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Gabriela Herman

Professional photographer. Brooklyn-based, world-bound.

Shot @grossypelosi’s dream pad for @curbed. This was one of those rare assignments where I got to do the whole thing in my pjs and slippers! (He happens to be our upstairs neighbor.)


An extravagant hotel breakfast shot for @cntraveler while in Amman.


Última bruja cocktail, chile relleno, e spicy pork memela from @claro.bk shot for @nytimes.


This was a real treat for both the eye and mouth! One of those shoots where I lingered longer than necessary because I was simply enjoying everything about the experience. Pete Wells gave this restaurant, Claro, a two star glowing review in today’s @nytimes. Well deserved! Thanks @autumn_kovach for the assist and modeling and to Erica for the ask.


Can’t believe I returned home from ☀️ to ❄️


Portrait of Mia and I that accompanies my intro in the The Kids book, about those of us that have an LGBTQ parent. If you’re in the Boston area come on out tonight to celebrate the book and meet some of the other ‘kids’ featured. Info in profile.


A week from today come celebrate The Kids book in Boston! Info in profile. This is Molly. She was raised in Worcester, MA. Her dad transitioned to female when she was 14. "It was the eighties, and it had not been on Oprah ... We're from a very progressive, liberal Democratic family, but this just seemed so bizarre ... It was very disruptive to my family ... it became clear after a while that my dad felt like she couldn't fully be herself and be in our family ... "


Two outtakes of Tommy Hilfiger powerhouse Avery Baker for @bloombergpursuits


Avery Baker, chief brand officer for Tommy Hilfiger, shot for @bloombergpursuits. Loved this assignment! Plus got an actual Tommy sighting while in the building. 🙏 @leonorjr, @philipnix & @matochu


Excited to finally be able to share some images from @marthastewart’s new book Martha’s Flowers. Checkout my story for more. 👆


Outtake of @rosieperezbrooklyn for the @nytimes


Actress Rosie Perez shot at the top of 30 Rock for the @nytimes in today's paper. Love my job love my job. For so many reasons. Thanks to @autumn_kovach for the assist and @ariana_mc for the ask.