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Magical times in a place that seems to be straight out of a fairytale. The Isle of Man surprised me and I can only recommend traveling there - not just for motorbike enthusiasts but also nature and photography lovers just like me 😍🙏🏼 #roserbrothers


I was offered the unique opportunity to discover the legendary Isle of Man in the brand new @audi_de TTS facelift. But that’s not just that: a part of the dead crazy tourist trophy track (which is actually a public road with sharp corners and no safety zones at all) was closed just for us to test the TTS at its limits. What a summer! 😍🏁 #roserbrothers


This car ❤️ Too bad I had to give it back. But hey, tomorrow I’ll be off to another epic driving adventure(can’t tell any details yet. You’ll see it in my stories tho 😉) life could be so much worse! Thanks @cariniro for the picture of myself playing in the dust! 💥 #roserbrothers


Those street vibes of Southern European towns is something I‘ve always enjoyed soaking in 😍 that perfect mix of busy hectic and laisser-faire - ain’t nothing better than sitting in a cafe watching people over an espresso or a glass of wine 👌🏼 #roserbrothers


Day trips to Côte d’Azur beauties Ramatuelle, Antibes and Saint Tropez for some extended market strolls are pretty much like treasure hunting to find the best olives, smoked salami and that linen shirt I‘m gonna wear for my grandparents birthday next week. #roserbrothers


Boy‘s toys on different levels. 💥Can’t talk about the boat but the M2 is definitely a keeper (too bad I gotta give it back on Monday). It’s gorgeous (even in supercar infested Saint Tropez people look at it with hearts in their eyes), it sounds awesome (I was stunned when we drove through an alley of houses with our windows down the other day) and it is pure fun to drive (of course I don’t do power slides on public roads but it would be so easy with this well balanced M weapon). Can I please drive this car on a race track @bmwm ? 😏🏁 #roserbrothers


After a day trip to Cassis and the beach we made it back to Saint Tropez just in time for sunset walks and pizza. And to watch rich old people who lost all their dignity trying to look young and cool but actually just looking like a copy of Keith Richards in kids clothes...🙈🍕 #roserbrothers 📸 by @cariniro


Calling this your home, coming back to the bay with your boat, must be an amazing feeling (which I can only guess because I‘m like 100 lifetimes away from being that rich). But hey, I can still come visit that beach for two weeks with the lady I love and a box full of olives and baguette and maybe some wine as well. Life’s good - not just here but also next week when we’re back home. New trips coming up but also a new level of quality time with @cariniro in Stuttgart 🙏🏼💕 #roserbrothers


First serious vacations with this one pretty much a year after we first met. You still challenge me every day. There’s still a couple things I’ll probably never totally understand. You can get me in rage a lot easier than anyone else. But I also still enjoy every second with you. I like that we never run out of things to discuss, plans to make. I like that you motivate me to be the best version of myself just to impress you enough to stay with me. Oh I love you @cariniro ❤️


I guess this picture sums up pretty well how much of a blast @cariniro and I are having here in the south of France. The @bmwm M2 is pure fun and the perfect ride to be quick in that weird riviera traffic. And the tiny little building in the back is our home for the week. It looks pretty and it got everything we need - so why would we need anything more to be happy? 😍 #roserbrothers


Finally made it to the South of France for my first summer vacations with ma chérie @cariniro. Can’t complain so far ... hot weather, cold brew and salty skin. I definitely needed these days of savoir vivre.🍷 #roserbrothers


Before my channel will all be about our amazing trip to the south of France (which just started - check out my stories), I’ll share this one with you: last Saturday I had the most epic rave track experience so far thanks to @jaguardeutschland who let me take this gorgeous @jaguar F-Type SVR for like 60 laps on the @bilsterberg and complete their track competence program 🙏🏼 a day my mini me dreamt of for years 😍 #roserbrothers


Ok wow. Today was even more epic than expected. I didn’t get to drive the GT3 RS, but I drifted both the Carrera GTS and Boxster S and I got the chance to experience a hot lap in the mighty GT2 RS with Mr. Record himself @larskern_ - so basically everything that makes a boy smile from ear to ear. Tomorrow will be different but also unforgettable. But you’ll see that soon enough! Thanks @magic_fox / @magic_fox_photography for the picture and @nicopliquett for encouraging me to go full throttle 🙏🏼 #roserbrothers


#Werbung Arrived in Düsseldorf for some @porsche action tomorrow. We’ll be celebrating 70 years of sports cars the dynamic way so I’m crazy excited! I heard @nicopliquett and @magic_fox will be there as well so it’s gonna be a great one! 💥🏁 #roserbrothers


#Werbung So #worldcup is officially over for us... Time for Bourbon: My article about our trip to Louisville, Kentucky with @heavenhilldistillery is now online at @playboygermany - go check it out. I promise I drank a lot of booze for research 🙏🏼 #roserbrothers


It still makes me happy to browse through those pictures I took at the @porsche #sportscartogether 😍 the 911 is definitely one of my all time favorites and I‘m crazy excited for some race track action with @porsche_newsroom later this week 💥🏁 #roserbrothers By the way this breathtaking beauty belongs to @constantinmerk 🙏🏼


I‘m definitely ready for those summer vacations and some serious beach time with the lady @cariniro 🏝 I met this girl exactly one year ago today (while running my first official half marathon) and I’m crazy excited for the things to come 💕 Off to south of France in a pretty cool car with the lady next week - but before that, I got some jobs to finish, some race tracks to explore and oh, I’m also moving. 💥 #roserbrothers


When you’re crazy impressed by the lunch location and use your tiny tripod and the camera’s wifi function and app to take a picture of yourself 🤔🙈 #roserbrothers