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Chasing light and shapes featured by Adobe, Natgeo, BBC Nature is a treasure worth protecting 🌍 KΓΆln, Germany πŸ“© info@felixinden.com


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When you hit one of the many rainy day on the Faroe islands, it's always a nice idea to go see Fossa. This is the most famous waterfall of the archipelago as you can find it all year long. During rainy days it gets quite massive and drops around 140m in total. I tried to focus my attention purely on the fall itself for this shot--some others with more surroundings will follow up at some point. On all my other visits i didn't get rain at all, so i didn't bother to shoot this beautyful place... Thanks a ton for your great response to my stories as well, massively appreciated that guys ❀️ #lonelyplanet  #greatnorthcollective #natureaddict #earthfocus #waterfall #roamtheplanet #agameoftones #livefolk  #wildernessculture #ourplanetdaily  #discoverearth #earth #thegreatoutdoors #phantom4pro #fromwhereidrone #nature_perfection #felixindenVisuals #faroeislands #roamthefaroeislands


So much to find out there 🍦


When you walk the dog with no big expectations and suddenly you can't believe what you see πŸ”₯


Currently getting rained in on the Faroe islands so here a retrospective to a night at Lofoten Islands exactly 4 years ago. Time goes so quickly guys... Wish you a great evening πŸ™Œ


I think i have a serious case of northern lights withdrawal 😱


Random view in #torresdelpaine NP, Chile


North of the wall could look like this 🌨️


Just one of the more decent Lofoten sunsets. Also a good example for IG v/s reality as all of a sudden like 30 photographers invaded my frame and i had to desperately find a comp without tripods in it πŸ˜…


After this i went for strawberry ice cream. Not kidding 🍧


Shot 2013, processed some hours ago. Timeless memories πŸ”₯


The beauty of some places just boggles my mind πŸ–οΈ