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It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.


A simple but cherished feeling - walking out to the edge. Never can resist it.


Instagram caption: Some sunrises you never forget. . . . Realistic caption: It took a day of research, 1 day of flying, 1 day of driving, and 2 days of shooting to get this shot. The first day we visited, there were hundreds of people in the hot springs, so we came back the next morning at 5am. I walked nearly every pool edge eyeing the angles, testing out wide, ultra-wide, zoomed in, drone perspectives... I have over 1000 shots from an hour period where we had it mostly to ourselves. Here are two shots that I’ve edited a handful of times. I’m not confident with em, because I don’t think they do the place justice. But hey, I put all that work in, so might as well put it out there.


Squeezing thru mysterious cracks in big trees... this guy had a fort inside. @jess.wandering


@kylor and @codathewoof out for a morning jog 🏃🏻‍♂️🐕


Went with the GoPro ultrawide on this one to try to incorporate the massive scale of the canyon with the waterfall. Minutes before sunrise a few days ago with a sleepy @jess.wandering .


This ones for all the bookworms out there. We found a cool tree, with a natural room inside its trunk to chill in and watch sunset from. 📚 👧🏻@jess.wandering 50mm | f1.8 | iso1600 | 1/10sec


19 miles from the nearest road, we made it to paddle boarding paradise. This spot’s been on my list for a few years now... just never wanted to fully commit to carrying a paddle board down that far. In the end, the shots that require the most effort are always my most cherished. Quality time in the desert w/ @joepickslv @jess.wandering @trail @wildbonde @coastalkells


The first epic landscape I saw was in 10th grade art class in a Nat Geo Magazine. Places like the Himalayan Mountains and the Amazon Jungle popped off the paper to me. I loved the idea that halfway around the globe was where I needed to be. Now that I’ve been privileged enough to see some of these far away places, it’s nice to say that the most awe-inspiring landscape I’ve seen is in my home state of California. I think back to the days I spent in my room, frustrated that I didn’t have the money to get to another continent... and Yosemite was right down the road. Here’s a collection of Yosemite shots over the past few years. My fav time to hit it is during a clearing storm.


A few years ago, I was living in the Arizona desert with some of the coolest kids I’ve met. A lot of which were coming from bad childhoods, or addictions, and were pretty fed up with life in general. The idea was to lead them into Nature, in hopes of clearing their minds and to offer a new beginning. Every night we’d gather round the campfire and someone would come up with a thought-provoking topic to discuss before heading to bed. My most memorable topic was: if you could have one super power what would it be? Some people said flying, or shooting lasers from their eyeballs... Others took it deeper and wanted to help their loved ones. When it was my turn to speak this is what came out: “ I wish I could teleport myself to those who are in need. To those who isolate themselves in some dark room somewhere. Who can’t find a reason to get out of bed. Who think that they’re the only one that feels this way. I wish I could just show up in their room and let them know that they’re not alone with these feelings - and there is so much more out here.” In essence this is my ultimate goal on Instagram.


Thinkin about you, Hawaii. Hope you’re safe out there guys. ⛈


I’ve never wanted to explore every inch of a country as much as Switzerland... so many gems.🇨🇭💎


Went up to Northern Utah this past week with a lot planned. Ended up hitting road blocks (literally and figuratively) almost everyday. Alot of the times, that’s how it goes tho... if you look at my feed and think “man, everywhere he goes looks like a dream...” just know that you’re only seeing the times it worked out. Here’s the highlight of the past few days - watching a couple of sail boats catch last light on The Great Salt Lake.