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Well, y’all, we’re fixin’ to (finally) visit our Texan and West Coast friends... Because we’ve just added another leg of our #HallelujahHereBelow Tour in March with special guest, @codycarnes!! ⁣ MAR 18 - MIAMI, FL⁣ MAR 19 - ORLANDO, FL⁣ MAR 21 - AUSTIN, TX⁣ MAR 22 - OKLAHOMA CITY, OK⁣ MAR 23 - DALLAS, TX⁣ MAR 25 - DENVER, CO⁣ MAR 26 - ALBUQUERQUE, NM⁣ MAR 27 - PHOENIX, AZ⁣ MAR 28 - LA MESA, CA⁣ MAR 29 - LOS ANGELES, CA⁣ MAR 31 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA⁣ APR 1 - SACRAMENTO, CA⁣ APR 3 - SPOKANE, WA⁣ APR 4 - VANCOUVER, BC⁣ APR 5 - REDMOND, WA⁣ ⁣ And if you click on the link in our profile now, you can sign up to get exclusive access to our FAN TICKET PRE-SALE on Wednesday!


Love seeing the team @thegracecity minister with #HereComesHeaven this past weekend! If you or your team are building out your December setlists, we have resources available for you at elevationworship.com!


We’ve experienced so many beautiful encounters in God’s presence on the road, and we are expectant for how He’s going to continue to move on our next tour this January! We really hope you’ll join us! :) #HallelujahHereBelow


I recently learned that God tells us to “Fear Not” approximately 365 times in the Bible. You probably know where I’m going with this, and you’re absolutely right! It’s like God knows that we don’t just face troubling issues, scary situations, or stressful demands once or twice a year, but every single day. And, it’s just like me (and probably you) to need daily reminding that we don’t need to fear what we’re walking through.⁣ ⁣ But, we have such a tendency to let fear stay by our side throughout our day. I’ve been learning that fear is a terrible friend and keeps me tied up in knots about things God has already promised to work out. And as my 4-year-old summed up, “fear even makes you scared of not-scary things”.⁣ ⁣ And it makes me think of Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds and all their initial reactions of fear as God was announcing to them the greatest news they would ever hear — the news of their coming Savior. Clearly a surprise visit by an angel would be shocking to anyone, but I know there’s also some basic truth here for us. God is wanting to announce the birth of so many promises into our lives and often uses scary situations as the platform.⁣ ⁣ It looks scary when God is about to perform a miracle. And I wanted to remind you today — don’t let the shadow of fear keep you from seeing the reality that God’s promises are so utterly in control. We can remain in His love that is strong enough to cast out our fears every single step of the way. -@janewwilliams


We give You the highest praise, together we sing HALLELUJAH. ⁣ ⁣ Full live video available on YouTube, link in bio! #hallelujahherebelow


But hallelujah from here below Is still Your favorite melody. #hallelujahherebelow


No matter how broken or imperfect your praise may feel today, offer your sacrifice of praise for He alone is worthy. #hallelujahherebelow


A few weeks back we got to visit our friends @ccli.global and have a conversation about local church ministry, our songs, and the journey of Elevation Worship. Check out this clip & watch the full convo at the link in our bio. - @chrisdotbrown


Angels, let your song begin⁣ Here comes heaven⁣ Christ is born in Bethlehem⁣ Here comes heaven⁣ ⁣ Lyrics, chord charts, vocal sheets & any other resources you may need for #HereComesHeaven are available now at elevationworship.com



We’ve made it easy for you to skip the crowds this #BlackFriday 😊🙌🏼 All of our worship merch is 25% off on our online store! Use code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ at checkout. [link in our bio]


Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!