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Female agitator, sentient marshmallow, Musulmán. Documentary photographer based in Kenya. 📸:Fujifilm 📍: Nairobi ✉️: khadija@kmfarah.com


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Look up. #myfujifilm


I love rain but this Nairobi weather has me craving some sun and sand. Side note: check out @stickylittleleaves’ stories. Other than her dope travels in India, she’s showcasing education (and educators) in a way I don’t see often.


Happy Father’s Day! Sweet moment between a dad and his daughter in a village outside El Barde, Somalia.


In these last 10 days of Ramadan, may you find the clarity and guidance you seek. Side note: I’ve been getting various messages soliciting for mosque donations. Although we are supposed to be extra charitable this month, please don’t ask me to give to a mosque that is not accessible to women. “It is better for you to pray at home” is not a valid excuse to not include women/women’s interests in the construction or renovation of a mosque.


Prayers to all those (including my family) performing umrah during Ramadan. May your Lord accept your pilgrimage and return you safely home.


رَبَّنَا آمَنَّا فَاكْتُبْنَا مَعَ الشَّاهِدِينَ Our Lord, we believe; write us among the witnesses. [5:83]


Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim sisters and brothers! May Allah accept your fast (especially those of you living where the days are long and nights are short) and all your prayers. May you embrace the blessings of this month as you draw closer to the Almighty.


When dude tries to get you to believe his snake charming skills but you’ve watched all the documentaries and start ‘controlling’ the cobra with your hands instead. Tried to speak to him about animal welfare but my father said, “no one cares about your western ideals here.” 😩 #myfujifilm


“The key to staying together for 38 years is embracing the boredom that comes after 20 years of marriage.” #myfujifilm


Old Delhi shopping vibes. #myfujifilm


“Everything the light touches...” #myfujifilm



Street noms, Delhi. #myfujifilm


Decided to sit next to the cutest couple who were feeding fish at the Jal Mahal. Worth it. #myfujifilm #cntgiveitashot


Pink City at twilight. Truly disappointed I didn’t take full advantage of this light. #myfujifilm


Things I’m sure about: Sawitri knows her angles. And this vertical crop kills my soul, @instagram. #myfujifilm


Procession through the streets of Jaipur on the last day of Chiatri Navratri. Why the coconuts? Long ago, human heads were smashed in puja rituals as an offering to the gods. To prevent humans from being sacrificed, coconuts symbolically replaced the heads in the offerings. So this is why the women are carrying coconuts to the temple. #myfujifilm


The only thing my parents had on their list when visiting India was the Taj Mahal– everything else was a bonus. And since it was their anniversary week, I knew I had to get them a room with a view so they can look upon the greatest monument to love whenever they want. If you’re ever in Agra, treat yourself to a stay @oberoiamarvilas. And if the view doesn’t blow you away, their amazing service will. Trust. You’re welcome. #myfujifilm #cntgiveitashot