leandroerlich is made entirely of SAND! Gallery: @ruthbenzacar at @artbasel in #miami. #artbasel #sandsculpture 📸 @element75


The Macaron #FloorLamp designed by @silviacenaldesign for merges simple materials, like wood and rope, with the right proportions to create a lively personality. The wooden frame brings a warm feeling while the threaded cord adds a playful touch through color and texture. \\\