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@michael.foushee - The golden fog brushed into the beach bringing salty cold air that gripped to my skin. The journey of a wave ends when it dissipates violently into the sea stack, only to be followed by another. Roaring ocean and gulls sing the harmonious tune of the coast. It lasted a while, the view and the sounds. Long enough to fully embrace the setting and it’s magic. Selected via #earthoutdoors10k!


@_alex_dxb_ - The place I know I belonged! #earthoutdoors


@intothefab - Another perspective of a hidden gem in iceland! 🚁🍃 #earthoutdoors


@jongriffithphotography - Sunrise from 8700m on Mt. Everest. The light up here could be pretty surreal especially As it was filtering through some epic thunderstorm clouds around us. In the background lies Mt. Makalu with a still very active thunderstorm cell hanging over it. Not long after we were plunged back into a white out and snowfall but it was nice to feel the warmth of the sun while it lasted. Waiting until everyone had left Everest was a bit of a gamble with the weather but at least we had the rare opportunity of being completely alone on this otherwise heavily crowded mountain. #earthoutdoors


@nomadlad - Super excited for some autumnal vibes this year. Summer has been great, but I can’t wait to capture some crazy colours. Who’s ready for autumn? 🍂 🍁 #earthoutdoors


@zeppaio - Hard to believe that this place is already covered in snow now 🙈 ❄️ #earthoutdoors


@ourtravelness - Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we hike 🙄 ✦ The first hike.... check 💪🏼⛰ No, we are definitely not typical hikers. Honestly, every time we ask ourselves why we are doing this at all 😅 But one thing drives us over and over again: this view from the mountain ⛰ #earthoutdoors


@skeye_photo - Crazy beautiful roads and reflections in Norway! Maybe you can’t tell from this image because of my edit, but this was one of the clearest lakes I’ve ever seen! It was so calm that we had to stop to have lunch right on the wooden pier. Very good and refreshing after a few days of hiking. #earthoutdoors10k


@lindsaysmithphoto - Perfect afternoon reflections of Castle Mountain in a shallow pool by the Bow River. Selected via #earthoutdoors10k!


@jordhammond - Flying high above the Black Spur Drive certainly shows the enormity of the place. It’s been the most incredible 10 days out here in Australia; time to head back to Bali! #earthoutdoors


@wildlicht - Nectar country aka Kyrgyzstan. #earthoutdoors


@emmett_sparling - The Ancascocha trail was brutal for the first two days before we were forced to descend because of the weather. These mountains were like giants, appearing out of the dense cloud/blizzard every once and a while, and we’d realize how small we really were. #earthoutdoors