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I don't say it enough. Thank you MEDIA (plus DJs, matatus... ) for the airplay. 🙏 #randomthoughts. #TGIF.


"Rocking This "Fenamenal" I Wear Pon me Sleeve, None o' Dem Can Stop me, None of them can Deceive, Believe me, They Wanna Know Why I Work This Hard... " . Next week on @fenamenalstyle... #Trouble2018.


Friday Mood 😂 . It was a pleasure partnering with @halophotography254 on my recent @fenamenalstyle shoot. This lady Mercy is incredibly talented, doing both the makeup, photography, and video editing. . Keep an eye out next week for yet another range to choose from. In the meantime, grab yourself something nice and cosy for this weather on @fenamenalstyle


When you see your homies shiniiiiin!!! I can't wait for this movie to come out!! @theafricandirector_ Well done!!! #DisconnectTheMovie. @nickmutuma @brendawairimu_ @pascaltokodi @misskihoro @bridgetshighadi @pierramakenaofficial And entire crew. Watch the trailer on the YT links in their bios ❤🇰🇪


Coolin with the coolest Boy & Girls from Tan-Dale. @jaytakeapic @kwambox ❤❤ 😁 #AboyFromTandale #SongaBySafaricom.


When @diamondplatnumz Says black & elegant and your wardrobe right now is fully @fenamenalstyle, you call for backup quick! @wangamathenge thank you for the get up last night, I felt so Wakanda! ❤ #SongaBySafaricom #ABoyFromTandale.


MY MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: . Dear World, This is our time. Embrace us. . From Africa with Love, Fena. . #MariniNaturals #FromAfricaWithLove #MariniBrandAmbassador


WHY I CHOSE MARINI . In 2015 during a Koroga Fest, @marini.naturals had set up shop and my curiosity got the best of me. I walked up to the founders @michelle.ntalami and @niyati.patel10 and told them if they'd ever do a dreadlocks line, to pick me. Either way, I got to using products in the range like the Curling Butter for my locks, (never really liked waxing them), and sample new formulations as well. . I bought into the vision and passion that drives Marini Naturals, finding a homegrown brand that makes every individual feel special, celebrating us in all our unique African Beauty . Being a brand ambassador for me not only means that my edges will now forever be laid😁 It also means that I get to be part of a big, fun, dedicated team that will set new standards in the hair care industry, as well as look out for each other as fam! . Here's the thing about working with brands you genuinely love, you will never have to work a day in your life :) . Thank you #TeamMarini, I look forward to greater heights together. Let's show the world what Africa is made of! . WHY MARINI CHOSE FENA: . We chose Fena because for one, she is such a talented artiste! She is one of the best Female MC’s currently in E.Africa and we are a huge fan of her art! Secondly, you almost cannot say “Marini Naturals” today without saying Fena! Fena is a big fan of @marini.naturals for her amazing dreadlocks specifically our Curling Butter, Spritz and Hair Growth Oil. In 2015 while @marini.naturals had a stand at @korogafestival, she walked up to us and told us “Guys, if you ever need a Dreadlocks Ambassador, I’m here!” Since then, we’ve done several exciting projects together such as “Doing Her Thing Tho,” “RunTing” by @thekingkaka ft. Fena and her most recent hit “Trouble!” Working with her is loads of fun! What draws us most to Fena is her is her humility. She is very down-to-earth and we almost have to remind her that she is kind of a big deal! She is kind, has a great sense of humor and style! @fenamenalstyle! Look out for several exciting projects with Fena and @marini.naturals! If she has the sauce, we definitely bringing on the mayo! 🙌🏾 #MariniNaturals #FromAfricaWithLove


Hey Hey!! It's the Fenamenal Woman, Fena Gitu, 8 years dreadlocked and a proud @marini.naturals Brand Ambassador! . I chose dreadlocks because initially I was too lazy to comb my perm hair, but soon enough I understood that it is a lifestyle of love, light and positive vibrations! There is so much that Africa has to offer the world through music, fashion and a rich urban culture, and I am passionate about being at the forefront of putting us on the global map. I love to see my fellow country people shine! My dream is to be one of Africa's most revered music artists of our generation for years to come. . . FENA’S HAIRSTYLE: Dreadlocked side-sweep . PRODUCTS USED: New and Improved @marini.naturals Potent Hair Growth Oil New and Improved @marini.naturals “Curl Me Pretty” Curling Butter New and Improved @marini.naturals “Miracle Mist!” Daily Moisture Spritz . Hair by: @i_am_utamaduni Make-up by: @glamgirlsly_ Shot by: @thomsonphotography . #MariniNaturals #FromAfricaWithLove #MariniBrandAmbassador


One time for this Fenamenal woman, @marini.naturals Foremost Brand Ambassador @michelle.ntalami. Woman, you are incredibly gifted and it's only up from here! Teach us, we are your Masterclass. 😉😁 In case you are wondering what I'm talking about, please follow @marini.naturals right now and experience brilliance redefined in a bottle. GUESS WHO THE NEXT BRAND AMBASSADOR TO BE UNVEILED IS. 😁 #MariniNaturals #FromAfricaWithLove.#MariniBrandAmbassador.


If you can survive a @katdera grilling session you can survive anywhere! 😁 Thank you for positively shaping conversations around women, for well over a decade. Keep on rising!! #FenamenalWoman @truelove_ea


Tukichocha mtaani... @fenamenalstyle. 😎 📷 @halophotography254