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Who doesn’t love a chance to cringe at old photos of yourself?! 😅 here’s my 10 year challenge comparison... 2008-2018. Both are moments in my life where my dedication to training is/was sky high. On the left I was going to the gym 5-6 times a week solely to do cardio and had zero knowledge about nutrition, often under eating. The pic on the right I go to the gym 4-5 times per week, combining resistance training and cardio - and knowing exactly what I need to do be eating to achieve what I want.


⚠️WARNING: Top Abs Secrets Revealed⚠️ - 🕵️ ‘Doing Abs’ won’t necessarily get you a six pack! Doing just a constant mixture of ab exercises isn’t adequate enough to give you a flat stomach or help your abs become more visible! - 🕵️ Many people have (falsely) been led to believe that exercising a certain body part will target fat in that specific area and ‘tone’ the muscles under the fat... it just ain’t that easy! - 🕵️ Yes, when you do an ab exercise, you are strengthening the abs and building lean muscle - which eventually can become more defined... BUT (and it’s a huge but), doing ab exercises DOES NOT BURN JUST ABDOMINAL FAT! This is possibly the biggest MYTH in the entire fitness industry! ‘Spot Reduction’ has been proven FALSE time and time again. Anyone telling you it is possible needs to rethink their training... - 🕵️ Follow these three simple guidelines and you’re on the right track to a glorious six pack (or 8 pack... or however many pack your genetics have blessed you with...): - 1️⃣ Track Your Food Intake: Track your macros and calories closely - most importantly ensure you are in a slight calorie deficit, so you lose body fat gradually over time. - 2️⃣ Lift Heavy Sh*t: Deadlifts, squats (front and back), press-ups, pull-ups, rows and presses and other big compound lifts should form the foundation of your exercise schedules. - 3️⃣ Be Patient: This is the most important point of all! Getting defined abs takes TIME... A lot of it too. If you dive right in expecting instant results - expect immediate failure! - ✅ IN SUMMARY: getting to a point where you can show off your abs is a lot more simple than it might initially seem. Notice I didn’t say easy? It’s SIMPLE. If you follow the above guidelines - you WILL SUCCEED! Rome wasn’t built in a day... - 🕵️ Disclaimer: A healthy dose of insta-filters and a fairly decent throwback picture always helps too 😜


Before the madness of this evening I thought I’d share my #bestnine2018! - Every picture pretty much sums up how this year has been for me: serious training, not so serious training, copious amounts of food and quality time away with the pooch. Most importantly it’s helped me get settled in what I love doing and finally discovering the real me. Here’s to 2019 and seeing what the year to come has to offer. Happy New Years folks.


If you don’t look like this on the sofa right now, go grab another glass of Baileys and try harder 😜


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.


#Repost from @absolutebodysolutions! A little festive workout to get your teeth into for #flexfriday 💪🎅🏻


Happy December 1st! Getting a very special client ready for the big day. Cardio and weight training is going up ⬆️ Mince pies and booze are being saved for his cheat day/carb up on the 24th 😜🎅🏻🎄🎁


Goodbye youth, I’m gonna miss ya 😜 - “Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult.” -C.S. Lewis


I used to be a thespian... #lovetheatreday


My #mondaymotivation comes from this guy right here. He has just become the first person ever to finish a 157 day swim around the entire coast of Great Britain, broken numerous world records, eaten unimaginable amounts of bananas and faced off against swarms of jellyfish. If this man isn’t the epitome of hard work and determination, I don’t know what is. Well done @rossedgley, you’re an absolute hero! “Be naive enough to start, but stubborn enough to finish” - Ross Edgley #GreatBritishSwim


It’s easy for me to preach energy in vs energy out when it comes to fat loss, as I’m happy with my current body composition. But it hasn’t always been that way. It’s taken me a long time to build up the discipline and knowledge to incorporate a healthy relationship with food in to my everyday lifestyle. I’ve been at the other end of an unhealthy relationship with food. I binge ate regularly. I ate because I was bored. I ate as an emotional response. But none of this made me feel better. In fact I felt worse! The more I ate, the more body fat I gained - leading to a vicious eating cycle. One thing I always encourage my clients to identify, is what their relationship with food is like. Once you start understanding why you’re over consuming, it’s a simple step up towards finding a way of correcting your energy balance. I’m NEVER restrictive when it comes to advising people how and what they should be eating - demonising specific foods is a huge issue within this industry as it is. Eat a varied diet that you enjoy and can adhere to, and fat loss is simple. I’ll never say it’s easy, but it is simple.


Hitting you with some honesty from last October for #throwbackthursday. You’ve all seen these posts before from other members of the fitness industry - and I love them. Yes, most (if not all) of my photos on social media show me flexing, posing, getting lucky with some lighting or are just simply heavily edited and filtered. The same goes for pretty much everyone. There is nothing wrong with that at all - mostly because I know I worked damn hard to get where I am today when it comes to my physique and fitness, so why wouldn’t I show that off in the best possible way? But what I never forget is the mistakes I’ve learned from and the little reminders I carry with me every day. See my stomach? That’s excessive loose skin from when I was massively overweight. Is it easy to see on a day to day basis? Nope. In fact you can only really see it in action shot freeze frames like this. Does it effect my training and performance? Hell no. But there’ll be times when I catch myself off guard in the mirror and catch a glimpse of it, or the tiny stretch marks on the inside of my arms where my biceps have grown, and I know I’ve achieved something. Nobody is perfect. Nobody will ever be perfect. Be the healthiest and happiest version of you that you can be without comparing yourself to others. Be proud of what you’ve achieved and strive your hardest to achieve what you haven’t already. Gurning face optional 😜


Clearly far too many leg days have been skipped... sorry, I have failed you @christian.dyer_pt 😅😔


Am I too old/is it too cold to rock the #coachella look?! 😅