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Hawaii @queenstreettattoo Feb 23-26. DM for machines. Pros only! for tattoos | Bitcoin accepted.👇🏽buy my pins below 🤙🏽

Recent #tattoos. Which one you like? for #Hawaii this weekend. #mahalo


Just kidding, I bag my shoes. #jacksonpollock #askyourtattooer


From the pre drawn book. 🌴 @queenstreettattoo this Feb 23-26 #honolulu 🤙🏽 thanks for the foam @hushanesthetic ☁️


My daily driven machines are in a virtual pipeline in a way. I break them in by actually using them. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that forever, but that’s what makes the most sense to me right now. Once I feel they are ready, then I release them to the wild. These are the last of the V1 Mamacitas. V2 will be out this year, very excited for that. Current wait for one is 7 months. Just a heads up to anyone looking for something right away. Nothing is available. To the people patiently waiting, thank you. 🙏🏽 As always, $100 off if you pay with #Cryptocurrency


V2 Mamacita & a rotary coming soon. @amrmachines (More on my story...) #tattoomachine #brass #tattoo


Just kidding. ❓Question: what companies* cartridge/disposable tube combo do you use?❓I want to incorporate a #rotarymachine back into my set up (with my coils)for a couple reasons. 1: So I can use #cartridges to have a smaller carbon footprint. 2: I’ll have a rotary this year. 👽 I’ve never used cartridges before, let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!


Flight No. KP420 was loud. #kingpalm


What would you name this strain? 🌴 #Honolulu this Feb 23-26


Greens by @eternalink 💚 Tattooed with my machines. #eternalink #panthertattoo


2013 parked next to the #2018. Thanks again for the #handpainted signs @old5anddimesignco!


@medtatt reveal. Panther & Q-tip. Thanks @detroit_highons_ 🏝 #Hawaii Feb 23-26 #medtatt #hushgel #eternalink #goodguysupply #workhorseirons #saniderm #magicmoonusa #tufftubes


Photo version. From the pre drawn book. 200+ designs available. ☠️ #Hawaii Feb 23-26 at @queenstreettattoo 🏝 #Denver this March. NYC/Dallas/LA/Indiana/KansasCity/Nashville/Grand Rapids MI/Canada TBA