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What is the price of water in Karachi? This couple pay $20 a month for polluted water that they boil for their drinking and cooking. They can't afford clean drinking water - that's at least $150 a month, more than Raja's monthly salary as a security guard. His wife, Imtiyaz has painful stomach problems, but they can't afford to get proper treatment, because they spend all their spare money on water. They aren't sure if the polluted water is causing her illness - it makes lots of people in their slum sick. It's a vicious cycle. Read, listen to our story here: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2018/09/10/645525392/for-karachis-water-mafia-stolen-h20-is-a-lucrative-business


outtake for one of the stories we are working on. Meet Mumtaz Begum, midwife, preacher and sunglasses aficionado. But she’s so much more: you might find yourself respecting her work. You might also see her as a monster. Stay tuned. In #Korangi, a sprawling slum in #Karachi, #pakistan


That’s right. We’re on a &?!&$ [bleep bleep] boat! —- off the coast of Karachi, looking at the shrinking mangrove sea forests. #pakistan


with the punks of #Karachi #pakistan


dusk falls in an #islamabad park, #pakistan


it took three months for Mem to get here and 7,000 selfie attempts to make it to instagram. In #Murree, #Pakistsn


sometimes #Pakistan is just freakin weird. A fiberglass shop by a highway to #Murree.


school run, #Abbottabad, #Pakistan. It’s better known as the town where Osama Ben Laden was hiding, but it’s also a quite pleasant mountain town with lovely views.


hipsters with your fixed gear bikes, weep. Two Pakistani man repair a fixed gear bike. I think it’s Pakistan’s native Sohrab version. As seen in Abbotabad, Pakistan.


sorry, baby. A latergram from #Korangi, a slum in #Karachi, #Pakistan


thank you dear @kirannazish for this lovely breakfast portrait of me and the 0.5. In Chay Khana, #islamabad


Jack’s first car ride


In the park, #islamabad, #pakistan


Fatty Lumpkin discovers his enemy: toilet paper.


A water tanker driver poses by his vehicle, which is also a work of art. From #Karachi, #Pakistan, a few weeks ago.


Madrassa boys in the park. #islamabad #pakistan


The Madrassa kids spill out of a nearby mosque and play here, in this overgrown park in central #islamabad. It also attracts dog walkers -certainly an unusual mix of secular-ish and religious #Pakistan


An abandoned concrete slide in an old, overgrown park in #islamabad.