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Owner of @allegoryarts @fusion_ink @griffinsalve @secondskintac ❤️@ulyss_blair❤️ Tattoosbyeva@gmail.com More you, less me.


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Look at my baby! Thank you @letter.snake.jake for making @allegoryarts beautiful and more visible. People of the south who like hand painted signs, this is your man. #alwayshandpaint #oneshot #signpaintersofthesouth #spellcouch


Made some sea horses on a rad lady yesterday here at @allegoryarts thanks for looking! @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @griffinsalve @secondskintac @kingpintattoosupply


Apparently, it’s only a fucking sign. Thanks @letter.snake.jake for making @allegoryarts windows look dope! Be sure to check his work and hit him up for all your sign painting needs 🎨 #peeingyourpantsiscool #odoylerules #billymadison


New designs I’d be happy to tattoo for you.


New works in progress 🖤


Finished up this project yesterday!! Thank you for trusting me and asking me to complete your arm! My client already had the upper half of her arm done and I had so much fun continuing down with the owl, flowers and Harry Potter imagery. I have time this month for tattooing so don’t be shy and email me! Made at @allegoryarts with the best @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @griffinsalve @secondskintac @kingpintattoosupply #fusionink #allegoryarts #griffinsalve #harrypotter #alabamatattooartist #kingpintattoosupply #secondskintac #blackandgreytattoo #tattoo #tattoosnob


New hair, featuring cat.


Don’t forget! Today is Flash Friday at @allegoryarts $120 designs from 12:00-?? First come, first served. Arms and legs only please and thank you! Awesome designs shown here painted by @victron_tattoos and @cammerondamnit


Had a blast making this Irish as heck lion for my client today- and it was her first one!! Tough lass she were. Here at @allegoryarts with @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @griffinsalve @secondskintac @kingpintattoosupply #lion #tattoo #allegoryarts #fusionink #griffinsalve #secondskintac #kingpintattoosupply #alabamatattooartist #irish


This February I will be in Huntsville, AL at @spacecitytattooexpo one of the best conventions in the south east! Please email if you’d like an appointment. ALSO! @ulyss_blair and myself are looking to book a collaborative piece of a Harpee (bird body woman’s head) so email to snag that up!


Very fresh and fancy perfume bottle tonight here at @allegoryarts with @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @griffinsalve @secondskintac @kingpintattoosupply I’d love to make more of these!


I love doing color as well as black and grey! I’m now booking for January + February. Email Tattoosbyeva@gmail.com for appointments. Thank you!


Late night at @allegoryarts with this freehand #poppy flower #tattoo with @fusionink_pro @fusion_ink @griffinsalve @secondskintac @kingpintattoosupply now booking for January + February


Happy holidaze to everyone! We hope you’ll come see us at @wildwoodtavern 7-10 PM tonight for @daniel_evers benefit raffle and a tasty beverage 🥂