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Drawing App: Autodesk Sketchbook (pro) 17/California Matching PFP with the best @basicavocado_


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These little sketches were fun


This is a gem I made back in.... whew, like, the beginning of April?? It didn’t have shading, so I never posted it, but wow, now it does, so here. Rosophia is a fusion I made of my two gems, Cuprite and Golden Sapphire, who are both in yellow diamond’s court


Did an art collab with @jelloguts , where she drew the sketch, and I lined and coloured! It was really fun


Hey!! Please recommend SU gems that I should draw as humans in the comments! I’d appreciate it. (This is peridot)


Where did the word finna even come from


Probably posting just to post. It’s not done (or that good). My friend and I in ten years concept sketch


Elves? Good content, hit me with that please


Made with @liamather Don’t know if I’d chose him as my main fighter. Probably top 8 though. Looks kind of like a Derrick


In a matter of opinion between yoink and yeet, the state under declaration and jurisdiction of (i) has ruled that: yoink is more fun to say, and yeet is more of a cry for help


This comic is 100% inspired by Peach Pit’s song, Peach Pit. All text is lyrics taken from their song, which they own the rights to and stuff. It’s a pretty awesome song, you should go give it a listen. 🍑


@basicavocado_ our imaginary adoptive child


I have so many ideas for him in my head, but I know that as soon as I slow down on drawing them, I’m going to forget about him and never bring him back


Hhhh I have no idea when people will start getting annoyed at how much I post of him


Okay, so, this is a repost, because I actually finished the piece this time. This is a drawing I made when I was inspired after watching @o0omiso0o ‘s music video for Take Me (very good song, you should listen to it)


This was actually very difficult, and I never want to do it again. :) #stylechallenge #florzbikoc I used Seymour


Maybe they’re not the prettiest, but they mean the most to me..


A couple comics


As I said in my story, I don’t like K-POP, and I don’t know what their idols look like, so I don’t know why I drew this Thought of you @hoshiyoi while making it though