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Home, sweet bird-home πŸ’« Just a little doodle on the iPad Pro before I head to sleep! Night sweet thangs! πŸ’›πŸ§‘β€οΈ


Happy Monday sweet things! πŸ’« Here's a closer look at one of my favourite thumbnail experiments from last week. I actually had the urge to do these last year but never found the time or energy to put 'em to paper. Last week I was like JUST DO IT IDIOT, and I'm so glad I did! Already these little watercolour sketches will inform the artwork for my second book as well as some paintings I want to make and turn into prints. Another friendly reminder to just go for it!


When testing colours turns into doodling, which turns into experimenting, which accidentally turns into something you really like! πŸ’› For a long time I've felt lost when it comes to drawing figures/portraits. They were always pretty flat and non-expressive which at the time I liked and was okay with. But coming up to finishing the manuscript for my second book I know I want to find a simple but more expressive way to draw faces, something that would allow me to depict emotions in more than just a few dots and lines. I landed on this last night, which is really just a first step, but I think it's heading in the right direction. I also want to note that I was watching Powerpuff Girls shortly before drawing this so I think I've definitely embedded some of those vibes subconsciously, specifically with the eye shape. I like how it turned out so I thought I'd share - lemme know what you think. I included the different stages of drawing that led to this point with the swipey feature so take a look if you wanna. I guess this is also a friendly Friday reminder to always try new things because you never know where it'll take you! X


Just jumped into these dusk/dawn thumbnails for no reason other than I felt like it - feels good. I'm totally vibing on the two on the right, what about you?? β˜„


*✧ TRINKETS ✧* I turned to Rocket yesterday and said "I feel so full of love this year" to which he responded "Sha'an, it's only been one day". Here's to an even greater year, full of better artwork and more of it! One of my goals is to be more productive - I started by decluttering my entire studio and jumping straight into client work! β˜„ What are your 2018 resolutions?


Tiny budgies! πŸ‹πŸ More gouache experiments.. trying to see what its like to paint something small and detailed. Hope you're having a great arvo! πŸ’›


Last but not least! My second piece for the #CokexAdobexYou campaign! 〰️ It was such a pleasure to work with @CocaCola and @Adobe as an #AdobePartner on these pieces. Again I’ve used @CocaCola’s iconic bottle as a base and used negative space and a focus on watersports to play on the idea of ships in bottles. I can’t wait to see what end up creating - check out https://adobe.ly/2z6areK for deets on joining in on this project! 😍


I get to draw every day for a living (?!) πŸ“Έ @rocket_k for @thedesignfiles


Here is a fictional potplant just for you! 🌿 Spending my Sunday arvo trying to wrap my head around gouache ✍🏼


Did you guys see the vibrant studio visit/interview that @thedesignfiles put up this morning!? So honoured to be featured on their incredible platform! These are just a couple of the gorgeous photos from the feature, let me know what you guys think! 〰️ Thanks so much to @annieportelli for the chat, to @rocket_k for the gorgeous snaps and @thedesignfiles team for the feature! πŸ’›


Here it is! My first piece for the #CokexAdobexYou campaign! ❀️ As an #AdobePartner I was approached by @CocaCola to create something using their assets and @Adobe’s design tools - I had SO MUCH FUN! I love playing with scale in my work, so I chose to blow their iconic bottle way up in size and have someone diving right in! It was such a pleasure to illustrate for this project, and now it’s your turn! You can check out the design brief and all the other work at https://adobe.ly/2z6areK γ€° PS I’ve just been given a year's @adobecreativecloud subscription to giveaway - I’ll do that on my next post for this project ✨✨✨