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Rooftop view in the historic Chandni Chowk area of Delhi. . One of my favorite parts of travel is to see how people live. While exploring the fragrant and vibrant spice and textile markets, my colleague @yash_g01 invited us for a chai break up to his cousin Naitik’s 4th floor apartment. Wonderfully friendly people, and of course the whole family came by. They are in the textile business; this building is in a bustling maze of alleyways of never ending colorful shops. A modest oasis in a chaotic environment. . Grateful for the experience… thanks Yash!


This walkway is part of the main gate to the Taj Mahal. While the Taj itself is built with white marble (see previous posts), red stone was more commonly used for forts and other structures during the Mughal era (mid-16th to mid-18th century). . White represents purity and the priestly class in ancient Hindu texts; red represents the warrior class. . Ironically (or not!) red stone is much more porous than marble and affected by salty water in the soil, staining these walls.


Details of patterns and Koranic verses on the Taj Mahal’s exterior. They are inlaid gemstones in the marble, crafted by artisans. The closer you get, the more amazing it seems.


How does one shoot one of the most photographed icons in the world and keep it fresh? While being poked by a thousand tourists armed with selfie sticks? . Maybe it’s the wrong question. Sometimes there isn’t a need to interpret, just to absorb. . Story time: The Taj Mahal was commissioned in 1632 by emperor Shah Jahan to entomb his third wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth to their 14h child. The entire complex took some 20 years to complete. Not long afterwards, one of said loving offspring, Aurangzeb, deposed the emperor and placed him under house arrest in a nearby fort. Shah Jahan could only view the mausoleum from a window. He was placed next to Mumtaz upon his own death in 1666. Damn kids.


The space within the lines between the stories to unfold. . #shuttermeditation


Upon reflection, hard lines seem tend to become squiggly. . Just like my own.


Patina or rust - to measure or trust? . Found this precision instrument mounted on a fence in Venice Beach. Right next to the tetanus shot dispensary.


@frankgehry’s Disney Hall, home of the LA Phil, is a rad building any given day. Imagine when media artist @refikanadol projects machine intelligence (!) generated visualizations on the exterior skin. . Give it a swipe!


To me, one of the joys of photography is creating that brief moment where less is more. There is so much noise, so much clutter around us all the time, it feels liberating to take it away and visually breathe. Negative space becomes positive space, in compositions and in our minds. . I guess that’s just a long winded way to say that it is good to get lost in the viewfinder.


We all vibe at different frequencies, and I'm glad I resonate with yours. . In 📷: my daughter Kayleigh, venturing into radioactivity.


When life throws you chopsticks, you eat sushi. - Zen proverb, probably


Windswept, but never a bad hair day.


Happiness is fluff and fold. . According to the slogan of my local laundry place anyway. They should know. After all, they are in the business of removing stains from the past 🤣


Our daily lives are filled with electronics and a "set and forget" mentality. In contrast, there is such a sense of raw honesty in working with mechanical tools that demand a connection with the physical world. . As I helped my kids with some last minute prep for #longbeachcomiccon (a world I know very little about but fear not, I will go as myself) I marveled at experiencing the genius of this sewing machine. Even if I can barely stitch two things together. My fingers learn. They sense the pull of the fabric, the vibration of the needle. . The joy of the #beginnersmind


Secret life of plants: rave edition.


“The soul conceives, the mind creates, the body experiences. The circle is complete.” - Neale Donald Walsch


Perhaps counterintuitively, going downwind is not the fastest sailing angle. Instead, as you point a sailboat closer towards the wind, she’ll start to heel and accelerate, pushing through the waves. Sails create lift, just like airplane wings, and when you feel her hit that groove, you know you are one with the flow. . Is there a better place than from the foredeck of your mind to recognize life’s energy flow and adjust your sails? . #shuttermeditation