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#INKTOBER DAY EIGHTEEN — VOLCANO 🌋 〰️ What do you think he's cooking up in his little brain? 🔥🤔 Oh, man am I jetlagged! Now that I'm back on the Aussie clock I'm super behind with my entries, and don't forget the two prompts I.O.U at the end! Feels so good to be home.


L.A. was a blast but I'm still so happy to be home. Back into the studio with my sad plants who need some lovin' 🌿💔


#INKTOBER DAY SEVENTEEN — MUSTARD 〰️ Mustard and his pal Tomato Sauce. Mustard found out nobody (me) likes him, and that makes him sad. 😭💛 #flpinktober


I’m currently listening to The Indignities of Being a Woman #OnAudible, an audiobook which tracks the gender gap through the ages, framed within a conversation between its two authors (a format that I loved). I painted this piece while I listened to the last few chapters of the book, and at first I thought of this piece being about how slow progress is moving for gender equality in that there are issues that have existed for literally thousands of years. Now that I’m finished, I want this piece to reference the old tale of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race - the assurance that if we keep pushing for equality, we’ll get there. I knew we did it tough through history, but in literally every chapter I found myself audibly gasping in disbelief! You can listen to The Indignities of Being a Woman now, only from @audible_au .


#INKTOBER DAY SIXTEEN — CONFETTI 〰️ I had so much fun creating this little guy. So many of the entries for today's prompt that I've seen on #flpinktober are insane - they look so joyful, like you had fun making them too! You guys are so wild 🎉


Look at this sweet, giant boy letting his freak flag fly. Doodles over a photograph I took at Mt Rainier in 2015.


#INKTOBER DAY FIFTEEN — KOALA 〰️ Just a little slice of home 🐨🍃 I'm not well practiced in koalas - I find that living things are harder to draw when you haven't practiced them more than inanimate objects. While I was painting this I was sure that I would have to start over, but when I finished this piece it instantly grew on me and I really love it! Show me your cute af koalas at #flpinktober


G'morning! I love how prickly it is here in L.A. - cacti are a constant and that's always a plus in my books! 〰️ #AdobeMAX officially begins today and I am so excited to be here again to cover the event as an #AdobePartner! I'll be sharing all of the things I personally love and learn in my stories so those of you who couldn't make it in person can still access that high of inspiration I always feel when I'm here 💛


#INKTOBER DAY FOURTEEN — GROCERIES 〰️ I actually had so much fun inking this little guy! Someone let me design an entire grocery store's worth of products please! 😍 #flpinktober


Full of sugar at Disneyland 🌼🍃


#INKTOBER DAY THIRTEEN — PLANET 〰️ I chose to paint Earth because, personally, it's my favourite planet to live on. It's awesome to see so many of you still on top of your inktober prompts - I'm very proud 💪🏼 #flpinktober


#INKTOBER DAY ELEVEN — ROCKET 〰️ OMW to the moon! In case you missed my announcement via stories, I forgot to paint yesterday's prompt 'statue' before I left for L.A and so I'll have to give you an I.O.U for that one, and for tomorrow's prompt which is 'flag'. Oops! #flpinktober