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Maiah Hamocon

18 |📍Oahu, HI 🛩🔧📚 I like doing wheelies 👑 🎥: @dbd_films … NEW YouTube video!!👇Go check it out!


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Looked a little less like a goon today. Lol progress 🤣 debut race on the yz! Super fun day for the TT’s, i think that was the fastest I’ve tried to go 🐙 #eatpastagofasta🍝


“ Sometimes you have to risk it all for a dream only you can see. “ 💯🤘 - Lol I just realized the last pic got cut off, so here it is again 🤣🤷‍♀️ #rookiemoves


#wheeliewednesday 🐙 lol. Grab a handful, it’s a 125 🤣🤣 #newtechnique



Schooled the boi’s with the blue bike and knobby tires 🤣🤣 Full YouTube video link in my bio!!! Go check it out.. 🤘 - Part 2 is where it gets good, maybe even funnier... I’ll give you a hint.🤪 In the beginning maiaha does good... and then... game over 😂 stay tuned for the next upload!!


“ Mediocrity is my biggest fear. I’m not afraid of total failure because I don’t think that will happen. I’m not afraid of success because that beats the hell out of failure. It’s being in the middle that scares me. ” - Robert Downey, Jr.


Stunt Panda 🐼 “I do my own stunts” 🤣🤣 rocking my panda head and @da8apparel shirt! 🎃 Happy Halloween!! - I couldn’t see out of the head btw 😂 it was the left or right eye and even then it was a little difficult LOL. Shocker i got a circle down 😆🤘


Epic #throwbackthursday to Arctic Monkeys and 15 second Instagram videos! Watched a few of my older edits, good times were had 😆 #somethingshappening #takeaguess 💙🤘


The rock shenanigans.. @mountainman808 @pforcejarvis #doitforthegram 🤘🤘


With a minor idle adjustment.. 10 circle wheelies seems possible!! I have joined the dark side. This thing works like a dream, I’m having a blast 😈🕷 #spidergang @rekluse_motorsports #rekluseclutch #radiuscx


Send ‘er back!! Looking forward to some awesome wheelies tomorrow... get ready, things just got real 😈🕷 #spidergang #doitforthegram - #ShowUsTheThrill #BraceForAYear #LeattBrace @officialleatt


LOL!! So like.. i would’ve had it. But there was a bump. Like RIGHT WHERE I NEEDED THE BRAKE TO BITE!! 🤣 welp, live and learn. Makes for a good #failfriday video 🐙 Vc: 🔨 @pforcejarvis