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Elliot the Forest Cat

Hi I‘m Elliot and I‘m a Norwegian Forest Cat in the color Amber. I hope to entertain you with my cuteness. 😻😻

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Today I stole my sister‘s favorite box and I loved it. Hope she doesn‘t find out 🙄😁


I like donuts🍩🍩


little Elliot is home 🏰


These will be my new brother and sister when I come home to my new family in 2 weeks. I look forward to meet Samson the Maine Coon and Suri the half Maine Coon. 🧸🧸


Me with my beautiful mama😻


This was me, when I was just 5 weeks old and my future family visited me for the first time. Now I‘m 12 weeks and already 2 kilos/4.4 pounds heavy and still have a lot more growing to do. 😼😼


My special color amber is already showing through my thick fur. Soon I will become even lighter. Follow me to see how I‘m growing up😸