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Big smiles, belly laughs, and Jesus :) spu ‘20


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can’t f*ck with forever friendship ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ily imy home won’t be the same without you this weekend


okay but like how could you not leave your heart in San Francisco tho... look @ her


Oh my goodness JZ is 20?! What a blessing it is to have laughed with you and loved you every day for 13 of those amazing years!!! Love these ladies tooooo much. Always the sweetest time with them. Middle school forever(?)


Retro Funky Festival Love: a(phat) series //ft. Tyler the Creator, Bon Iver, Vince Staples, Hippo Campus, and Micah’s v cool friends


west coast kidz🤤 You are my glory days.. // what I wouldn’t give to be back in the bay running through wildflower fields with you. Issa love that isn’t fleeting yo🤘🏼


MacKenzie Paige Barden is 19 years old today. Y’all this is huge news. My sweet friend is growing up, I’m in tears. I love you pal. I am too too grateful to have someone like you in my life and by my side. I love you for your huge and honest heart. I love you for your fiery and passionate spirit. Thanks for being crazy and weird with me always. Love you Kenzie💕


Captions are hard but ya know what isn’t?! Being in one of my favorite places with my bestest friend... mhm mhm we starting off ‘18 so good


home for the holidays👊🏼🌁


Festive & extra jolly because of these women who I am the most blessed to get to love. Grateful to have spent a summer with you in the redwoods, and even more grateful that I get to do life with you now.


My perfect life would consist of waking up to mountain sunrises with a mug of cider in hand every dang day ... God thank you for my perfect moments. // Oh oh OH and cheers to best friend @em_lillian_ cuz she’s coming home tomorroowwwww #heckya


Wow, this girl. Nel thank you for loving me so well. Thank you for showing me who Jesus is through who you are. I am insanely lucky to call you one of my best friends. I miss you so very much, can’t WAIT to laugh with you again super soon😊💛


Hi. I love these women. I love how they love people. If you find people that are as accepting, sweet, strong, incredible, and incredibly funny as these ones are... you should hold on tight. We’re a mess, but I don’t think I could have gotten through 2017 without our mess. I’m so grateful. I love you both so much.


If I’m sad show me a picture of a bear and I’ll be happy. If I’m in any mood ever then bring me to a real life bear cuz this was pretty much the best moment of my life 🐻 // (Ps my cars name is Barack O-Honda and I just really want that to be widely known)


Needless to say, it was a ferry fun day 🛳


A month ago I was here, hiking 50 miles through the Ansel Adams wilderness. It was probably the most physically difficult trip I’ve backpacked. I almost died at least 5 times and was a lead eye witness in a search and rescue investigation... but those crazy moments only make me miss the trail more and the company that went along with it. God, you are so so good to me.


Emily gone WILD i.e. a series of photos capturing the slow progression of my first and last ever puff of a cigarette (Disclaimer: I'm absolutely positively not a smoker, I promise & I never will be, it's bad...don't do it kids :) )