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Gabriela Herman

Professional photographer. Brooklyn-based, world-bound.

My first shoot for @thecut!! I read pretty much everything @nymag does both in print and online so this was a real treat and honor for me to be able to contribute to their stellar content. Also this was just so much fun thanks to @lradel and @chupsterette and @autumn_kovach. This is @instalaurigram who is a rad lady, mom to three and head of product development at the @whitneymuseum. It was shot for ‘In Her Shoes’ a column about what real women wear when they need to get things done. Stay tuned for lots more!


While in New Mexico I also shot some reg ole travel pics


Last one from the Intertribal Navajo Pow Wow. I got a little experimental at the end!


The famous Mexican Voladores were there


More people and feathers from the Navajo Intertribal Pow Wow for @cntraveler


Dancer at the Navajo Pow Wow for @cntraveler and a headdress detail


A couple details from the Navajo Pow Wow


Revisiting a work trip with this beaut


Huge congrats to @zachwahls for winning a seat in the Iowa Senate!! Zach was one of the first subjects I photographed for my book “The Kids.” He made his first big splash defending his lesbian moms in front of the Iowa House of Representatives and now has just become one of the youngest members to ever serve in the Iowa Senate. Go Zach go! This certainly will not be the last time hearing his name.


Rupert Everett shot for @culturetrip


Pinehurst Golf resort for @businessweek @bloombergpursuits and yes I tried all three of those milkshakes!