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🌸noodz | tattoos | pups | beers | booty | #skoolie 📍Colorado ✈️Chicago 3/22-4/2 🚎💨PNW Summer ‘19 📸let’s shoot, dm me to book


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Tell me your best jokes!! Let’s see if you can make me lol 😝 @joelaphoto snapped this in Denver a few years back!


Good morning friends! I woke up to a bunch of new followers, where’s everyone from? I grew up in NJ but live in Colorado! @zen_sgphoto snapped this set of me... link is in my bio to open bobs!


FLUFFY is live!!! Go check it out on @suicidegirls shot by my fav @zen_sgphoto


FLUFFFY shot by my babe @zen_sgphoto goes live tomorrow morning! Who’s excited to see this bootyful set we shot? I currently thirteen other sets live on the site. Check the link in my bio to sign up for @suicidegirls and take a peak at all of my sets... and give this one LOTS of lovin’ tomorrow!!


Morning... how do you take your coffee? Photos @maggieyeskophoto tattoos @coltonkramertattoos


If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?! I’m pretty content in my big ass bed sammiched between my two bloggers but a diving into a pool later would also be cool. Photo @maggieyeskophoto


What’s your favorite season?! I love early summer. Btw, it’s fucking cold here and I want to be soaking up the sun in this pool with @maggieyeskophoto again.


What’s your favorite color? Purple is mine, if it’s not obvious lolz. Photo by @joelaphoto Tattoos by @coltonkramertattoos


It’s snowing today. What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Snapped by @joelaphoto 😊😊😊😊


Two booties are better than one... amirite? Shot by @joelaphoto and on @suicidegirls


It makes me so happy that y’all are enjoying these photos so much! I almost want to post 3 more from this set... we shall see! Photos by @taylorenglishphoto she’s a badass and I hope I can keep growing up to be as awesome as her!


Tell me some fun facts... keep me entertained while I’m working today!


I love this set @taylorenglishphoto snapped many moons ago. Don’t worry IG police it’s censored what you see are tattoos



Do you love dogs? I have a black lab pit bull mix and an English bull terrier! What pups do you have!?


This might be one of the best photos of my booty.... be sure to say thank you @maggieyeskophoto for catching my good side 🍑


Smile! You’re amazing! ☺️✨✨✨✨


What do you notice first about this photo?