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Nickie Hanley

Founder of Discoyoga and yoga teacher at Yoke Sth Melb & Kaya health club in cbd and Prahran


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2 more sleeps Bali I am so looking forward to being with you again!


The time has come to honour the Queen of pop!!! We have Dj Trevoir on the decks playing every hit you would ever want to hear @myermuralhall one of the most beautiful places to celebrate in!!! Come join me and 100 of your yogi friends on the mat! Booking link in bio! See you there 💜💜💜


“Your personality creates your person reality... your personality is made up of how you think, how you act and how you feel” Dr Joe Dispenza ...so if you are ready for a new reality these are the ingredients that need to change!


Hair ready for Bali!!! Can’t wait to dive into this retreat... to break free from the known and the familiar enables justvthe right amount of space to step into the new with confidence and pure potential! Class tonight @yokeyoga_sthmelb 4.30pm Flow and release and then 6pm Flow come and warm your bones with me! ❤️❤️❤️ #yoga #joy #love #community #practice #connect #move #vinyasaflow #myofascialrelease


This next event is going to be #epic...held @myermuralhall... this is not one to miss!!! Tickets now available on eventbrite link in bio!!!


Such a lovely crew @happymelonstudios so happy to become part of the team! Great first Saturday slow flow! 🙏


This is how excited I am to be doing the next #discoyoga at Mural Hall in the Myer centre in the city!!! Save the date 30th August straight after work finishes we will be celebrating everything Madonna!!! Can’t wait 😊 #muralhall #muralhallmyer #yoga #dj #music #joy #excited #love #community #freedom #flow #friendship


Tickets on sale soon!!!! Save the date in your diary!! #madonna #music #yoga #discoyoga #love


We are so over the moon to announce that we have SOLD OUT our retreat!!! It is all so beautifully aligned!!! Thankyou universe for bringing us all together @em_poweredbylove and I can’t wait to share what we LOVE 💕 with you all!!!


This morning a student stopped me after class and said smiling... “the past 2 times I have done your class you have themed your class around exactly what I needed to hear!” My response was... “that is the law of attraction at work and you are drawing what you need to you!” If you would like to dedicate some you’re to yourself and to work with the law of attraction more specifically join @em_poweredbylove and myself in Bali 29th July to 4th August for our yoga retreat. Message me for details ONLY ONE ROOM LEFT!!! 🙏 #bali #yoga #lawofattraction #yinyang #appreciation #love #gratitude #joy #retreat


Looking for more understanding on the how and why we are sequencing our yoga classes? Then this training is for you... join @dsantanasalerno and myself in and in-depth training on teaching vinyasa over 2 weekends. Dive in deep and reap the rewards! Go to @australianyogaacademy for all the details you won’t regret it!


Bring some #JOY #HAPPINESS #LOVE into your day today and spread it like wild fire 🔥💜💜💜


Be authentic and ask yourself “AM I FEELING GOOD WITH WHAT IM DOING, WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING OR WHERE I AM?” If the answers no then do everything you can to focus on what makes you feel better stay there for as long as you can and then change the situation with the new vibration! Thank for the interview @wisdomfromnorth 🙏💜👏


This afternoon I was in the supermarket and bumped into a student who stopped me and said... “Hi Nickie I was just watching you on YouTube today...it was very insiteful” this clip was from a year ago @balispiritfestival where I shared my journey from a downward spiral to now sober and loving life. It was such an honour to get to chat on @wisdonfromnorth and it was such a nice surprise to hear him say that it moved him and that it made a difference. So grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and my imperfections in hope that it may help others grow and transform 🙏


You know you’re freezing cold when you wear your scarf 🧣 inside the house 🏠 brrrrrrrrrr!!! #Bali can’t wait to see you!!!


ONLY 1 ROOM LEFT! Join @em_poweredbylove and myself in Bali Ubud for 1 week diving into yoga, meditation and the teachings of the law of attraction. We are a habitual being of nature and sometimes we have habits that do not serve us. This retreat is designed to create space so that you can CREATE rather be a habit of the past! JULY 29th to 4th AUGUST message us for more info!


Life is too short to let the programmed responses rule your life... it’s so interesting that even though you meditate, do yoga, do the work and there are still days that an old programmed response will show up and take over your mind for some time... I’m so glad that I can now recognise when I need to meditate and to make the time to do it! Thanks for flying with me @em_poweredbylove I’m back on track! 💜🙏😊 thanks for the image @melz.yogalab


Life’s good! So happy HANGIN with this one! #dogslife #elwoodbeach #elwood #fun #love