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Crafted for a chosen few, a small cadre of renegades and rebels. Sound like you? Show us: #brewedforus. 21+ to follow.

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We recently sat down with our Microbiologist, Wade, to ask some burning, yeast-related questions. For example, "what is yeast?" and "what role does yeast play in beer?" Lucky for you, he answered. Check it out at the link in our profile. . Pictured: Our house ale yeast working hard. #brewedforus


Today, we celebrated our annual Breakfast Stout Breakfast in the Grand Rapids taproom! Check out our Stories for more action. . What do you think of this year's mug? #brewedforus


Going grocery shopping for Thanksgiving this weekend? Before you do, be sure to check out the recipes our Culinary Director, Justin, whipped up that use - get this - our beer! . Pro tip: Always make more than you think you need because who doesn’t love post-Thanksgiving leftovers? . Full recipes at the link in our profile. #brewedforus


You guessed everything from DKML to Frootwood to "please not another BA IPA." Without further ado, the fourth release in our taproom Mothership Series is... . Panther Cub! . This fierce cat is a small porter aged with vanilla in a combo of @blisgourmet maple syrup bourbon barrels and regular bourbon barrels and it's ready for its bottled debut on December 1! Oh, and get this: It's the very first barrel-aged beer we've ever released in 6-pack bottles. More at the link in our profile. #brewedforus


No matter how you look at it, Solid Gold is redefining what a premium lager can be. #brewedforus


Bobbing for beer > bobbing for apples #brewedforus


Red’s Rye IPA is a Founders Family favorite for an end of day shifty. It’s also the #1 draft choice in our Grand Rapids taproom. Coincidence? We don’t think so. #brewedforus


Today, we honor all veterans for the sacrifice and service they’ve given our country. A special tip of the hat to our Founders Family veterans – your selflessness is inspirational. Cheers and thank you! #brewedforus


It’s an #Instagram miracle! WE’RE VERIFIED! . #brewedforus


An old friend is back with a brand new look. . Azacca IPA, our seasonal beer just dropped in both taprooms today and will be available everywhere else by the end of the month! What do you think about the updated artwork? . Learn more about the beer at the link in our profile. #brewedforus


The taproom Mothership Series is going where it's never gone before - a maple syrup bourbon barrel. Our next taproom-only release is almost ready for you, any ideas what it could be? . Announce coming 11/15/18. #brewedforus