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@danielbenjaminphoto - I tend to photograph mountains in a more compact manner. Not the grandiose scene encompassing the landscape that it rises above but the details that make them so powerful. This mountain in particular I found myself staring at for several days while staying in Chilean Patagonia. I couldn’t stop my imagination from wondering what it would be like there...amongst so much rugged rock and ice. How it would be possible to stand atop it... #earthoutdoors10k


@philippmitt - Island of edges and ridges. 🇫🇴 #earthoutdoors


@dylankato - First snowfall in Yosemite was one for the books ☃️ #earthoutdoors


@andybottphoto - My favorite spot in Iceland... I spent about six months scouring Google Earth trying to find this spot after seeing a photo of it. The photographer refused to give it’s location for good reason. I don’t blame him, this place is super special. #earthoutdoors


@juusohd showing us the true beauty of Finnish Lapland! Who has the Northern Lights on their bucket list?! #earthoutdoors


@jamieout - I’ve been loving the creative approach to photos and animation that @jvdoming is doing. So cool to see a still photo that I took come to life. Hard to beat those chill vibes too. #earthoutdoors


@ali_olfat - Views strait out of Jurassic Park! #earthoutdoors


@maximiliangierlphotography - C A T W A L K Thats my way of a catwalk, next time I wanna hit this with skis. Ever been there? Selected via #earthoutdoors10k


@kurtisminster - So incredibly fortunate to be back in the Tetons for a second time this month. Winter is perfect for beating the crowds and getting those glowy, magical shots. #earthoutdoors