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At our project in Spain, spring has come early. Almond trees are beginning to flower. Blossom usually appears in February and March, when winter transitions into spring. But in the region of Andalucía, it’s getting warmer each year and so the trees are flowering a little earlier. Meanwhile, your trees are growing on the mountain slopes. This area has been badly affected by deforestation, and without trees, the temperature is unstable and the climate suffers. But thanks to your searches, we’re bringing trees back. So thank you ❤️ Photos by our partner @asociacionalvelal 👏🏼 #trees #spring #nature #spain


Women in Ghana are working together to make a living off trees. When we visited our project with @tree_aid, we also met the baobab collective 💚 By processing and selling the superfood known as baobab fruit, these women now earn more than their husbands. They are also best friends and help one another through difficult times. #WomensWave #superfood #baobab


A shea butter factory helps this Ghanaian women’s collective make a living off the local shea trees. It has also led to many new friendships! Video coming soon. #women #ecosia @tree_aid


A tree is not just a tree ☝🏾 It plays a specific and often important role in a community. In Ghana, we met a shea butter-producing collective who harvest, grind, boil, knead, and refine the nuts from the shea tree together. The revenue helps them pay for some of life’s essentials 💚 #superfood


Some trees grow fast! This guy, planted by your searches in Senegal, is only three months old 😝 #switchtoecosia


Did you know that tree nurseries have to be weeded every couple of days? . 📸 from a visit to our project in Ghana. #switchtoecosia


Tune into the latest episode of our podcast, in which the (rather wonderful) alternative Nobel Prize laureate Tony Rinaudo explains how to bring forests back without planting trees, in an innovative reforestation technique 🌱 Listen on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts. #podcast 🎧


The first week of January be like... . Psst, our jumpers and hoodies are available online: 👕 ❄️ 😅 #teesthatplanttrees


New year, new me. How about a resolution that makes you feel good, is easy to stick to and allows you to plant trees with minimum effort on your part? In 2019, use Ecosia instead of Google. It's that simple. 🍃 #newyearsresolution #switchtoecosia


In 2018, you helped us plant 3.8M trees in Ethiopia. In this dry part of the world, your trees stop the land from becoming desert and help water to flow year-round. #2018 #yearinreview


In 2018, you gave 771,338 trees back to Brazil’s endangered Atlantic Forest. Thank you 💚 #2018 #yearinreview


Your New Year’s resolution could save the planet. . . #Newyear #Newyears #Newyearsresolution #Newyears2019 #2019 #Goodbye2018 #Hello2019 #Happynewyear #NewYearNewYou