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#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: Future plans: expanding my ways of expression. The sphere of mixed media has always been attractive to me and I’ve attempted to implement it more into my regular workflow. The next year promises to be full of collaborations of this kind. What should be expected? Videos, animations, moving images, digital collages, and more graphic designs. I am also constantly looking for people to collaborate with, so please comment about your area of knowledge and how you contribute to our visual world💥Thank you all for being with me during those couple of days. Stay tuned and see you soon! Cheers, K x - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: The importance of being close. Strangers rarely appear in my personal projects, as I’m always curious about my subjects. Sometimes I feel like a stalker, looking through their social media accounts, talking for hours prior to and during the shooting, finding those points of connection. People in my images are not afraid of the visual contact and being close, and I like to believe there is a lot of me in those images as well. - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: My color palette got squeezed out of the world around me. Burning sunrises, sandy coasts, tanned shoulders, Black sea waves, mint and spices in Grandma’s garden, sparkling Riesling and piquant Pinot Noir ✨ - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: Listening. If we do not understand something, we Google it. If it’s more complicated, we shall go and investigate it ourselves by asking the carriers of information and listen to the answers. I rely on indirect signals as body language and tone of voice, as I believe that they can uncover even more of what's being said. - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: ‘Ironic discotheque’ is another sketch name for a project I’m working on now. A clear majority of people I involve into my art are often connected to music and dance. I tend to ask them to move to a song in front of the lens to both break the ice and get rid of stiff posing and masks we all put on. Capturing those in-between moments of unawareness, the delicacy of the tiniest movements and how much power might be hidden in them fascinates me the most. Then I like to imagine myself being a photojournalist, documenting the scene and helping to awaken self-confidence, recognize weak spots, and hopefully suggest ways to get rid of them. - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: Around 90% of communication that we perform is non-verbal. Sometimes it might be effective to get rid of the speech that distracts us and pay exclusive attention to body language. A conscious decision to become an invisible observer makes you take a closer look at the movements, occasional glances, poses and their potential meaning. - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover with @katephellini: Tasty imperfections and fashion. The current fashion trend of being natural and comfortable within your body closely correlates with how I want my models to feel during a shoot. My ultimate goal is building a relationship of mutual trust. I love textures on people and fabric as much as on beloved ancient sculptures. They add depth, making you wonder about their origins. I am curious about those stretchmarks, freckles, wrinkles, beauty spots, goosebumps, love handles, hair, lack of hair ✨Please, feel free to share what you consider as the most peculiar part/feature of human body that you are attracted to. - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion


#EyeEmTakeover: Hey, I am @katephellini ✨ I’m a Fashion and Advertising Photographer based between Europe and Ukraine. Shooting predominantly on a digital camera, I focus on human interactions, self-determination, non-verbal communication and body language. Starting at the age of 7 with my grandfather’s analogue Canon, I’ve always been quite a shy kid and the camera was simply an excuse to get closer to those people I was so interested in or afraid to approach. I grew the courage to observe and use imagery to break the stereotypes. More things started to seem more real. What I’ve learned is that as much as it is about the subject of your attention, it is also about you. It is this mutual exploration that helps people on both sides of the lens. - - - - - #EyeEm #EyeEmPhotography #EyeEmOnInstagram #portraitphotography #portrait #fashion