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💥T-PAIN💥 🍎⬇️👖 Threw a little edit together from @highpointu spring concert featuring @tpain and @mackdaddy992 So much fun getting to go back to my school and seeing friends while working and doing what I love. Crazy how much work goes into a minute edit but somehow got it done within a day. Thanks for all the behind the scenes help @maggiegruber9 @jake.ritzel @charlie.norman_ @molllayyy @atvlouis 🎶 mix by me @tpain @dathanmusic @mackdaddy992 🖤🖤


Stairway to Heaven ⛰🌄 . . Definitely the most rewarding hikes of my life. Stairway to Heaven really lives up to its name. About 4000 “stairs” pretty much vertical and broken at times to the top: above the clouds and overlooking some of the most beautiful views in the world. Honestly didn’t shoot much and decided to just enjoy the moment, eventually reaching the peak while the sun set with the boys. Even cooler getting to fly over it in a helicopter 6 hours later and see it from a different perspective 🚁


wild beauty ✨🐆 @parisverra


follow the colors, bring your energy 🌈 The last two trips together, @charlyjordan and I began creating a video that involved the colors of the rainbow and creating a visual story of bringing positivity anywhere you go and with anything you do. She is one of the most creative and positive people I’ve ever worked with and it was so cool getting to film and put together her vision for this project. Such a unique view on life and definitely has impacted mine 🖤 @charlyjordan let us know what you think of the vid🤙🏼 . . . . Locations: Oahu, Hawaii and @timothysykes trip to Capetown, South Africa. Thank you Tim for this opportunity and allowing us to create 🤙🏼and special shout to @kelly.lauren for helping us out :) . 🎶 midnighttomonaco whethanmusic


best place on earth


cheetah boys🐆 . . . . We had the opportunity to visit a cheetah sanctuary in South Africa that works towards protecting and preserving this endangered species, as well as educating the public. The cheetah population has decreased from about 100,000 to 7,000 in the last few decades. Once spending time and learning about this organization and their mission, I quickly changed my initial thoughts of the animals being kept in captivity. These kind hearted people are doing everything they can to preserve the cheetah species and release them into the wild. I am currently making a video about the mission of this organization and will be releasing it soon @timothysykes 🙏🏼 📸 @maggiekeating



never want to leave this place 📸 @rorykramer



these little moments, they keep me going🖤 . . .🎥 @dannyemcgee @kevineassa


live for the moments that make you feel truly alive . . . .📸 @kevineassa . . . . . #moodygrams #illgrammers #theimaged #gameoftones #visualambassadors #bleachmyfilm #beautifuldestinations



Mexico🏝⛵️🌮🇲🇽 One of the best and most influential weeks of my life 🤘 Thanks for an amazing time and memories, can’t wait for the next adventure 🙏 comment what you think of the vid🖤 . Special thanks to @timothysykes and @kevineassa for inviting me out . Few clips by @dannyemcgee and @shangerdanger Ft @kaylasheag @amirzakeri @everchanginghorizon @charlyjordan10 @madds @maggiekeating @hollycrystal_ @kzim4 @hayleynwheeler @parisverra @charitywithtim 🎶 @shaunfrank and @itsfacade . #moodygrams #bleachmyfilm #tulum #mexico


So much to reflect about and be thankful for this past year. 2017 has shaped me as a person and helped me discover my purpose in life. Traveling, learning, filming, and developing stronger relationships has given me a new perspective of what the world has to offer and given me a huge appreciation for this life we have. I’m truly blessed to have found a passion this past year and more importantly those who have made that passion stronger. The relationships I’ve developed this year are why I love what I do so much. Picking up a camera and being able to capture memories in a unique way is the best thing that’s happened to me. I’ve worked every day to make this dream a reality and being able to do what I love. I’m so excited to finally begin to film full-time and start this journey in 2018. Looking forward to all the new memories 🖤



Haven’t made one of these in awhile~ here’s a recap of the past 3 months. I’m super grateful for these opportunities and thank you to everyone who was a part of this:) working hard on some new stuff 😬 Comment what you think, means a lot🖤🖤 . . . . . Special shout to @mvmt @cutsclothing @tommymel7 @flynyon @tiesto @valeria.rey @bonexjacked @maggiegruber9 @tarkatims @annieredo @nataliemerkert @alanwalkermusic @zedsdead #jointhemvmt 🎵: @illeniummusic @saidtheskyofficial #moodygrams #bleachmyfilm #beautifuldestinations


chasing summer . . . . . . #jointhemvmt #flynyon #madethecut