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Photography and Video Loves colors and remarkable light 🌍 KΓΆln, Germany πŸ“© info@felixinden.com πŸ‘‡ Print SpecialπŸ‘‡


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A sudden drop in temps of over 15Β°C in less than 20 minutes? Yupp in Svalbard, the last resort before the north pole... this stream froze in front of my eyes while i was working some wideangle compositions. The intricate details fascinated me so i swapped lenses and got a little closer. Good arctic memories with my friends @stianmklo @tommysimonsenphotography @svalbard1979 #svalbard #norway


"Sunrise avenue" Some times the best shot of the day is one you didn't even consider happening when getting up. After predicting lame light when i woke up in Unstad, suddenly the sky started burning on the drive out. Saw a spot to park, run out with my gear, found this composition. Took 3 pictures- the light was gone... The smile was glued to my face for a week or so πŸ˜‚ Hope you like this one and wish you a great evening! @lucroit filters at work btw #artofvisuals #earthpix #earth #theweekoninstagram #stayandwander #hbouthere #natgeo #diewocheaufinstagram , , , , , #nakedplanet #theglobewanderer #ourplanetdaily #lofoten #norway #passionpassport #Yourshotphotographer #EarthOfficial #earthfocus #bealpine #visititaly #hypebeast #roamtheplanet #neverstopexploring #lifeofadventure #AGameofTones #visualsoflife #roam


Moody nights in the north of Norway 😍 Thanks a ton for all the love for my cityscapes in stories. Yes, besides landscapes i really love shooting cityscapes and maybe i have some nice projects in these regards coming up soon πŸ™Œ #lofoten #norway #nightphotography



I'm pretty sure you have never seen this, right πŸ˜‡ Have a crackin' weekend guys! #lofoten #norway P.S. Low tide looks weird at this place πŸ˜‚


Just realized it's only few weeks until my yearly trip to Lofoten in Norway 😱 excited is an understatement! Where's your first trip of the year guiding you? #lofoten #norway


Oh well that was quick. Happy new year friends, hope you had a fun holiday time. Here a pristine view from my living room in Norway πŸ™Œ #lofoten #norway


I called this image "silence" as that was what i felt while shooting it. The pristine view, the fresh snow of the night and this special kind of silence that doesn't feel weird, but like a good friend instead. I am thankful to have you wonderful bunch of people around here and i wish you a good end of the year πŸ’— Be nice to each other- catch you on the flipside 🌈 #lofoten #norway


2 hours of soak- 2 minutes of stoke 🌧️ Best tip for landscape photography that comes to my mind: get proper clothing for rainy weather to endure the times where it comes down on yaπŸ˜€ Hope you survived christmas πŸ™Œ #lofoten #norway


Time for another personal favourite, this one was also chosen for the best nightscapes of the year at @500px I uploaded like 3 images there in 2017 so that's cool. I will also use this to wish you a fantastic christmas and a good end of this year my friends. Thank you for still following along, i promise there's a lot of good stuff coming in 2018 πŸ’— #500px #norway #auroraborealis


Watching the sun go down is always great. Here i was looking towards Gullhomen at the swedish westcoast. [Werbung] Captured in PRO (RAW) mode of my #HUAWEIP10PLUS #showwhatyoulove @huaweimobilede


Another fave of this year, well shot some longer ago but processed and finished this year. Views like this one are almost hard to avoid when roaming around Torres del Paine national parc in Chile. Guess I can live with that πŸ˜‚ Have you been there? #torresdelpaine #chile