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Happiness is a dog, son (bang bang shoot shoot)


These are my friends and this was my spring break.


I know I haven't posted in a while, I've put on a little weight but I think this look works for me. Thanks for accepting me, everyone


I've had a giant head, bright blue eyes, and loved corn my entire life. Let's see if another year will change any of that. Fingers crossed I can figure out a way for someone to feed me my food again. That looks like is was pretty chill. #HappyBirthdayToMe


I could take a shit and it'd still be artsy.


She's older. I am expressing happiness about it @marie_masters


Pic of us waiting in line a few weeks ago for the @brandonflowers concert. Featuring Nicole and my gigantic head #JimmyNeutron


I made a thing with stuff for fun drinking. Huzzah


Pretty pumped that I got to see Rise Against tonight with my bros. May have nearly died more than a handful of times but it was still one memorable concert @fekedawg


Seeing @periphery live tonight at the agora tonight has left me speechless. Getting to meet them before the show made it even better. Having @markperiphery photo bomb me will forever cement this night as awesome and Periphery as one of my favorite bands/groups of people


@make_jay rockin the fuck out at #LoudFest Best night ever


It took time, nails, yarn, and blood, but I finally finished it. The whole thing looks pretty damn awesome to me. I'll be more than happy to see this thing hanging up on my wall everyday #ArtsyAdam


How much icing can you fit onto a single Oreo cookie? Well the answer is a shit ton.


I get crafty occasionally. I get hungry frequently. This is the result of when those worlds collide


Someone has pranked me. Placing a flock of flamingos on someone's front lawn is an act of war... Prank war... The only kind of war I know how to fight. And the only kind of war I know how to win. Vengeance will be mine


I'm not ready to say goodbye to the Dominican Republic yet. It's been a beyond fantastic week with beyond fantastic people whom I call family now. I've made (and forgotten) some of the best memories of my young life on this trip


Good morning Dominican Republic. You're a pretty neat place. It's been a fun 4 days. I've got 3 left. I'm about to make the absolute best of them


Thank you universe. I REALLY needed this today. Thanks for keeping my happiness in check.