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A group of wandering millennials out to discover an authentic global community, story telling ramblers, & the new-good-ol-days.

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Today is Earth Day. Our hope is that each year we take a moment to pause and remember we are simply passengers on this vessel called Earth. We have been gifted the ultimate privilege by the universe to sojourn here for a brief moment. We must remember to carry our actions with respect and with the understanding that we are only here for a brief moment, yet our energy and our light will live on forever. Our glorious home is filled with beauty beyond our comprehension, wonders that transcend our dimension, and a force that unites each and every one of us with a responsibility to respect our lands, our environments, and our surroundings. May this #earthday be filled with the greenest of pastures, the bluest of water, the clearest of skies, and a spirit of conservation. || Photo by @ourfriendmilo #liveauthentic #landscape #doggo #pnw


I don’t intend to go days without posting. It just kinda happens. 🙈 Photo by @mayankt


Does opportunity ever knock hard on every door you own and encounter and yet you somehow miss every last one? Does opportunity ever knock and you throw open the door with such excitement that the whole world knows? Do you seek opportunities or wait for them to come to you? || Photo by @ablicki #liveauthentic

29, I took on a side project, cause this one doesn’t come with insurance (yay being a small business) ...but I’ve been photographing female business owners, artists, and makers in their studios and spaces. Ive also been listening to their stories. What drives them creatively. What inspired them to go into business for themselves, and what keeps them motivated. I’ve been in this business a long time, nearly a decade, and in that time I’ve befriended hundreds of business leaders and business owners. It’s always fascinating to have these discussions with them. I want to figure out how to share the wisdom and advice I’ve learned from them, from constantly watching, and from my own hard learned lessons. Perhaps together we’ll even discover the secret to life. Any ideas? Photo by @emmett_sparling from the Dolomites.


Sometimes moments are so spectacular they seem unreal. Moments that simply shouldn’t exist in nature on this used an abused planet, and yet they do. They are there. They are ready to be captured by a lens, a brush, or with words. Preserved for all time. Preserved for those there in that very moment or those that are a million moments away. Photo by @stevenofnorth


My thoughts on nature being a refuge and a sanctuary extend into farmhouses. The beauty and layers of history and texture create the same sense of warmth and solace that the densest and thickest of forests creates within the soul. Every single image @houseofharvest posts and created and shares fills me with that energy. Their farmhouse is the ultimate farmhouse goal and farmhouse dream.


Diverse lands with stories untold. Picture moments transport us away to foreign places. A moment a million miles away by @manueldietrichphotography


As civilizations have moved across space and time I wonder how they picked their locations to settle in. Did they know there were magnificent wonders elsewhere? Did they simply go until they had to spot. Did they feel they had found the most perfect locations? What if empires and kingdoms had been built in different spots, how would it have affected history. How would our great narrative been rewritten? || Photo from Jasper National Park by @carloslazarini


Do you ever feel lost at sea? Floating through the ocean without much direction and attempting to hold onto intolerably strong winds? How do you ground yourself in those moments? How do you change course and find a new direction guided by suns and stars and planetary alignments. || Photo by @emmett_sparling


Perhaps I just don’t like people, perhaps I find cities to be deafening. Perhaps I don’t like the visual aesthetic of steel and brick and glass....but I have found, especially in these current days, that nature is where in truly happy. I never intended to create a community centered around nature...I thought it would be a community dedicated to slow living, but I’m certainly thankful for the nature I get to experience with you. I’m thankful to know so many people that fight to protect the wilds. So many who document the lost and forgotten corners of our planet. I’m so thankful that I get to be with you as we share moments of calm and peace and quiet in spaces that couldn’t care less about politics or socioeconomics or the drama of the modern world...instead they surround us with their energy and their light and allow us to transcend the detritus of modern society and find a peaceful home within the vast expanses of the untamed, rugged, and eternal land.


They say life is a whole lot clearer through the lens of a review mirror, rose colored glasses, or the telephoto lens of fame. They don’t say how you’re supposed to take that view and apply it to the future and the lessons yet to be learned. Life is a journey and is certainly more about the process rather than the destination. Do you agree? Photo by @j.scud


There is something about quaint quiet cabins and cottages that seem so appealing these days. A million miles from WiFi, cell service, politics, violence, and all the negative energy sources that we seem to constantly be surrounded by. Instead they represent a place of refuge from this modern world and allow us to connect with the same nature that we are created of and created from. The ultimate source of love and light and pure energy. Are you ready to run away to a little cabin in the wood? Photo by @vince.constantine