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Female agitator, sentient marshmallow, Musulmán. Documentary photographer based in Kenya. 📸:Fujifilm 📍: Lamu Email/DM for assignments


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Don’t mind if I Dhow... #seewhatididthere Nkela shows us what real arm strength looks like on the @hippodhow. #whpmotion


Bright sunny skies, the perfect sea breeze, and dope vibes on a wooden boat. What more do you need? Pictured: @spiritedpursuit #whpmotion


America, get your shit together. Regards, A citizen watching from afar.


I’ve spent the past two weeks stressing over and trying to recover thousands of files from external hard drives (and backups) that decided to simultaneously crash on me. So excuse me while I add ‘Data recovery specialist’ to my CV and sleep for the next week. #myfujifilm


In case you missed your @premierleague team’s match, head on over to the Liverpool scoreboard for all the results. It’s a public landmark in Stone Town, naturally named after the best team to ever exist, @liverpoolfc. #facts #dontargue


Making travel plans and having to check whether a country is friendly to Black people, Muslims and women in hijab before putting it on the list. Because although I’m eternally grateful for having the privilege to travel, I know that these two passports won’t shield me from ignorance and hate.


Eid in Zanzibar. #myfujifilm #23mm


‘The back of yo head is ridiculous.’ #myfujifilm #23mm


Even if you’re not a street food person, Forodhani by night is a must visit when you come to Stone Town. Take in the smells and people watch. If you’re a sucker like me, you’ll probably get roped into buying and eating food you didn’t need. Side note: this is an unedited, straight from the camera shot. I know I’m all about emphasizing the user and not the machine, but even after over a year of having it, I’m truly amazed at how well #myfujifilm performs at night.


Fadhil, thank you for the entertainment.


Eid Mubarak to my fellow Muslims. Wishing all the pilgrims completing the Hajj a safe return home. May the Almighty grant the rest of us a chance to be among future pilgrims. Ameen. #shotoniphone


A family in Biyo Cade waits for their instax portrait to develop. Ever grateful for the places my camera has taken me, the people I have met through it, and the stories I’ve been able to tell because of it. And although I love taking photos, gifting them (either in print or @instaxhq form) will always be my favorite thing. Happy World Photography Day to my fellow photogs. Whichever machine you choose as your medium, I hope it brings you a greater understanding of the world around you. We need more of that everyday. #myfujifilm


Easiest way to kidnap me: lure me in with foods that are both portable and likely to kill me. #myfujifilm


Watching these two brought so much joy to my heart, so much light in my soul. God bless black fathers. #myfujifilm


Ever grateful for @instagram because it has connected me with so many great women like the Basbaas Queen herself, @hawa_22. Thank you for trusting a random with your dream.



@manic001, thank you for indulging my slight obsession for your adorable baby girl. Side note: I’m back to posting and checking my emails again (excited to see how none of you will see or engage with this post). Needed a mental health break. So if you’re seeing this and I haven’t replied, I’m getting back to you sharpish. But also, do people wait for me to be unavailable to send me work offers? For why?!? • • • • • • #toronto #canada #guardiantravelsnaps #igtoronto #traveldeeper #the6 #ontario #portraitmood #everydaytoronto #exploretocreate #findyouradventure #cntraveler #huffpostgram #nightportrait #lensculture #mystory #melaninmagic #goexplore #passionpassport #photooftheday #myfujifilm #vsco #fujifilmxt2


Forever my favorite set of silhouettes. @thebongolese, please come back so we can do it again. Kthanks.