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Back at the airport after yesterday’s cancelled flight. Stops in Brooklyn at @cafe_colette made the day better, but hopefully today ends in Kentucky. Today’s favorites are a selection from 2016. 1) @jackrmoriarty. 2) @jessedtalavera. 3) @carloslazarini. 4) @chandlerbondurant. 5) @benlalisan. 6) @chrisburtallan. 7) @nicolehunziker. 8) @frostyphoto. 9) @toriinicolee.


A four hour delay at the airport today. 😥 Todays nine favorites are a million miles from here. 1) @beasquire. 2) @cole.mgkra. 3) @kpunkka. 4) @jannikobenhoff. 5) @bertymandagie. 6) @trendstyled. 7) @matthewhahnel. 8) @cllogt. 9) @melodyjoyco. @folkmagazine


Tuesday! These daily posts feel like journal entries. Today’s favorites are a selection from summer 2016. 1) @rbin9. 2) @mblockk. 3) @michaelflugstad. 4) @emitoms. 5) @myberryland. 6) @melodyjoyco. 7) @michaelflugstad 8) @effettovolta. 9) @portablesera.



That’s me in this photo...if you’re ever curious who is the one typing these captions...We’re busy preparing our travel guide for next week. While we work take a moment and check out our guide to San Francisco. Photos by


Happy Sunday. I’m not great at creating engaging captions and commentary, but I’m religiously following @local_milk and attempting to learn from hers. Anyways, here are my favorites for today. 1) @fursty. 2) @gregorywoodman. 3) @sprro. 4) @mblockk. 5) @wesleygrim. 6) @bdunbar207. 7) @thematthewsmith. 8) @brandonburkphotography. 9) @mfphoto. @folkmagazine


A little peak at the @northerngradebarndays images I shot today for a friend’s magazine. Sometimes I get really bogged down in the constant game of interactions, stats, engagement, numbers, growth, and the idea of how do you get followers on the @folkmagazine insta to read stories on the @folkmagazine’s nice to be able to step away and shoot projects for other people and not have to care about the crazy FOLK world.


Happy Saturday! Today it’s a quick trip to High Falls, NY to shoot @northerngradebarndays for a friend. As we drive up the Palisades Parkway here are my favorites for this sunny sunny Saturday. 1) @btonevibes. 2) @kylekotajarvi. 3) @adventureconwards. 4) @benjaminhardman. 5) @mattlowden. 7) @fenrirbrooklyn. 8) @itsaaronpaul. 9) @zachallia.


Another image by @johnrandolphhh from today’s profile on the website. || Who should we feature next? who do you wanna learn more about? ||


I have a bunch of agents that handle the trips we do, the big brands we work with, and the recipes we create for the website. They largely let us do what we want over here on the creative side, but they have all been begging for the past year that the team and I really make 2018 the year we finally focus heavily on the website....(and engagement on insta, but that’s a conversation for a different post) one of our goals is to create stories about the photographers that inspire us. @johnrandolphhh is one of my favorites. We’ve know each other for five years now and I am constantly 100% obsessed with his images of the West Coast and the western US. Today he is our main story on the website, and we’ll be sharing a few of his images on here. || @folkmagazine


Today’s nine favorites continue the theme of being from 2016. 1) @braedin. 2). @moners. 3) @morganphillips. 4) @helloemilie. 5) @ryan.abernathy. 6) @brandonburkphotography. 7) @kylekotajarvi. 8) @griffinlamb. 9) @dansmoe. @folkmagazine


Goodnight y’all! Tag a dog lover. Photo by @puffinandbennie