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I saw her once ... with white streaks in her hair ... going to an event or the library ... who knows where she’s headed? Do you know a women like this? Stylish, eccentric, marches to the beat of her own drum?


I love graffiti-ing denim!!! So much fun hanging with @the.garage.collective, @carma_collection and @quench.collective ✨ it was so fun telling your stories on denim and sneaks. ✌🏼✍🏼✌🏼 These high waisted B Denim re-worked Levi’s are a size 27, $125, and fit amazing!!! DM if you want them!!!


Come see me at @the.garage.collective tonight from 6pm-9pm!!! I’ll graffiti your jeans and denim jackets 💖


Starting to show more of my process .... do you enjoy it as much as I think? If yes, comment with an emoji⚡️!! Love that pomegranate and citrus season is upon us 🍊❤️🍊


There are so many women who inspire us in this coastal community we live in ... Here is one - who do you think she is? Will share more soon!


Good morning! Come have your denim graffiti-ed this Thursday night from 6pm-9pm at @the.garage.collective!!! Sign up on link above 😎✌🏼😎. These B Denim reworked Levi’s will be there on Thursday as well - they fit a size 27 AMAZING.


I love my home, Laguna Beach! When I created this #coloringbook, I wanted to explore the flora and fauna of #Laguna. I enjoy coloring in it just as much as my girls do!#homesweethome #flora #fauna #lagunabeach #lagunalife


These last few weeks in the news have created such a fury of emotions in me ... as I was meditating in Kundalini yoga earlier this week, I thought of all the amazing, inspiring, and loving men that surround us too. I was moved to tears. The list of men who make life better is much too long and let’s face it only 1% of them are on Instagram - tag men that make you smile and laugh and feel loved (I’m looking at you, darling) !!! We adore you.


The time that I graffiti-ed tiny denim for a magical and delightful “My Little Pony” themed party dreamed up by @alatheia and @beijosevents with photography by @alisonbernier 💖. I’ll be doing a graffiti event for denim and jackets next week on October 18th/Thurs in town!!! (Sign up in link above)


Herman Hesse - a writer I much admire ... wrote this moving passage about trees ... but I feel like it can be said of much of nature ... Here I layered a new watercolor I created for a beauty brand underneath the quote.


Meet the baby Ajna - the third eye represents our intuition and also the connection between the mind and the spirit. It is said that meditating with a focus on the Ajna (third eye) helps to realize your highest potential and authentic self. To me, this symbol most represents my journey from scientist to mother to artist - realizing my true and authentic self. ❤️


Doing some graffiti on these Nike Air Force Ones for a super cool girl in Puerto Rico 💖


I love working with color, these are so vibrant and complementary and the pattern of the leaf print makes me happy in that blue... what do you think?


It’s interesting as an artist to have several different styles... do you have a preference? For me, it depends on my medium, my mood and my client! I love that about what I do. Keeps it interesting.


The baby Ajna necklace is here! I love layering this necklace to create your very own personal (and badass!) look. Shop on my website linked above ... and keep your eyes open for new Ajna necklaces coming in the next few weeks!!!


Happy happy Sunday. May it be a day of rest and rejuvenation for you. Thought you might like to see two tools that I use ... the movable slanted drafting table to help reduce tension on my neck and shoulders and the little phone holder to (hopefully) do more videos (I always get so into my work that I forget to track the process!)


A little sneak peek at the artwork I did for a ✨magical✨ gathering by @beijosevents ...


Did you know my artwork is for sale on my website? I love creating these pieces and thinking about where they will end up. 💫 Click the link in my bio to see my recent watercolors and doodles. 👁✍🏼🖼