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Photography and Postproduction Loves colors and remarkable light 🌍 KΓΆln, Germany πŸ“© info@felixinden.com πŸ‘‡Prints, Licensing, Tuition πŸ‘‡


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Even when there's no aurora, the night can still give us a nice surprise... #lofoten


Dare to be different! Happy #earthday2018 friends πŸ™Œ #lofoten


Good night with some ripplezZzZz


When things align πŸ–οΈβ›°οΈπŸŒ… #lofoten


Five minutes before it got rough 🚁🌨️ #faroeislands


After coming to the end of an insane week of winter hiking and photography i have to admit i was quite burnt out and felt like i had catched a bad cold. Sitting in the car after a delicious 2 hotdog plus soda deal i was ready to hit the bed soon. But... But my friend @dennispolklaeserphotography still didn't have enough. Let's shoot aurora at the cliff he said. I was like daaaaaaamn man i quit. But of course we did it- took us only 25min to get there from the road as we feared the rather faint aurora would dissappear. But it lasted- not the northern lights show that topped my former aurora nights, but shooting something that we had never seen online so far at an iconic location was of course a tease. Minus the feeling of beeing close to a hundred meter vertical abyss in pitch darkness πŸ˜‚ #faroeislands


Rugged coastline, charming towns and mountains all around. Oh Lofoten ❀️ #lofoten


Roadtripping at the Faroe islands 🚘 #faroeislands #whpimbored


Hi guys, been getting messages why I am so silent. So... I moved home after living in a flat for 8 years and getting 2 kids. I'm exhausted like rarely ever before. On top i miss my mouse and Wacom pen πŸ˜‚ I'll return in few days with some fresh stuff- until then here a personal fave from Iceland. Some might know it, others not... Catch you on the flipside- take care and keep it up πŸ™Œ #iceland


Risin og Kellingin (the giant and the witch) during an insanely windy day. But as always, these fierce weather conditions make up for some dramatic imagery if one endures πŸ–οΈ #faroeislands


Bumpy rides, Faroe islands style 🚁 #faroeislands


Decent view for a 2 minutes hike πŸ˜€ #WHPawaywego #patagonia