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Behind every goal, there is a reason. Share the inspiration behind your 2018 journey by posting a photo or video using #MyReasonIs.

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Make #FitbitVersa your own with premium accessories from @horweenleather. Comment👇 to tell us your fave!


A little #MondayMotivation from #FitbitFriend @curlylelli: "The only bad workout is the one you didn't do 😉" How are you getting your workout in today?


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Four days long. Still going strong. 4+ day battery life with 24/7 heart rate tracking, notifications and more. #FitbitVersa


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How do your active minutes compare to Spain’s average of 27.9 minutes per day? Here are some simple tips that can help you bump up your stats.


#FitbitFriend @d.lee.b uploaded her own photo on #FitbitVersa to turn it into a personalized clockface! Now, she has motivation whenever she needs it👩‍👧Who motivates you? Tag them below👇