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Chiropractic, Massage & Physical Therapy, Acupuncture. Trigger Point Injections, Dietitians, Stem Cell. Call us to schedule 720-744-0666 #ElevationCW


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Are you having chronic knee, shoulder, or hip pain? Has it gotten to the point where they are suggesting surgery? Stem Cell therapy is a more affordable and very effective alternative. Here at Elevation Chiropractic & Wellness we guarantee to have the best price in Denver! Call us to find out more information! 720-744-0666 #elevationcw



Meet Dr. Sheri Hernandez our newest #elevationcw Chiropractor! She has a heart of gold to go along with the hands of gold. She also adjusts dogs and other pets!! Dr. Sheri makes some amazing baked goods as well 🤤 Give is a call and schedule an adjustment today! 720-744-0666


Meet Colleen, one of our @elevationcw Registered Dietitians! Looking to lose some weight? Eat healthier? Pregnant and wanting to eat right for yourself and the baby? Athlete training? Family history of or currently have any condition that would require a change in diet? If any of these or more apply give us a call! Our dietitians are taking patients 720-744-0666. New patients get an initial consultation for $120!


Hey friends! If you are pregnant or have any friends that are pregnant, chiropractic and massage are a great way to help with your back, hip, and joint pain! It can also establish pelvic balance which provides the baby with as much space as possible over the course of pregnancy and can make delivery much easier. As a bonus all our therapist are trained in prenatal! Give us a call today! 720-744-0666 #elevationcw


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Are you guys having allergy problems like everyone else here?? Good news, getting adjusted can actually help with the symptoms of allergies! Call us today and let’s help get rid of that runny nose and sneezing 👌 Most insurances are accepted here as well! 720-744-0666 #elevationcw


Meet our new #elevationcw Acupuncturist, Leslie! As a graduate of the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Leslie holds a MS degree in Acupuncture and is listed as the first practitioner in the US to incorporate CBD within her microneedling treatments and massages! To go with her amazing accomplishments, she has a vast amount of specialties including acupressure, auriculotherapy, and cupping! If she isn’t blazing trails for other Acupuncturist, then she is probably hiking one of the many trails in native state of Colorado. Make sure to pay a visit to Leslie if you are experiencing chronic pains. Acupuncture could be the remedy that you’ve been looking for!


Fun fact: Aside from helping with chronic pains, acupuncture can increase blood flow to the brain without increasing blood pressure and pulse ratings. Stay tuned for the introduction of our new #elevationcw Acupuncturist Leslie! In the mean time, make sure to check out our website for more information and to schedule appointments!


Meet Sherrie! Coming in from Houston, Texas. After personally experiencing the wonders of massage therapy, she became an honors student at the Cortiva Institute in Aurora, Colorado. Massage has helped to expedite her own healing & wellness. Now, as a practitioner, she enjoys the gratification of facilitating the healing & recovery time of others! Make sure to set up an appointment and say hello to our lovely MT’s at #ElevationCW!


Hey everyone! We are now offering trigger point injections at our clinic! Our licensed Nurse Practitioners will help knock off the edge quick for any acute pain or even chronic long term muscle tightness. Call us today to schedule! 720-744-0666 #elevationcw


Meet Karen! Our #elevationcw Massage Therapist with a heart of gold. Representing Aurora, Karen is a recent grad from Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy, and has taken zero time off in owning her techniques! Make sure to set up an appointment for your much needed relief. And don’t forget to participate in our 60-minute #EnvyOurMassage giveaway!


It’s giveaway time!!! We would like to thank everyone who has helped us reach our 500 following mark! Our next goal is to achieve 500 likes on our Facebook page. Help us reach that milestone by spreading the word! #ontothenextone.