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DEVOUR POWER: Greg & Rebecca

👋🏼 Quit our jobs to travel & DEVOUR! 💏 @loveisanactionverb @gregremmey ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV 📍 NYC-Based 👇🏼 Download TikTok!

‼️WIN A TRIP TO NYC‼️ We’re challenging all foodies to download the @TikTok App and film your most mouthwatering food videos for your chance to win a trip to NYC!! 😯 👇🏼 Here’s How To Enter: (This is ALL on the @TIKTOK App) 1️⃣: Shoot/Edit/Post a video on the App! 2️⃣: Use the hashtags #SavorTheFlavor and #contest in your video’s caption! 3️⃣: Tag us (@devourpower) in your video’s caption! *️⃣: TikTok will be selecting 7 creators with the best food videos to win all-expenses-paid FOODCATIONS to NYC Restaurant Week! #ad 👉🏼 Link in our bio to DL the app! 🙌🏼 We’re tagging @dailyfoodfeed, @thenaughtyfork, and @losangeles_eats to kick off this epic challenge! 🍔: The Mac n’ Cheese Burger 📍: @thebedfordnyc


Starting off the day with a cheesy Pepperoni Slice from @rosaspizza69st! 🍕🤤 A Queens staple! Tag a friend who loves to 💪🏼 #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERNYC ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


The A.J. Hero from @paninishoppe! 😯 Loaded with Chicken Cutlet, American Cheese, Onion Rings & Brown Gravy on a Toasted Garlic Hero. 🔥 Tag a friend who would 100% DEVOUR this! #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERNYC ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


‼️GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY‼️ We’ve partnered up with one of our favorite restaurants in NYC, @thewritingroom, to give TWO LUCKY DEVOURERS a $50 Gift Card! 🤙🏼 Here’s a look at the making of their Chicken Parmesan. So incredibly delicious. 🔥 #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERNYC - - - 📍: @thewritingroom - - - 👇🏼 TO ENTER: 1️⃣ Like this post! 2️⃣ Follow @devourpower and @thewritingroom! 3️⃣ Tag your friends in the comments. 4️⃣ Every person tagged is 1 entry! Tag as many people as possible for a greater chance to win! --- Entries expire on Sunday, November 18th. Winner will be announced in the comments below and direct messaged! Must have a public profile to win. GOOD LUCK!! 😁


ROAST PORK YOYO in the making from @cachapasymas! 😯 Tag a friend who would love this extra cheesy sweet plantain sandwich! 💪🏼 @devour.cheese #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERNYC ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


THE MEATBALL OVEN GRINDER from @chicagopizzaandovengrinder! 😍 Baked Italian Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Brick Cheese, Fresh Green Peppers, Romano Cheese, Garlic Oil & Italian Spices. AGGRESSIVE! 💪🏼 Tag a friend who loves to @devour.cheese! #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERChicago ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


The Honey Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich from @honeybutterchi! 🐔🔥 Stopped by this spot before we headed to the airport today. 100% recommended. Tag a friend who loves to aggressively @devour.friedchicken! #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERChicago ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


PIZZA POT PIE from @chicagopizzaandovengrinder! What a day. WHAT A DAY. 🍕🤤 Thanks for the recommendation! Tag a friend who loves to aggressively! 💪🏼 #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERChicago ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


QUESO FUNDIDO from @bigstarchicago! 🤤 Packed with chihuahua cheese, poblano peppers and homemade chorizo. Spicy, cheesy and DEVOUR-worthy. 💪🏼 @devour.cheese #DEVOURPOWER #DEVOURPOWERChicago ▶️ YouTube: DevourPowerTV


We constantly get questions about how we work together without stepping on each other’s toes, so we wanted to let you guys in on a small secret behind how we do this full time! We try to stay pretty organized. Greg is in charge of the Team while Rebecca handles Brand Sponsorships, Travel and all things financial - and as we keep growing this crazy food and travel company, we realized we needed an expert to help us out! That’s why we're looking at working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. 📝 Here's the top 2 reasons why we chose to work with a CFP® pro: 1) They don’t just plan for retirement - they can also help with insurance and taxes or building a college fund for our little ones (in the future!). 2) Anyone can call themselves a financial planner, but a planner with the CFP® mark is the one you can trust. All CFP® professionals are fiduciaries – meaning they will always act in your best interest when providing financial planning. 📍Find out how a CFP® pro can help you at #DEVOURPOWER #LetsMakeAPlan #ad