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Wife. Momma. Homemaker. We love Jesus, travels + taco night 🌮 📍: North Dakota ⤵️: non-iPhone shots 📷: @elisabetheden.co 💌: hello@elisabetheden.com


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Raise your hand if your Christmas shopping is d-o-n-e! Except for a couple things coming in the mail that we’ll pretend I didn’t order for myself 😬 (you didn’t read that, Brett) This year we kept it small and did a toy for each boy and then BOOKS! Really excited for this because it means less screen time, more together time reading, AND books take up less space than toys 😂👌🏻 #edenathomeparttwo #jordahljourney


If anyone is wondering, Miles still loves all things little and cuddly 🥰😍


Is it acceptable to wear all black to a winter wedding? Asking for a friend 😬 I got this top from the #threduppopup at our @gordmans a couple weeks ago and I’ve already worn it a few times! 🤫 @thredup has collaborated with Gordmans for select PopUp shops around the US and yay -Fargo is one of them! 🤗 // #gotitatgordmans #ad #edenathomeparttwo


QUESTION: did this snowball hit Clark? 😂 Fresh snow + daddy home from work all day = a snowball fight that is significantly stacked against Clark. 😂 Me: always inside. (Brr) Currently working on web designs and listening to Christmas music. Anyone else a house mouse? 🐭


When you don’t have a fireplace, your stockings are hung from a picture ledge 😝 PS: there are a lot of toothbrushes in these stockings. It’s like a notch below socks and underwear. Which honestly, I wouldn’t mind if I got at this age 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #edenathomeparttwo


I’m working on a blog post featuring the #ThredUpPopUp at @gordmans! I found some cute stuff including this cozy sweater 😍 If you’re unfamiliar with @thredup, it’s an online consignment + thrift store where you can search by brand, size, style, etc. Our local Gordmans has lots of cute pieces in this pop up shop. Take a right when you enter the store and you’ll see the Thred Up signs 😝#gotitatgordmans // sponsored by Gordmans


I remember shopping with a friend over my birthday one year and she told me if there's one thing I should splurge on, it should be good bedding. I took her advice and my birthday money and never regretted it 😝 I am really excited to partner with @pacificcoastfeather with their luxurious and high-quality bedding. Check out Pacific Coast Feather and click on the link in my profile! #PacificCoastFeather #PacificCoastFeatherPartner #edenathomeparttwo


Remember the teeny little guy a few pictures back? Here he is fresh from a bath double checking that I’m not going to squeeze and tickle him. Lately, he’s always 6 inches away from me and really, really intent on tapping me every couple seconds to make sure I’m looking at some “beeg truck” in a book. I’m actually pretty sure I’m hearing phantom “mommy, mommy, mom, mommy” right now 😅 #himynameistired


Christmas music is playing + I’m wrapping some presents for the boys 🌲 This is really early for me to have things wrapped so I actually feel like supermom here! Does anyone know of any good Christmas light houses in the area? We’re grabbing cocoa and taking the boys for a drive tonight ✨🤩 #christmastimeishere #edenathomeparttwo


I got to shoot in @fielddaygoods’s beautiful Manitoba home over the weekend ✨ I came back home inspired + excited after hanging out with the creative @wellcuratedco team! They welcomed me with all the hugs, laughs & top insider Winnipeg recommendations.😉 I can’t wait to visit again 🧡


You guys. Winnipeg is becoming my favorite 😝


I’m sitting here editing photos and like a true ENFP, I’m “focusing” on looking at old photos, googling healthy recipes and listening to a podcast too 😬 If you haven’t done the personality test, google 16 Personalities! And then make your SO take it and give each other this face while reading the strengths and weaknesses: 😏😏😏


November is Preemie Awareness Month and I couldn’t let it end without a photo of our little guy 🧡 Miles was born at 2 pounds 12 ounces. Every fall when the leaves start to change, I’m brought back to the days of being driven up to the hospital to visit Miles in the NICU. I’d sit for hours doing kangaroo care knowing I’d never forget those sweet moments when he was so little. Miles was 4 weeks old in this photo and graduated from the NICU 2 weeks later. We were so excited to finally be together as a family of 4. And we were in for a crazy next few weeks of zero sleep, an ER stay (don’t touch babies until you’ve scrubbed up to your elbows please 😂), and round the clock feedings every 2 hours which resulted in a 6 month old Miles growing off the preemie charts altogether! If you’re a NICU momma right now, please hold your teeny tiny baby for hours on end, hug your nurses, take lots of photos and soak it all in. They’ll be running around in no time and photos with them will never be that easy again 😉🧡 #preemiestrong #nicumom