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Female agitator, sentient marshmallow, Musulmán. Documentary photographer based in Kenya. 📸:Fujifilm 📍: Texas ✉️: khadija@kmfarah.com


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Pink City at twilight. Truly disappointed I didn’t take full advantage of this light. #myfujifilm


Things I’m sure about: Sawitri knows her angles. And this vertical crop kills my soul, @instagram. #myfujifilm


Procession through the streets of Jaipur on the last day of Chiatri Navratri. Why the coconuts? Long ago, human heads were smashed in puja rituals as an offering to the gods. To prevent humans from being sacrificed, coconuts symbolically replaced the heads in the offerings. So this is why the women are carrying coconuts to the temple. #myfujifilm


The only thing my parents had on their list when visiting India was the Taj Mahal– everything else was a bonus. And since it was their anniversary week, I knew I had to get them a room with a view so they can look upon the greatest monument to love whenever they want. If you’re ever in Agra, treat yourself to a stay @oberoiamarvilas. And if the view doesn’t blow you away, their amazing service will. Trust. You’re welcome. #myfujifilm #cntgiveitashot


Sugar cane juice break with the elephants of Jaipur. I felt uneasy watching these majestic animals be paraded around the steep slope to the Amber Fort. Many of them, though beautifully decorated, looked fatigued and walked on the hot concrete as if they had foot injuries. I listened angrily to people negotiate elephant rides, wishing they would opt instead to view an elephant in the wild. I know people gotta eat–these men have to make money somehow. But that an animal which is the pride of India, revered and worshipped by many, is abused and used as an object of entertainment is ironic and tragic. If you’re going to India, please skip the elephant ride and consider animal friendly tourism instead. #myfujifilm


Watching the sun set behind those hills was probably the most calm I felt since arriving in India. #myfujifilm #travelstoke #cntgiveitashot


Ode to creeping in peace. The iconic facade of the Hawa Mahal was built with 953 small windows so the palace women can observe the daily life below and view parades from above without covering their faces. It’s best viewed from a rooftop cafe across the street so climb up those stairs– it is worth it. #myfujifilm #cntgiveitashot #travelstoke


I was told to go to various monuments at sunset but it also happens to be the best time to shoot 'Pink City' traffic. #myfujifilm


Men stand in line waiting to worship and give offerings at Shila Devi Mandir in Amber Fort, Amer. The temple houses the idol of Durga, goddess of war. #myfujifilm


Things I've never seen in Nairobi: a sari clad woman on the back of a #bodaboda. Shout out to the ladies who do this so effortlessly here and don't flinch at any bumps or vehicles centimeters away from their hands. #myfujifilm


Shout out to @smudallas for that one course on Mughal history I took what now seems like lifetimes ago. It's been incredible watching those pictureless text books come alive because of this trip. Study history, y'all. It'll make your travels so much more fulfilling. #myfujifilm #cntgiveitashot


Jaipur is one of the most interesting places I've ever visited. From the hills and forts that loom over the city to the grand palaces, there is literally something on every corner to capture your eye. But I'm overly cautious not to treat this city as just one big museum. So while I was recreating scenes from Jodhaa Akbar, I noticed Sawitri, a 'sweeper' at the Amer fort. She's hard to miss, her orange sari shimmering in the light. She is also probably in many a background and I've seen her happily pose for photos. But in the hour or so she was there, no one even asked her name. No one sat to ask where she is from (she pointed to her birthplace in the distance) or how long she'd been working there (she can't remember... it's been years). Now I'm not saying I'm a better, or more ethical person than everyone who didn't ask her name (I snuck this photo before actually speaking to her and lord knows how many street shots I have), but without the people who keep these monuments going, what's the point? In conclusion, grab an interpreter, ask questions, learn new shit from the people who live around historical sites. You might find out that their great great great great grandfather helped build the very ledge you leaned against for that wicked selfie. #myfujifilm #travelstoke


Been watching Indian movies as a fight this nasty food poisoning and now I can't help but think how perfect these pillars would be for a totally dramatic musical interlude. Can you see it? #WHPawaywego #cntgiveitashot


Happy International Day of Happiness! This is the face of a guy who knows he's just scammed the ultimate scammer out of all their cash. I knew it when he said, "Spend, spend and God will send." Props to you, Mahesh. You win. #fatality #finishhim #myfujifilm


I always wonder how long ancient civilizations expected their monuments to last. Even if 'forever' was the timeframe, what did that look like to them? #myfujifilm #cntgiveitashot


My mother, probably because of all the Indian movies we watch, believes she can understand Hindi and doesn't stop people from having full on conversations with her as she nods along... Bless.


If anyone can get me inside the Qutb Minar, I'll love you forever... I'm in awe of how this minaret/victory tower was constructed. It's 5 storeys high and made from interlocking brick (no cement). The lowest three levels are made from columns of pale red sandstone. The fourth is of marble, and the fifth is of mixed marble and sandstone. The balconies are supported on Murqanas corbels. Bands that go around the tower are also made from sandstone and engraved with Quranic texts and the lotus flower, mixing Afghan and Indian decorative styles. The inside has a spiral staircase with 379 steps... I could go on and on but my point is it's a beautiful study in geometry and architecture. #PPGeometry #passionpassport @passionpassport #cntgiveitashot #travelstoke


"We ring the bell to say, 'I'm here'." #myfujifilm