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Female agitator, sentient marshmallow, Musulmán. Documentary photographer based in Kenya. 📸:Fujifilm 📍: ✈️


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Let me tell you what’s wild to me- that the first half of next year is booked with work. I’m never one to make plans ahead of time because either life goes wrong or the evil eye gets me (it’s real and you can’t tell me otherwise). The freelance life is hard and I can’t say I have it rough because I have a massive safety net in the form of my family. So grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and meet dope people along the way like @spiritedpursuit, photographed here. Ever grateful for those who choose to support and stick through all my rants. In the words of Kevin Garnett as he became an NBA champion, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!”


Craving seafood today and since there’s no night food market serving fish in Dallas, I’m forced to cook my own while I stare at these forodhani photos. Also it’s freezing and I don’t remember how to do winter anymore. #sendhelp


Tired. Mentally, physically. Can’t focus. Not hitting any of my goals. Health not at 100% (Alhamdulillah). Then I check my spam folder and wonder why my email hates me. But grateful for a supportive crew and archives that remind me of all the blessings I’ve had this year. Also, I might be Muslim but... it’s Bublé season!


These Streets...


When @kladhan and I travel together, there’s always some hilarious and random happenings we can’t explain. Most of the time it’s the result of our own stupidity. This time, someone handed her a tiny monkey and just left. She held it for a while, shook, until he came back.* *We’re not in the business of holding wild animals and would prefer to observe them in their natural habitat. But what to do when someone dumps an honestly frightened looking monkey on you?


After a couple of days searching for animals, I kind of miss people watching. Where is your fav people watching spot?


Twinning in nature. Northern white-crowned shrikes. #whpmatching


Stone town finds. Can’t go wrong with anything woven/wood.


Excuse me while I slowly turn my page to an ode to @spiritedpursuit. You know when you meet people you’ve followed on the gram since forever and a day but they end up being the human embodiment of ‘meh’? Lee was nothing like that. Things you should know about her: she’s hilarious, so nice it hurts, even more beautiful in person, and a brilliant #girlboss. Plus she eats! I always get concerned when meeting people that they’ll just order hella food, get the shot, and don’t eat but I digress. I learned so much from the short time I was around her and can’t wait for her full @vogue 73 questions video to drop soon (speaking it into existence).


#shoutout to @mjayfarah, my favorite gear porter and father to my favorite (read: only) nephew.


Sun, sun, sun Here it comes #myfujifilm


Learned about seaweed harvesting from Maua of @seaweedcozanzibar. I might’ve eaten a handful when I heard it was good for my skin and hair.


Don’t mind if I Dhow... #seewhatididthere Nkela shows us what real arm strength looks like on the @hippodhow. #whpmotion


Bright sunny skies, the perfect sea breeze, and dope vibes on a wooden boat. What more do you need? Pictured: @spiritedpursuit #whpmotion


I’ve spent the past two weeks stressing over and trying to recover thousands of files from external hard drives (and backups) that decided to simultaneously crash on me. So excuse me while I add ‘Data recovery specialist’ to my CV and sleep for the next week. #myfujifilm