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My track with @stratusbass “Homies” is out today on @subcarbon ! This ones been just honking off at shows for the last 6+ months, I’m stoked to finally have it out for your listening pleasure ✌️😎 go peep my Spotify & give it a rinse or 2 💦


Hi everyone hope you’re having a nice day 👋


When @subdoctamusic tells me that it actually sounds better if you’re not redlining the mixer and i find out it’s actually true 😱😱😱. . . 📸: @chucksnyder13


If anyone tries to step to you just put half of a mushed up banana in your mouth as an intimidation tactic 💯 🍌 . . 📸: @chucksnyder13


When you fail your math test, and mom doesn’t care but dad is VERY disappointed 😂 . . 📸: @chucksnyder13


Anyone else out there hear colors when they listen to music? I feel like this is an accurate representation of my music - awesome shot & editing by @morganchapmanmedia 👌


Plz send socks 🚨 . . . 📸- @morganchapmanmedia


Alright 2019 let’s do this ☝️🐵 . . . 📸: @chucksnyder13


Yall didn’t think I was gonna let 2018 end without one more song did ya ??? 😘 Go jump on my Spotify if you wanna hear 🐵


2018 has been a hell of a year... full of the extreme ups and downs that life brings for all of us, and I wouldn’t change any of it. Musically it’s been the most kick ass period of my whole life (see picture), and it’s all because of you guys supporting the weird sounds I make. So thank you for being here and making me more motivated than ever to chase OUR dream of a world full of fun, wobbly, weird music.. Also I wanna just shoutout my friends (that have really just turned into my family) who have been there for me along the way during all this and helped me in more ways than they will ever know, and have been an integral part to all this for me - @ganjawhitenight @jessejj5 @hackyhacky @jakefromvenice @jantsenr @subtronics @shankaaron - and most of all my amazing wife @alyssamdoula for riding all this out with me and being patient with the whole process, holding it down at home with our little guy while I’m on the road and pushing me to always kill it.. Anyway, here’s to a happy, healthy 2019 for all of us, and I appreciate all of you out there that are with me on this wild ride. See ya next year ✌️🐵 . . . 📸: @morganchapmanmedia


The Rise of the Octopeel tour is officially over, and although it’s been an amazing tour with packed shows and incredible vibes each night, the one hard part has been being away from my loved ones, mainly this one right here... so now it’s time to get back to the important things in life- like playing swords with wrapping paper at the grocery store after going to the club and getting into all night Spotify battles with our friends... it feels so damn good to be back, wow ✌️🐵


New collab with @peekaboobeats is just straight guttural 🤮 laptop speakers don’t do it justice but I just had to show you guys 🤭 Last show of the tour (sold out) tonight in Boston let’s goooooo


Last weekend of tour and somehow I’m still making tunes in the hotel room til the very last second before the show starts... Greenville tonight, Indy (sold out) tomorrow, Greensboro on Friday, and Boston on Saturday to bring the Rise of the Octopeel tour to a close! It’s been a wild ride and I appreciate all you that have been coming out and making these shows pop off every night ✌️🐵


I usually don’t post anything about my personal life on insta, but I want all you to know - this person right here has had such an impact on not only my music, but on me as a person in the last 3+ years... if it weren’t for her, my music wouldn’t be where it is right now, and I wouldn’t have nearly the drive that I do now to push it to the limits in every way, always. Also, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be able to sustain the crazy touring schedule I’ve had over the last year with our little one entering the world. Her holding it down at home with our little dude while building her own business, while I’m on the road, is something I’m forever grateful for and inspired by. She constantly challenges me and makes me question everything, is brutally honest about my music when I show her (which has helped me more than anything with developing my sound) & I’ve grown more as a person in the time we’ve been together than I have in my entire life leading up to this. So cheers 🍻 to the most potent, beautiful person I’ve ever gotten to know. I love you Alyssa - and I always got your back.. thanks for having mine ❤️


Hey friends - Catch me on some dates with @adventureclub this spring - stoked to be hitting some new places for the first time with a grip of new music ✌️🐵