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It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.


A few cars passed me skating this road. Back home when that happens they’re usually honking and throwing their arms in the air. Here they’re throwing shakas. I’ve never been somewhere with so many like minded people chasing feelings and living simply. Photo: @jess.wandering


@jess.wandering and I came to New Zealand last minute during the peak season, not knowing how booked everything would be. This photo was taken on the Routeburn Track, one of the 10 Great Walks of New Zealand. Turns out the huts and campsites to stay at get booked out months in advance, so we have been doing long day hikes to some of the highlights (the only way do do it last minute, legally). Nearly every hotel, and car camping site is booked out as well... luckily @jucyworld hooked us up with a camper van to stay in. It’s been a life saver, and definitely the best way to go around here. 🚎 #jucyworld


From a calm evening in Fiordland National Park w/ @jess.wandering. . . @hydroflask #sponsored #liverefreshed


We’re quickly realizing that when when a local Kiwi tell us it’s an easy hike, it might not be so easy to us. Very cool to see a culture as active and outdoor oriented as New Zealand tho. With views like this there’s no reason not to be.


Where the marshmallows grow.


New Zealand is one of those far away places that I’ve heard about my whole life... it’s been top of my bucketlist since I started traveling a few years ago, and I finally made it! We’re two backpacking trips in and I can def say it lives up to the hype. 👐🏼 more on the story


It took 5 winter trips to Yosemite Valley, over the past 3 years, to get these conditions. When I saw the snow on the valley floor, and the fog start to clear, I ran from spot to spot. Thru knee to waist deep snow, for hours I ran, and shot over 1000 photos. It was better than I ever imagined.


Eye on the horizon 🌅 catching the red eye to the other side of the Pacific w/ @jess.wandering. Headed somewhere new.. any guesses where?


9am this morning... no place I’d rather be.


A scene that seemed too surreal to be true. Smoky conditions on the blue water of BC.


Love the red rocks against fresh snow... swipe to see the journey to get to this spot w/ @jess.wandering.


We rode a motorcycle thru the jungle to the canyon edge. Climbed down, and this was our first view... I’ll never forget the feeling of anticipation, not knowing what was down river. Swipe to see some bts of the experience.