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Denver, Colorado at @freedomelectrictattoo🏔 No tattoo machines available RN📖 I’ll start tattooing again soon. Find my email & email me.’s your world too. So glad to be home. #denver


❓Which green machine do you like❓ These machines are only available at the @villainarts Wildwood, New Jersey show this weekend. Left over machines will get post to my story this Sunday night. I’ll post some more machines I’m bringing with me, these are just the green ones. Catch me at @thaholygoat’s booth August 10-12 ❇️ I’ll have a needle/tube & @freedom.electric power supply on the table for you to plug in the machines. 🔌🔋See ya there!


If you don’t know, ask your tattooer. If they don’t know, I wouldn’t trust them. Percy Waters model no. 4 Stamped washers say “Waters MFG Detroit.”


❓Which color do you like❓Hiked 2 miles up hill for these photos/videos. 10,000+ feet above sea level. Red & Pink ones are rebuilt on @marvlerning 2008 frames. The purple one is a smaller group liner made from a side plate that @mikepike gave me. That one will be auctioned soon for Mike (link in my profile). The metal Jensen style frame is a side plate I also got from @mikepike. Clear powder coat treatment on a @sobaone spring shelf/Vice combo. That machine will be auctioned soon as well to benefit Mike Pike. (Thanks for the welding on the Pike frames @freedom.electric!) I’ll open my books for tattoos soon at @freedomelectrictattoo after I get back from the @villainarts Wildwood NJ show August 10-12.


Denver! ❓Who’s ready for a tattoo❓I’ll get back to tattooing very soon. This is where you’ll find me when books open again. @freedomelectrictattoo ⬅️ @freedom.electric


❓Which 1 do you like best❓I’ll have 13 #tattoomachines with me at the #Albuquerque @newmexicotattoofiesta this weekend & 4 @freedom.electric power supplies🔋Find me at @panchos_placas & @danielfward’s booth w/ a tube/needle/power supply on the table if you wanna check them out & see what the warp drive is all about. See ya there! (These are the last of this batch of V2’s hopefully I’ll have more in the next few weeks or month!) Website coming soon. EDIT: everything is SOLD. I’ll have more frames end of July or early August.


❓Do you like these colors❓I’ll have this 1 (rebuilt on a @chrismiff frame) & 11 V2’s with me at the @newmexicotattoofiesta this weekend. Catch me at @panchos_placas & @danielfward’s booth. ⚒I’ll have 4 @freedom.electric power supplies on me. ⚒ Also, a second machine auction is coming soon to benefit @mikepike.


Do you guys like this color combo? Brown aluminum, pink steel & black brass. 🍦I’ll have this one & 11 other machines with me at the @newmexicotattoofiesta this weekend. You’ll find me chillin at @panchos_placas & @danielfward’s booth. I’ll also have a few @freedom.electric power supplies on me. See ya there! ☀️ Denver: I’ll get back to tattooing shortly after I return. 🍉


Auction for @mikepike. Details on machine on my story. ♦️Rules♦️ ▪️TAG the person you out bid with your bid. ▪️Starts at $1▪️Increments of atleast $1 ▪️Winner must be PayPal ready/pay to the Go Fund Me (link in my profile) ▪️Ends 24 hours from now. July 9th Monday 4:20pm MDT. ▪️Keep comments to bids, tagging friends & positive thoughts for Mike & his family. Good luck! 🍀


A couple of fun rebuilds. (Not my frames.) Thanks @juliacampione & @blackian for letting me do these fun projects. 🙏🏽 Next weekend I’ll be at the @newmexicotattoofiesta with a handful of v2’s in @panchos_placas & @danielfward’s booth. See ya there 🤙🏽


❓Who likes this shade of Green❓Rebuilt shader (not my frame) for @juliacampione. Stripped down & drilled the back side (inside & out) to lighten up the back end. Added structural support on spring deck & front end of the side plate. Filled the voids of the old vice thumb screw holes & placed a Marv Lerning bullhorn on the vice to add more weight to the front for advanced ergonomics. Powder coated. Pure iron cores, 8 wrap on front & 6 in the back. Epoxy coated. Warp drive a-bar (standard on all my coils). Just like the Mamacita’s...this machines weight is all up front for maximum comfort. “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” -Thanos 🔋Made in Denver with a Power supply by: @freedom.electric DC battery power! Also made in #Denver!🔋 I’ll open the books for tattoos soon in July. Email me. 🔑


Rumor confirmed: I live in Denver again. Books will be opening soon. Tattoo machines are only available to locals til I get more parts & launch the website.