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It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.


Just got back to civilization after a 6 day pack rafting trip thru Grand Staircase Escalante and Glen Canyon. It was the perfect way to welcome summer... days in the water, and nights cooking by the fire under canyon walls. w/ @jess.wandering @minayounglee @juusoringman using @kokopellipackraft 🚣🏾‍♂️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏾‍♂️


With the desert in the south, and the alpine forests up north, the American West truly is a landscape photographer’s paradise. This week has been dedicated to planning. Headed out to the desert again tmrw, gonna try out packrafting for the first time. Anybody done it?


1:06am, lost in thought. . . Sony a7riii | iso4000 | 28mm | f2 | 25sec | edited in Lightroom


Welcome to alpine paradise. The water’s cold, and life-changing. 🌲🏖🌲 @RenoTahoe


Lake Tahoe has 72 miles of rocky/sandy coastline. I want to see all of it. Video taken today, on a 10 mile expedition with @breezeturner and @jess.wandering . @RenoTahoe #RenoTahoe


We got up at 5am to chase the glassy morning conditions. Ended up staying past noon, exploring thru all the rocks along the coastline. Awesome first day working with @renotahoe! #renotahoe


This Redwood was showing off.


I’ll never forget walking up to this hot spring on a cold, rainy day. We planned to shoot the local volcano, but couldn’t see it due to fog. I’d say Plan B turned out just fine. . . Hitting the road with @jess.wandering again tmrw. Got some plans, but always ready for a detour.


Look to the trees, the mountains, and stars. Take a moment in silence, and tell me we’re not here for a greater purpose. | 50mm | f2 | ISO5000 | 20sec |


A ride thru the Cherry Blossoms 🌸 🚂 🌸


No matter how many times I visit Yosemite, there’s always a new perspective to find. This was my fav this time around. High above Bridal Veil Falls, the Granite walls seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces.


Sitting here thinking about what I should write here, and I’ve come to determine that everything’s been said. My few life lessons have already been shared, reshared, stretched, exaggerated, etc. It’s important for me to remember that what I write here doesn’t always have to have substance (tho I try to add it when it feels right). My experiences and words are no more valuable than anybody else’s. If I really think about it, it overwhelms me. Hundreds of thousands of people’s attention at my fingertips - the digital spotlight is on - but it’s been on for years now. And the spotlight can only be on for so long before my eyes start to hurt. So here’s another photo of a happy time, when I had no connection. Half way thru a mac n cheese dinner, about ready to call it an early night.