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Mom of 👭🏾 Army Combat VET🎖️ Trainer 🌱90% @bodylabtraining @tru_supplements code BODYLAB10 📽

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God's PLAN🙏🏾 _ Missed my chance to go to college straight from high school due to some family drama. Ended up joining the Army instead. 17 years later I'm graduating with my two beautiful girls to see mommy walk across that stage....100% Tuition Paid, books, stipend, by the Veteran's Affair @deptofveteransaffair #thankyouforyourservice 😏 #ArmyVet #earnedit


Set your own standards... Set your goals. Work hard and you'll achieve it... in your own time. Today I check the box on another goal of mine. 🎓 degree conferred today...8 years later. Started when Nylah was a few months old. I took a 5 year break when I changed you law enforcement career now I can finally check out off my to do list. Feeling accomplished. _ ✔✔✔✔to all of the above in under 35 years old🤗


Today's free weight leg 🍑🍑day. So if you missed the memo I broke 2 fingers last Friday. No it wasn't during training😔. Sorry not going back over it did a whole spill about it in my stories Monday. Thank you everyone for your well wishes🤗. Down but never out... What you say leg day everyday🍑😊. No worries we are going to make it work. Fingers are snugged and tucked away. They still hurt ...still broken so I'm being very mindful of how I train. _ Workout fueled by @tru_supplements energy and immediately after @tru_supplements BCAA : Use discount BODYLAB10 _ Today's leg workout moderate to light weight, lots of reps superset with my favorites - BODYWEIGHT PLYO moves. 4 sets of each superset. 10-15 reps Swipe ➡➡to see each superset. Last two moves (landmine hack squats and sumo squat jump to failure) _ Booty bands by @thexbands for added resistance since I kept the weight light. Use discount code BODYLAB10 to get yours. . . . . . . . . . . #excited #bodylabtv # #TruAthlete #versace #legsfordays #bootybodybuilding #homegym #eatclean #shredded #squat #physique #lifting #body #muscle #abs #train #gymrat #bodybuilder #lifestyle #ripped #workoutvideos #shapesquad #aesthetic #womenshealth #strongwoman #strongnotskinny #girlswithtattoos #girlswithmuscles #booty🍑 #bootyfordays


The Ultimate Fitness Experience: awesome fat loss, body toning training Take #02labchallenge today. Drop in for FREE 3 Day Pass HIIT, WEIGHT TRAINING, Functional Training that will transform your body. Train with @fitdastruggle and @oluwa_buffness RSVP _ Training held at GHOS Training Facility 753 Boulevard Kenilworth NJ @ghostraining. 🔸Unlimited training Monday to Saturday, AM & PM to fit your schedule. Packages starting at $99 🏋🏽Weight training 👟Calisthenics 🤸🏾Strength, Endurance &Condition 🥗Meal plan & Nutritional counseling 📉Fitness tracker _ RSVP


#mombod My babies transforming with me. How time has flown bye. I realized yesterday it's been 10 years this June since I've been out of the Army, my babies are 8 and 4 ...😲. I remember I just wanted them to get past the diaper phase and then I couldn't wait for them to talk so I knew what their voices sounded like and walk around .. but now I'm ready for it to slow down😟. #readynotready


🤗HEY CHI-TOWN! #GETUP Looking forward to meeting you all at the @tru_supplements booth 423•June 9-10 @thefitexpo . Drop by and try free samples of @tru_supplements the best plant based supplement out there😏 . Then Join me back in Jersey Jun 16th for our #SWEATFORAVET #SWEATFESTNJ Kickboxing, Afrodance, HIIT, Forbes fun , live music and more. Sweat For A VET- SWEATFEST. Amazing high energy fun trainers. _ Jun 16, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM _ Link in BIO


Self love💖 It took me a long time to get here I admit it. I’m pretty freaking awesome. I have a lot to be proud of. I’m a great mom, a hardworking business owner, a good sister, auntie, daughter, friend, and so much more. I’m also a woman with extra baggage, stretch marks, scars and a hot head at times. I have many flaws, they make me who I am as much as my awesomeness does.  And it took a while for me to go from complaining about my flaws to celebrating them! Here's to you Nardia and not waiting for someoneelse to love you first. I love me.🤗


🍜Today's meal. Check out my IG STORIES for the full list from breakfast to dinner. [SWIPE ➡] _ I'm eating fish 3 days a week now until I figure my new diet, a better Protien source and also what's next with my fitness goals🤔. I have a few things coming up so we'll see. Fish is the only animal source I eat. My supplements are all feom @tru_supplements 100% Plant Based. #nodairy #veganintransition


You've reached your goal now what? Keep working, maintenance is just as important. This is where many fall short. A lot of times people see my transformation pictures and they ask how long does it takes. I'm always transforming always growing. I'm still working... #GETUP _ [Swipe LEFT] Here you go today's 15 mins HIIT it's also in my LIVE check it out. 30 secs each move, 30 secs rest. Last move burpee burnout 🔥1 mins. I'm using two 25lbs KB and a 50lbs KB when you see me holding one KB. Today's complete HIIT and leg day weight training in my LIVE checkout it out before it expires.


#Transforming Here's a look at where I started prep to now. All whilst a mother of 2, Full time student, and working. It was rough ... the diet... the long training. My biggest issue was the cardio with 2 jacked up feet and back pains. Dam near quit because I was so overwhelmed with everything but quitting just isn't in my nature. I would not live it down. I'm glad I did it and had the chance to really experience what it was like. Thank you guys for rocking with me to the end. Now to the next chapter #levelup _ Height 5'5. . 📈Starting 164lbs 📉Show 145lbs _ This amazing suit was handmade by Ms. @sherinj she did these boobs wonders and I 😍 the suit look and fit .


🌹4 years ago #homebirth you entered into our lives. I laid you on my chest, you didn't make not a single peep you gazed up at me with those big bright eyes and just when I thought your sister was enough to fill my heart when you squeezed my finger with your little hands. Ever since it's as if you knrw that's exactly what I needed and when I need those little squeeze. Happy birthday Nyomi Olivia 🎂 my little Queen #bendtheknee 💞


#MondayMotivation The process works when you put in the work... pics on the left is May 15th, 2014 1 day after giving birth. SWIPE Right➡ to see progression over the past 4 years.