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Day 15 of 30 Gratefulness for: Lindsey, Savannah, and Sophia . . How can I even begin to say what these three women have done for me and mean to me in my life? These beautiful melanated souls, are my dearest, longest, and closest friends. They have definitely seen me in all stages of my life and growth, at the highest highs and lowest of lows. And yet, somehow, are still my friends. lol I simply need to call and say "I need" and their response is always, " what and how soon" I think to myself, what have I done to deserve such friendships.? . . There's so much to say about these three beautiful souls that I've been blessed to known for 10+ years, but really we'd be here all day! I love you all from the bottom of my heart, and truly words can't describe just how much I am gratefull for you all . .#30daysofgratefulness #london #dirty30 #liveauthentic #gratitude


Day 14 of 30 . . Gratefulness for: The education I received formally and informally . . Soooooo...I'm definitely grateful for all of the education I received from throughout high school, University, and post graduate. The wealth of knowledge and information has proven useful time and time again. . . Now those loans that accumulated as a result of that education is something I'll never appreciate. In fact, they can find there way along with, Nelnet and Sallie Mae, into a ditch somewhere lol...just kidding.....well not really. #triggered . . . #30daysofgratefulness #turning30 #growth #education #educationshouldbefree #lucern #switzerland #travelnoire #instatravel #instagood


Day 13 of 30 . . Gratefulness for: Virgin America . . Hey peeps! Today I want to show gratefulness for my time working for Virgin America Airlines (R.I.P. Virgin America!). I met so many amazing people, some of whom I am still friends with today! . . Virgin America was one of the reasons I was able to travel so much these last few years and do it cheaply. However, the biggest lesson I learned while there, was how to be flexible in life. Traveling as an airline employee you learn this really quick. lol . Lastly, Virgin America solidified that fact that I love travel, alway have, and always will. Unfortunately just as my 20's have come to and end so has Virgin America, however this time and the airline will be with me forever. . . . #30daysofgratefulness #dirty30 #virginamerica #boston #airlines #travel #memories


Day 12 of 30 . . Gratefulness for: friends as guinea pigs . . Happy Monday everyone! So do you have friends who will let you hone your craft by practicing on them? . . Well I've been fortunate enough to have so many people willing to allow me to experiment with this photography thing and I've have to say I've grown so much because it. . . Find you people who will help you grow! That's the best thing you could ever have. . . Thank you for everything! @m.a.r.i.o.a.n.d.r.e.s @confessions_of_a_fashionholic @bergsman.daniel @ad_casey @kristinasoleng . .#30daysofgratefulness #photooftheday #photography #travel #instagood #instatravel #friends


Day 10 of 30. . Gratefulness for: black travel pioneers and influencers . . .As most of you probably realized, travel has been a key part of my life for the last few years. I had always dreamed of living abroad, and exploring the globe but was concerned about traveling while black. . . .I mean, let's be real about it. people of color in most parts of the world are not treated very well. My personal safety was always a point of concern. Plus, I knew my experience was not going to be like the typical white Traveller in most places. How did I get over this? . Well, there were some fantastic bloggers who were traveling while black and rocking it. They talked candidly about all the ups and downs of traveling with this beautiful melanated skin. I figured if they could, then why couldn't I? . . People like @oneikatraveller @flybrother, @glographics, who had blogs I read to @jubril8 and his YouTube videos. @nomadnesstribe @evierobbie, @worldwidenate living their best lives and making a living doing it! All showed me it could be done and I wasn't crazy for dreaming it. For that I am forever grateful. . From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! . .#30daysofgratefulness #dirty30 #nomadness #herosdontwearcapes #blacktravel #travelnoire #becauseofthemIcould #blackexcellence #melanin


Day 9 of 30 . . . Gratefulness for: My Children . . Lol. Now y'all know I ain't got no kids! But my nieces and nephews have my heart. I love them so much and one has even grown up to become a beautiful woman!!! (Tears in the eye. Hahaha) . . . These individuals have taught me what real unconditional love is and how you could love someone just because they are here. . .I don't get to see them as much as I should and that's definitely something I plan on doing better about in the future. . . Not sure if I want my one day but I'm happy giving all my love here! ✌🏾 . . . #30daysofgratefulness #family #nieces #nephews #sobrinos #love


Day 8 of 30 . . Gratefulness for: Music . Music, she was and will always be my first love. I'm so grateful for this relationship. Music has been the one thing that calms me down when I'm anxious and gets me hype when I'm down. . . .Did you know I studied Opera in University? I was going to be the next Pavarotti, but alas these student loans didn't want me to be great 😔😔 . .#tbt #marchingband #music #firstlove #30daysofgratefulness #dirty30 #chargersonic


Day 7 of 30 . Gratefulness for: Learning to not care about what other people think. . . 1 Week in and 3 more to go till the big 30! Thank you for following me on this journey! . So for day 7 I am a grateful for learning this one particular lesson before I turned 30; Not caring about what other people think. In my 20's I was so concerned about pleasing others, and worried about what other people thought about MY life. Well this last year I've definitely learned this one crucial lesson. What other people think about me is not my business, and so I should just live my life as I choose to. . . I'm slowly learning to be like the city of Berlin; embracing the weird and living one's truth. . . This is one lesson I would have taught my younger self, but hey I think i'm still young....right? if so, then i guess i'm learning it at the right time. lol. . . . 📸 @m.a.r.i.o.a.n.d.r.e.s #30daysofgratefulness #travelnoire #berlin #visitgermany #livingmytruth #instatravel #travelgram #instagood #melanin #streetart #travel #photooftheday #liveauthentic


Day 5 of 30 Gratefulness for: uncomfortableness . . What's up peeps Happy Monday. I hope everyone's week is starting off to a great start. Let's talk about Day 5 and being out of your comfort zone. . . I have always had a huge fear of Elevators, and even more so, getting stuck in one. I mean this fear is so bad I've even walked up 10 flights of stairs to avoid it. I would say it was all in the name of losing weight.....but look at me. Soy tu amigo gordito bonito and y'all know I wasn't trying to exercise. Lol. . . I digress...Today, I'm sending gratefulness for having been placed in situations that helped me push pass my fears and comforts to experience something new or to overcome those little things stopping us from greatness. . .This video represents all the times I have done that. I'm still terrified of Elevators, especially the ones in Europe, but having faced it head on, maybe just maybe, I won't have to always take the stairs. . . Have a great week everyone! ,✌🏾 . . . #30daysofgratefulness #facingmyfears #paris #mondaymotivation #fear #elevators #gorditotakesthestairs


Day 4 of 30 . Gratefulness for: Lisbon . What's good everyone hope you enjoyed your weekend! Day 4 is bringing us to Lisbon…..UGH, my favorite city for so many different reasons. For today, Lisbon holds the spot in my heart because it was my first solo trip. In 2015 I was completely obsessed with seeing @liannelahavas in concert, and she was playing at a Jazz festival outside of Lisbon. No one wanted to go with me, but I didn’t let it sway me. I WAS GONNA SEE LIANNE! . I got to Lisbon, arrived at my hostel only to find it was a S@#$hole of a place with roaches, dirty beds, and a bathroom I wouldn't bathe my dog in. Now y'all know the boy is bougie so I had to upgrade myself. ( lol laughs at own joke.). After leaving the hostel, I got lost for an hour trying to find my new hotel, fell in the street with oncoming traffic, and almost got swindled by a cab driver. I made it to the hotel! (#finally) . . You would think that all of that happening and on the first day of my trip would send me packing my bags. It almost did! After several calls to friend I decide to stay at head to the concert. At train station, I couldn't figure out how to work those damn machines to buy my ticket. I thought " ugh another problem." I look up to see this other melanin face and decide to ask for help. ( Should have did that from the start. #toxicmasculinity) Anyway, come to find out, this beautiful angel was going to see Lianne to and she had come all the way from South Africa to see her. Well, this was the luck I needed. After that , went to the concert, had an amazing time with a new friend. . . I fell in love with Lisbon after that.She made me realize that all the fear and anxiety I had built up was fake. Every time I went to eat or explore somewhere, I was invited by someone to share a meal, or to spend the day together. Funny thing was that even though I was traveling "solo," I was never really ever alone. . ************** Have you every traveled alone somewhere, or went to a concert by yourself? . .. . .#30daysofgratefulness #wanderer #nomadlist #inspire #solotravel #lisbon #visitportugal #blacktravelgram #travelnoire #liveauthentic #dirty30 #wanderlust #instatravel


Day 3 of 30 Gratefulness for: My Spirituality Hey so it's day 3 on the road to 30! Lol. Y'all didn't know I had bars.... but anyway. I'm really thankful for this aspect of my life. Most people who know me, know I grew up in the church. While, I don't necessarily go anymore, I believe it has been a major cornerstone that has kept me grounded. It's definitely kept helped me when I felt anxious, and kept me from punching a few people in the throat these last few years. ***************** I know everyone won't believe the same as I do, but It's nice to know that someone else has got my back and I'm not in this thing called life alone. Well peace out see you tomorrow! ✌🏾 ************* #30daysofgratefulness #liveauthentic #instatravel #traveldeeper #dirty30 #spirituality #liveauthentic #novemberbabies #travelnoire #visitturkey #turkey #instanbul


Day 1 of 30 . What's good everyone! It's November, my birthday month and this year will be a big one. I'm turning 30! Honestly I don't even know where the time has gone….but I digress. Anyway, In reflecting about my life so far, my 20's especially, I realized that so many people, experiences, and places have shaped me into the person I am today. . . ******* In celebration of my 30th birthday, and the fact that I'm pretty much a Thanksgiving baby, I decided to create 30 Days of Gratefulness. I'll post everyday one thing, person, or place that has made a significant impact on my life until the day of my birthday. Coincidentally my birth is the end of this month. . . ****** So I hope you will come along with me on this journey I think it will be cool, maybe a little inspiring, and definitely full of laughter. Ok so here we go!!! . . .#30daysofgratefulness #sagittarius #dirty30 #wanderer #inspiremyinstagram #instagood


One decision can change the course of your life! Deciding to take a leave of absence from my job on a whim has completely transformed my life to where I am today. Although it may be scary sometimes you just gotta do it. @ruth_ngombo13, @the_illustrious_gio, & Pepe remember this pic? #tbt. . . . . . . . .#travelgram #instadaily #traveladdict #wanderer #blackboyjoy #blackandabroad #blacktravelgram #globaljetblack #blackvoyageurs #europe #spain #espana #createexplore #nomad #wanderlust #instagood #tlpicks #livet



"Be You. Let the world adjust".- @angelotheexplorer . .📷@the_illustrious_gio . . .For most of my life I have always tried to please others. My parents, my family, my friends, my boss, my colleagues, and even total strangers. Yet, it left me feeling frustrated, pissed off and wanting to punch everyone in the throat. Why? Because I was not living for myself but for others. Looking at this photo reminds me that when I was just myself I was the most happiest. I say all this to say that while I can't say that i dont still try to please people and I still sometimes want to punch some people in the throat, I have grown. (Thank God for #growth). I strive to be myself as authentically as possible each day and it is my hope you do as well. Beyou and let everyone deal with it. Let's have a great week Everyone! . . . . . . . . . . . .#beyou #globaljetblack #authentic #traveldeeper #malaga #travelgram #instatravel #postcardsfromtheworld #beautifuldestinations #createexplore #nomad #blackboyjoy #wanderlust #instadaily #instapic #europe #traveladdict #winteriscoming @culturetrip #exploringtheglobe @trovatrip #skyscanner #stayandwander #tinyatlas #exploretocreate #roamtheplanet #spain #blackandabroad #travelnoire