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Behind every goal, there is a reason. Share the inspiration behind your 2018 journey by posting a photo or video using #MyReasonIs.

In collaboration with @CFDA, we selected New York brand @PH5official to deliver a design for your #FitbitVersa that’s as innovative as the technology inside of it. #FitbitxPH5 coming 7/23!


From getting fit to getting away, apps on #FitbitVersa make it easy to keep your plans on track. #FitbitOS


The friend zone helps you stay in the zone. In fact, working out with a partner can increase your chances of sticking with it. Tag someone who keeps you motivated below. #FitTOGETHER


Both red, white and blue, but which team is for you? Today it’s France vs. Croatia. Who do you want to get the goals? ⚽️


Make fitness run in the entire family with #FitbitAce for kids!


Pedal with a partner this summer. Cycling in a group has shown potential to improve overall pace and performance. Tag a biking buddy below. #FitTOGETHER.


#FitbitFriend @piggyrichelle is in the zone – the heart rate zone. For her, staying in the fat burn or peak heart rate zone is one of her workout goals. What stat do you ❤️to track during a workout? Tell us below👇🏼


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The pursuit of fun has never been so healthy. With #FitbitAce, when kids play together, they get #FitTOGETHER.


Whether the celebrations are in the sky or on your wrist, aim high with your goals this #4thofJuly 🎆


Kids never stop—which is why new #FitbitAce for kids was built with up to 5 day battery life. Less time charging = more time moving!


This summer, let’s take fitness from me to we. Let’s motivate, inspire, and support each other to live our best lives. Let’s get #FitTOGETHER.