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This was one of the craziest weeks ever, and I’ve had some big ones!! Could not be more proud/happy/stoked/honored of my best buddy @nathanabrown for how hard he has been working to be the field reporter for our new show and for winning his first ever MVC!!! Welcome to the club!!!! Thanks to @jedmildon for not hurting me during the cake celebration. I am a little disturbed at how happy brownie was. @harrybink thanks for the VS. #nitrocircus #jst


What an experience this weekend. So proud to be associated with Team Puerto Rico and the biggest race in the world. Early mornings, late nights, and never not answering questions is what we do. Raised a shit ton of money. Gonna help a lot of people in need. And have more respect for my team than I thought possible. I hate you trav but I love you. Thank you to everyone who worked day and night in 12 inches of mud. See y’all in Puerto Rico!!


Hurricane Haffey. You win. Best wedding ever. @chrishaffey you are a lucky man. #jst


Out here roughing it through hurricane Haffey on Maui. Conditions are getting worse by the second. We’ll be lucky to make out alive. @olliethecollie @chrishaffey @ellegartner #haffeyspringbreak2018


Less than a week away from the Live Like Roner Fundraiser. I miss my buddy every day but am proud to honor him and his family with this event. Many, many, many thanks to all the people behind the scenes who have worked tirelessly on this. Thanks and see you all there. Tickets still available at

1 honored to be a part of the team this week. But to be honest, besides TP being safe, the millions of people we stoked out, and 100’s of our friends highlight is getting to know @mattiseman and watch him run a 3-hour live show like no one else. And you ran a leather EK suit to the after party. Welcome to family my friend and sorry, but you are stuck now. Although you made us lose to Trav in beer pong l still love you. Also I love my bestie @nathanabrown for beating Vegas. #evellive #nitrocircus #travispastrana #history #jst #livelikeroner


For the past many months me and my team have worked tirelessly on probably the best show @nitrocircus has produced, #EvelLive one @history. Im so proud to be a part of it and I’m so honored to work with @travispastrana and to call him one of best friends. And mostly, im honored to show respect and pay tribute to the man himself Evel Knievel. I hugged his daughter during the last jump, I celebrated with his amazing grandkids after and we sent Vegas on fire. But when it’s all said and done. 2 athletes emerged and stole the show. @dustywygle and myself. You are welcome Vegas.


Mexico 🇲🇽 with @olliethecollie better luck next World Cup!! Selfie game strong. #jst


Wigging out at Haffey’s bachelorette party. Smagical we Fucking love you!!!!!! #smagicalstrong @smagical


Ladies and gentlemen...Action Figures 2. This has been a labor of love and the athletes who put their lives on the line still amaze me. Huge thanks to them, thanks to all the people behind the scenes who make this happen, and congrats to @travispastrana and @codystauder for months of sleepless night locking this thing. Cody’s therapy sessions are being added to the budget FYI. Thanks @olliethecollie for letting me be gone so much. Action Figures 2 will be streaming on @sonycrackle on June 28. @trevorpiranha @trevor.jacob @dustywygle @uncleronnie69 @brandonschmidt92 @smagical @giegsey @vgolden423 @ethenroberts @motoduff @gvdcowboy @chrannzee @butters986 @stevemccann @harrybink @rwillyofficial @beaverfleming @amckenna007 @realtriptaylor @madilynchristensen @shaka_gnar @nitrocircus #livelikeroner #jst #nitrocircus #actionfiguresthemovie #eshgetit #smagicalstrong #smagical


My friends at @tetongravity have just released the story of Andy Irons called, Kissed By God. They’ve done an amazing job. Please check it out.


Happy late birthday to my favorite person in the world. I still can’t believe you put up with me. I love you more than Ollie loves his gators!!! I’m just happy I got to see you on your birthday. Here’s to spending 100 more together! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


One of the many perks of my job is traveling the world and getting to know amazing people. Kevin Windham is one of my favorites. Met him 10 years ago in Aus and love him and his better half Dottie!! She is my favorite by far but we never took a photo. I miss y’all already!! I seriously need therapy after this week. @kdub_14 @travispastrana @nitrocircus 📸 @stevemccann #actionfiguresthemovie #nitrocircus #livelikeroner #jst #eshgettit #imamidget


After 3 or 4 days of a couple hours sleep in different cities, and feel defeated. Then I realize these are my travel buddies today. @trevorpiranha @harrybink @butters986 Great show last night in Reno. Welcome to the team @uncleronnie69 and so good to @annikadahlroner and your epic crew. No sleep for the wicked. @nitrocircus #nitrocircus #jst #livelikeroner


So excited to welcome the newest member of nitro family @pynnit Not only is he doing one of the gnarliest stunts I’ve ever seen in every show...he’s also still active duty in the army...and he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! We just need to work on those interviews buddy!! Haha. So much respect for this guy and his family. #nitrocircus #jst #livelikeroner


Happy Mother’s Day to candy and granny. How you survived our family this long is a miracle. Hope you both have an epic day!! @jewell.barker #jst #livelikeroner


A PSA message from @nathanabrown and the rest of the Nitro Circus Crew about our upcoming tour.


Stuck/delayed on a flight so what else to do than wish Big Ben a happy birthday!!! You look like Larry David and Nicholas Cage had a kid. Yet you have a stunning partner and the cutest kid. Good job son. #prescious #vincewilfork #jst @benbagofdonuts @littletearoom @jessupt @olliethecollie @tq_12_ @boylanalex