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Today has gone to the dogs. We round out the work week with a happy little moment dedicated to doggos in nature. 1) @johnwingfield 2) @rieseguilherme 3) @kopernikk and 4) me, from a few years ago with my late doggo. #doggo #pupper #livefolk #liveauthentic #folkmagazine @folkmagazine


Some days tight close shots are perfectly called for. Other days, when it’s been cloudy for two weeks straight you need wide open spaces. You need Dixie Chicks singing the timeless anthem while you contemplate running away from everything and starting anew out west. Today is one of those days. So here are my favorites for today...lots of wide open moments. 1) @northernelg 2) @rusticbones 3) @crulrich 4) @jguzmannn 5) @arnarkristjans_photography 6) @lawrence_braun #landscapesandconversations #folkmagazine #liveauthentic #livefolk @folkmagazine


Today’s favorites don’t really have a theme. I just kinda love them all. 1) @jaredetheridge 2) @reneeroaming 3) @braybraywoowoo 4) @bertymandagie 5) @tom_juenemann 6) me from last summer in Maine. #liveauthentic #livefolk #landscape #landscapesandconversations #americana #folkmagazine



Each Friday I want to share a photographer that I’m obsessed with each week. This week it is @jwirtalla. I saw his work while searching some random hashtag yesterday and I cannot stop thinking about it. His work is just like amazing. It’s so well composed, shot, and edited. I hope you’ll give @jwirtalla a follow. #folkmagazine #liveauthentic #landscapesandconversations #livefolk.


This land is your land. This land is my land. This land was made for you and me. The words are immortal all across our land. Anywhere we roam or ramble the words ring true. The words stand tall and proud and timeless. From Woody Guthrie to Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl to this cover I’m listening to by Sam Hunt..they are words each of us carries from the moment we first step foot in the US. Yet with them comes a mighty responsibility to treat these lands with humble selflessness. Knowing that before this nation was ever built these lands had long been home to many and that long after this empire falls they will be home to generations to come. We are here as residents. Not owners. This land was provided to us to enjoy and to grow and live along side. That does not mean we have the right to destroy it. We must preserve it. We must nurture it. Humanity is threaded together with the idea of common good and common decency. We must encourage those around us to treat all of this land with respect and with common sense. We must educate future generations on the importance of respect and conservation. We must always, always remember that our lives are a single solitary moment on the timeline of this land. We are here to leave are mark through the love and care we show, for the works we accomplish, for the fellow lives we better....not for the land we destroy. || Photos by @roadsendworkshop at Joshua Tree National Park. #landscapesandconversations #liveauthentic #folkmagazine #americana.


I’m just madly in love with this @jarradseng photo. #livefolk #folkmagazine #liveauthentic


Are we defined by our failures? Are we defined by our successes? Do we allow ourselves to be perpetually self-sabotaged because we don’t feel we deserve success after perceived failures. What if it was never a failure at all. What if we were simply so wrapped up in it all that we thought it was a catastrophic failure, yet, we never stopped to realize all we learned from it, and instead just forever held ourselves back in a constant cycle of fear and self doubt. What if we could push through that sense and those walls and build something even greater and mightier on the foundations of well aged and well worn and well settled stone. What if instead of stagnation we, our energy, and the universe around us was ready for our greatest adventure yet... #liveauthentic #landscapesandconversations.