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1/3 of the legendary platinum hip hop group Lords of the underground, actor/film & tv producer. Doitall Media Group(DMG) 211 Community Impact APHIA 🤙🏾

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Hanging out with #DoctorOlivia #DrO #DrOlivia #DoctorInTraining #ClaimIt talking about #Trauma don’t forget on Sunday September 30th 2018 we are having the #BuryTheViolence #BuryTheAnger event in #NewarkNJ with Funeral homes leading processions leaving from each one of the five wards starting at 11am with the service starting at 1pm at #LincolnPark the repass at 972 Broad st @larougeloungenj directly after the #MockFuneral #StopTheViolence #StopKillingEachOther #JakkiLake #OliviaLake #FutureDoctor please share & repost






#NewarkNJ & surrounding areas make sure you all come out to 972 Broad st @larougeloungenj @larougenewark tonight AT 7:30pm for the #RealEstateMeetUp that happens every Monday. This week’s guest is none other then my guy @DjEnvy who will talk about his experiences with getting into the Real Estate biz, with host & real estate #Guru @benedictguerrier tell a friend to tell a friend. U don’t want to miss this & there is no cover charge it is #free to the public. #CelebrityFixandFlip @power1051 @cityofnewarknj #entrepreneurship #FromRentersToBuyers #Ownership please repost & share.






Shout out to my bro’s @djhollywoodko @perreo_koboyz @knockoutceo & the rest of the Team! @mrallstar811 @allstarmovement @thereal211ci Make sure you get over to North 7th st in the #NorthWard right now it doesn’t end until 7pm @rejectzworldwideradio please bring the family for a #BackToAchoolGiveAway lets continue to #DoitallForNewark #SupportOurYourh #SupportOurFamilies #SupportOurStudents #NewarkNJ #Community please share & repost!





Good day #GoodPeople if you are from #NewarkNJ You have probably already seen this video which is one of about 7 that are floating around the internet. Let me play #DevilsAdvocate for a minute. I only put up one vid because it’s all I need to show what’s happening. In this video it appears that all of these students have not been allowed into school on the first day at #MarionPThomas school because there uniforms, not just their sneakers did not meet the compliance. Theses compliance’s and rules that have not changed from last year (meaning most of the students as well as their parents know what the codes are and how they should send their children to school.) I speak at Marion P a minimum of twice a year. I just got off the phone with some of execs from the school. They said “ Du these students & parents have been allowed all year (last year) to abuse the codes an it really got out of hand. We would tell them all black shoes and they would come with Jordan’s or Nike Air Max on (which you see in the video that cost $160) or some other name brands with colors or t-shirts that are not part of their uniform so it’s not about the students or parents can’t afford black shoes. People let’s not automatically accuse the staff alone. Yes I do think they could have dealt with it a better way, other than not allowing entrance to over 400 of the 500 students but parents & residents we also have to understand that our high school students are actually learning #LifeLessons also. Wear what you supposed to wear that complies with the codes and you won’t have any problems. You can’t tell me these students can’t afford a black shoe. The problem is they buy the shoes that look better & are more popular than just regular black shoe & then say the parents can’t afford to buy them all black shoes. The young fella in the video sneakers are valued at $160 so parents let’s get right & follow the codes just like you would follow on your Job or career. Residents and #CommunityLeaders let’s not jump to conclusions without Having a dialogue with the #PowersThatBe. Shout out to the all the people who wanted to make sure our Children/Youth/Students were ok and not just being #Violated.




Come out today to check me & my friends from the #NewarkNJCommunity at the #JFKRecreationalCenter #NewarkNJ at 4pm to see some of Newark’s up & coming #Talent if you know anyone that needs to be on this stage hit me ASAP! #ArtsAndCulture shout out to #MetropolitanBaptistChurch @djeffersonjr, @larougenewark @benedictguerrier & the @allstarbarbershops @allstarmovement @mrallstar811 @thereal211ci #211CommunityImpact @cityofnewarknj #Swipeleft to see all details on Flyer please repost & share