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French Knots ✂️ I like those tiny cute stitches 🐾 it can add some delicate details to your embroidery and the whole composition looks differently 🌾 I feel like the new pattern and kit may be suddenly created from it 🌿 do you like how it looks?


Satin Stitch ✂️ here are some tips to make it perfect 👌 ❄️ you need to follow the same one direction when doing satin stitch ❄️ the stitches should be close and parallel ❄️ try to choose the nature direction for your stitches


#backstitch I think is the simplest stitch, you can also use it for outlining


This is Lazy Daisy Stitch ✂️ it’s easy 🌸just make a loop and fix it 🌾 it looks perfectly for my lavender kit 🌿 do you like Lazy Daisy Stitch? What else do you make using it?


My husband fixed my hoop stand 💜 now I will be able to record some tutorials 🌸 are you excited? Which stitch would you like to learn?


Now you can order DMC Floss Bobbins + Number Stickers kit on my shop! Link in my bio and stories ✂️ Organizes the threads for your projects. It's easy to wind and use. Can be used with DMC Floss Number Stickers which includes all colors of Embroidery Floss for DMC. The kit contains 56 Cardboard Bobbins + 640 Stickers Organized forever!


These two beauties and many more hoops are coming as #diykit and #pdfpattern 🎄Just in time for some Christmas shopping 🛍 Come to my shop and find the perfect handmade treasures for your loved ones this year! Link in my bio and stories 🌾 BTW which one color version do you like more?


Another cute custom #petportrait 😽😻 I even wanna stitch it by myself))) And what a beautiful happy story my customer told me about those cats! The cats names are Sweet Pea and Daisy. They are both rescue cats from different rescue sites. And imagine- it found out that they are sisters! Sweet Pea has only one eye (left eye) due to injury in hoarding situation. There were over 40 cats. She has a red collar with a bell. Daisy has a pink collar with a bell. Both girls are small with shiny black coats. There eyes are shiny mossy green color. I’m so glad that they are together now!


Hey guys 💁‍♀️ I got those cure oval hoops from #dmc ✂️ now you can find them on my shop 😉 link in my stories 🌾


I like drawing ✍️ custom sketches for you guys 👩‍🎨 especially pets 🌾 This sketch can be used for embroidery as a pattern 😘 . Ps: if you wanna some sketch - link in my stories 😉


Christmas 🎄 is coming ❄️ and the link for this in my stories 🛷 What else would you like to stitch?