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🎉 Your friendly neighbourhood illustrator 〰 🚀 Author & illustrator of ZOOM 💬 I tweet and vlog too - come find me 💌 chris@furrylittlepeach.com


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MARCHING BAND! 🎉 Fact: I played the trumpet in my primary school band as a kid - I was so terrible! 💥🎺 Lemme know which instruments you sucked at! (no aficionados allowed 🙅‍♀️ only school band failures like me)


I never update you guys on my feed when I have a new video, but I'm feelin' this thumbnail! I share all my current favies including illustrators you need to check out, my art mail, books, tv, music and more! I also explain my zucc haircut. Link in bio! 🎉 pretty please share your own favies and recommendations in the comments so I can check them out when I wake up!!! 😍💛


Roadtrip sketchin' on roadsides: the world around me vs the world in my mind 💛 Do you like seeing my references? If you do I'll be sure to include them more often 😍


🎉 NEW ICON 🎉 photograph by my guy @rocket_k 〰️ I used my last icon for literally years so I sure as heck hope you don't hate this one! Lemme know what you think! 💛


Watercolour and glitter ✨ one of my favourites from the archives. 20th Century Fox commissioned me in 2016 to paint a piece inspired by their animated feature Trolls 😍


Take these cuties home and help free them from their plastic prisons !! (actually packaged in biodegradable cello but that doesn't have the same ring to it ya'know?) 🏠 Still got some sets left in my store 😍 link in bio if you wanna take a peek 👀


I found an old drawing prompt book while redistributing books into bookshelves and decided maybe just maybe I should try to draw something cute and silly most days. I asked you guys on stories if you wanted to see 'em and 98% of you said HECK YES so here ya go - 2% of you who voted 'heck no' look away now! ✏ 〰️ P.S. I know some of you will ask which book I'm using: 👉 "712 More Things to Draw" - I guess it's a sequel ???


A cheeky update on the huge painting I'm working on - and I'm not even a quarter of the way finished yet! 🎉 HALP


Just horsin' around ✍ What should I draw next? 😍


Which one is your fave? 💫 ICYMI my store is once again filled with cute new stuff! 💛💛💛 S/O to everyone who supports indie artists by shopping our online stores - you make our dreams a reality! 🏡 Link in my bio for this set of five super-sweet quality vinyl sweet guys who make up my Homebody sticker sets! I made these to celebrate homebodies like me who never wanna leave the house. 〰️ Unlike paper stickers these cuties are durable af, they don't wear and they don't leave anything behind when you remove em so they're laptop safe! So proud of these 😍


😍🌏 Just under half an hour until preorders for paperback editions of ZOOM are available in my store (amongst a bunch of other sweet thangs). 🚀💫 Swipe to check out the awesome space themed display at @harryhartogbookseller in Bondi - love it!!! Thank you to @sallyannconwell for sharing! 〰️ Preorders for ZOOM will be open for one week (until the 15th of April). All orders that include a preorder will be shipped by the 22nd.


TOMORROW I'M UPDATING MY STORE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER 😍😍😍 Good Boy sticker sheets, Homebody sticker sets, little homes + preorders for paperback editions of ZOOM 🚀💙💫 〰️ 12PM TOMORROW (9TH APRIL) SYDNEY TIME aka AEST aka UTC+10:00 〰️ Everything except book preorders are limited so please check your timezones if you don't want to miss out 💛⚘ILY