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(Werbung) Finally, we have realised our little DIY project that `d been on our table for years! We always wanted to paint this old display and hang in the #kidsroom. But my 6yo always changed her opinion on where to hang it, so for me it was a clear NO-GO to make a hole in the wall. Now we got this little #tesapowerstrips that make it soooooooo easy to get free and creative without any holes in the walls! Thank you @tesa_diy!. . .Check our STORIES to see our cute #kinderdecor and #easyDIY from the beginning to the end, maybe we get you inspired!


Moms, who know how hard it is to take a good picture with a kid? This perfect spot I found in #solothurn and just hoped to make amazing memorable pics, but this all I got before she started crying. I think I cried too.


Blowing soap #bubbles is a symbol of a #magicchildhood and we won't destroy it if we teach our kids about recycling. Incorrect disposald electronic devises don't just vanish into the air like #soapbubbles, they stay and pollute the earth. We are all for save and clean environment now and for the future of our children. . How can we help #recycling in #Switzerland:. .not to disposal electrical and electronic devices in the household trash. .to bring them back to the nearby retail sales points. .when purchasing #electricaldevices abroad or online, make a voluntary ARF contribution of CHF 5.00 using just your mobile phone by texting “vRG” to 488. . . #eRecycling makes possible to reuse devices into the production of new items and make sure that toxic substances like mercury or PCBs, for example, which are contained in electrical appliances and in some types of lamp, are safely recovered. . .More about #SENS eRecycling 👉 LINK IN BIO


Twin flames... 2 pieces of my heart living outside of me...


I remember my mom used to say: “This is what being a mom means: having your eyes on, everywhere, all of the time.“ Oh, Gosh, I know mom, I know. . . Actually, I just wanted to inspire you to visit #solothurn, such a beautiful city, the old town is car-free and so much culture, just really cool and easy for a day or #weekend trip with #kids. More on our #visitsolothurn pictures on our DAY TRIP highlights.


#werbung / ad. . .Kids have a busy agenda! Sometimes eating in between classes is the only way to catch up with needed nutrients. Here we are on the way again with a #snackbox and #Danonino in hands. . .Welche #Snacks wir #unterwegs dabei haben, erfahrt ihr heute auf dem Blog (auf Deutsch und Englisch) 👉 LINK IN BIO. . .My 6yo is not the best eater, so Im trying to make her #fastsnacks filled with veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and milkproducts, more about our #cleversnacks ideas, you will find on our blog today (as usual in English and German) 👉 LINK IN BIO.


Hey ihr lieben! Ich wünsche allen Mamas einen wunderschönen #Muttertag! Die liebe die wir von unseren Kindern erfahren ist das schönste auf der Welt! Alles, alles liebe! . .My lovelies, my dear moms, let me congratulate you for the wonderful woman and mothers you are! The love we receive from your children is the most beautiful and precious in the world! How lucky we are! Happy #MothersDay!


It`s just another long weekend, expect a measure overeating with slightly undersleeping elements! . . .We didn`t make any plans, as usual, we just go with the flow,  maybe we hit to #Winterthur again or to the mountains, here is a great exhibition of #BruceNauman in #Basel #Schaulager, have anyone seen it already?. . .I absolutely need to see it, besides, kids will love the neon and flashing lights!. . .📸 #sonyxperiaxz1compact @sonyxperia


Moms and their sweet kiddos, you gonna love it - a golden room! Where did we find it? In #Chocolarium #Maestrani! Yes, some of these surreal rooms and tons of chocolate on the way you can find on #Chocolarium in #Flawil  factory tour. Chocolarium  BTW offers many different family events, tours and courses. Me and my 6yo absolutely loved the experience! If you have questions about the factory, pls just ask or check my blog (in English and Deutsch) for more information 👉 LINK IN BIO. . .GIVEAWAY: Don`t miss the chance to WIN free family tickets for the factory tour 👉 LINK IN BIO. . . #VERLOSUNG: Gewinn mit Family First und #Chocolarium #maestrani – 3 x 1 Familieneintritt (2 Erwachsene/max 3 Kinder) 👉 LINK IN BIO. . Schaut doch mal auf dem Blog vorbei und lest nach wie uns das Chocolarium gefallen hat und was es dort alles zu entdecken gibt - #globi #erlebniswelt #chocolate 👉 LINK IN BIO.


#WERBUNG/ #VERLOSUNG. . .Gewinn mit Family First und #Chocolarium #maestrani – 3 x 1 Familieneintritt (2 Erwachsene/max 3 Kinder) 👉 LINK IN BIO. . Schaut doch mal auf dem Blog vorbei und lest nach wie uns das Chocolarium gefallen hat und was es dort alles zu entdecken gibt - #globi #erlebniswelt #chocolate . . .Don`t miss the chance to WIN free family cards 👉 LINK IN BIO. . .Check out our Blog and find out how we visited #ChocolariumMaestrani and what we loved about this cool place worth visit with the whole family. . .👉 LINK IN BIO.


Summary of my day #today (considering it is also a #schoolholiday in #Zurich):. - I'm #hungry. - I'm #cold. - I don`t want to go home"



We have just reconnected with @stadtwinterthur again and spent such a lovely day there. First, we visited #FamExpo (a really cool fair and super well organised) and then spent the whole day strolling around this beautiful city trying out the new #babystroller from #stokke ( #stokkexploryv6 about this soon on our blog). . . #Winterthur is calm and relaxing and the old town is really amazing for kids, there`re no cars or trams, kids can run everywhere and enjoy the city life. A great getaway #ausflugziel for a day with kids. See in IG stories today. . .BTW, we have tips on 10 top places for kids in #Winterthur on our blog 👉 LINK IN BIO


Literally, my favourite #shoesbrand , #Skechers, just yesterday I was wearing them at a party (actually at the new #skechersstore opening in #Zurich, see my stories), and today Im wearing them on a playground and playing with kids, these shoes I can wear everywhere and they always make me feel super comfortable and cool dressed. . . .Skechers also have cool and trandy #shoesforkids. Chek it out! New Skechers Store you will find on URANIASTRASSE 4, ZÜRICH. . .Btw, thank you so much @passionforpr and @skechers_schweiz the opening party last night. That was a great vibe!. . #skecherszurich #SkecherStreetLA


If you ever want to @visitticino with kids think of @lamatrekkingticino and you will be amazed what great little trekkers your kids are! . . .We`ve have done #lamatrekkingticino 2 weeks ago, absolutely loved it, our 6yo learned a lot about herself and the little 1,5yo slept through but lost her baby #nuscheli on way. And you know what? The owner had found it and sent it to us via post the next day. Thank you very much @lamatrekkingticino! . #llamatrekking is such an amazing activity, kids will bond with the animals and make the most memorial experience for life. . . .More about #lamatrekkingticino and other tips for things to do with kids in #Locarno on our blog (in En/De) 👉 LINK IN BIO



One of our #ticinomoments in @ascona_locarno, what a magic place that actually has so much to offer families with children, check our blog for tips and things to do with kids in #Locarno 👉  LINK IN BIO


Finally, our #ticinomoments and tips for things to do with kids in @ascona_locarno are online 👉 hit LINK IN BIO. . More about our  #presstrip and how to #discoverTicino with kids in @ticino_switzerland you will find on our IG Travel Highlights. . Have a great and still sunny eve lovelies!