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D-5 before the opening of Claude Rutault exhibition « Picasso-Rutault. Grand écart » at the National Museum Picasso-Paris! . With this exhibition, Claude Rutault offers a dialogue with the collection of artworks of the National Museum Picasso-Paris: paintings, graphic arts and sculptures will be shown. The exhibition presents a « grand écart », french for « splits », between a traditional vision of paintings, attached to an artwork signed and dated, and the creative process of Claude Rutault which relates on an eternal renewal process. Starting Nov. 20! ______ J-5 avant l’ouverture de l’exposition de Claude Rutault « Picasso-Rutault. Grand écart » au Musée national Picasso-Paris! . À travers cette exposition, Claude Rutault offre un dialogue avec les œuvres de la collection du Musée national Picasso-Paris: peintures, arts graphiques, sculptures seront présentées. Il s’agit de proposer un «grand écart» entre une vision traditionnelle de la peinture, celle d’une toile achevée, signée et datée, et le processus créatif de Claude Rutault qui établit un descriptif de l’œuvre, amenée à se renouveler. Ouverture le 20 novembre! _____ @museepicassoparis #clauderutault #picasso #perrotin #artist _____ Artwork: Claude Rutault, « dé-finition/méthode, ‘autoportrait en pied’ », 2011, Peinture sur toile 168 x 110 cm © Antoine Cadot courtesy Perrotin


"La Rose des Vents", Othoniel’s kinetic sculpture shining in the @conservatoryofflowers… A beautiful golden rose, among roses, in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco! 🌺 _____ @othoniel_studio @836m_art . #othoniel #jeanmichelothoniel #rosedesvents #conservatoryofflowers #836mgallery #perrotin #flowerpower #gold #kinetic #sculpture #rose #california #sfconservatoryofflowers #sf


Perrotin Tokyo is pleased to present a solo exhibition of celebrated India-based artist, Bharti Kher. Situated in a legacy of work that weaves as many linguistic pirouettes as material ones, Bharti Kher’s first solo show in Japan is named Djinns, things, places for a reason. The opening is happening tonight! 💫 @bkherful #opening #perrotin #perrotintokyo #bhartikher _______ Artwork: « The Intermediaries » (18), 2017 Clay, resin, cement, iron, brass, wax h. 133 × L. 24 × l. 24 cm | h. 52 3/8 × l. 9 7/16 × w. 9 7/16 in ______ ペロタン東京はこのたび、インドを拠点に活動する著名アーティスト、バー ルティ・ケールの個展を開催いたします。バールティ・ケールの日本初となる個展は、物質的および言語的な“ピルエット”を織り成す作品群の集大成であり、「Djinns, things, places」(精霊、モノ、場所)と名付けられたことには理由があります。


Last chance to see Izumi Kato exhibition at Perrotin Seoul. On view through Nov. 18! 🔥 Kato’s latest stone sculpture series, which began in 2016, depicts the intimate connection between self, others and nature. Originally constructed of granite stones collected from a landfill near his coastal studio in Hong Kong, the new sculptures mark a departure from previous works in both form and origin, now locally sourced within Korea. Kato’s art practice is a journey into our own sense of humanity which begins at the point of convergence between imagination and reality. _____ #izumikato #Perrotin #PerrotinSeoul #Gallery #Artist Artwork: Untitled, 2018 Obsidian, stone, silicon, FRP h. 90 × L. 85 × l. 30 cm | h. 35 7/16 × l. 33 7/16 × w. 11 13/16 in. 📸 Exhibition views: © 2018 Izumi Kato. Courtesy the Artist & Perrotin


If you’re in New York, don’t miss Jesper Just's « Interpassivities » at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) from Nov. 15 to Nov. 17! 💃 « Interpassivities » is a performance work––incorporating ballet––that explores changes in space, labor, communication, and experience in the wake of contemporary society and technology. Media and dimensions overlap and fold in on one another and performers and audience alike navigate a shifting visual and sonic topographic landscape, oscillating between the realms of interactive and interpassive human relations, between projected visuals and live performance. _____ @jesperjust @bam_brooklyn #jesperjust #artist #perrotin #newyork #ballet #performance #interpassivities #BAM


Meet Elmgreen & Dragset in this interview to know more about the solo show on view at Perrotin Paris, until Dec. 22. 🌟 . In this video, Elmgreen & Dragset explain their vision of making art : « In our small changes we try to show that if we just think about our every day life, our every day objects, in a different way, we can reinvent these structures at any time. » . Watch the whole interview on our website, IG TV and Facebook page! ______ Rencontrez Elmgreen & Dragset à travers cette interview et découvrez-en plus sur leur exposition, actuellement visible à la galerie Perrotin de Paris jusqu’au 22 décembre. . Dans cette vidéo, Elmgreen & Dragset expliquent leur vision de la création d’une oeuvre d’art: « Dans les petits changements que l’on opère, nous essayons de montrer qu’en remettant en question nos habitudes, nos objets du quotidien, alors on peut réinventer ces structures à volonté ». • 📹 . @elmgreenanddragsetstudio #elmgreenanddragset #perrotin#perrotinparis


Last week, we were pleased to open Park Seo-Bo exhibition « Ecriture », at Perrotin New York! ✨ • Let’s have a look at the paintings shown in this exhibition: works from the 2000s, they are characterized by bright, vivid colors. These compositions with complementary colors in their vertical furrows have different effects according to different points of view as in Op Art. However, unlike Op art, whose optical illusions are highly calculated, Park’s paintings look natural rather than mechanical, soft rather than sharp. This is why viewers often find themselves spending long periods of time in front of Park’s works, captivated by their restraint and refinement. So, come and take your time to look at these paintings and its details. ____ @parkseobo #Perrotin #perrotinnewyork #newyork #gallery #contemporaryart #artist #koreanartist #parkseobo #Dansaekhwa • « Ecriture No. 061210 », 2006. Mixed media with Korean Hanji paper on canvas. h. 165 × L. 260 cm | h. 64 15/16 × l. 102 3/8 in. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin. 📷 Dario Lasagni


We are pleased to participate in West Bund Art & Design in Shanghai, just opened today, with a solo booth by Leslie Hewitt. The presentation at the fair features an ongoing investigation of personal and collective memory that she begun in 2002 under the generic title "Riffs on Real Time". The works within the various series of "Riffs on Real Time" are comprised of fragile sculptural arrangements of paper documents on the floor that are photographed with a bird view. In each work, an analogue photographic print sourced from private individuals is placed on top of a printed document (book, magazine, work sheet) that stands for the collective experience of a moment in time. Breaking the assumption that only photographic documentation bears a quality of truth for the recollection of things past, she opens a poetic, intuitive exploration of the fleeting essence of memory with new abstract compositions of monochrome chromogenic prints. ✨ • On view til Nov. 11! . 贝浩登荣幸宣布参加2018年上海西岸艺术与设计博览会,今年将为观众呈现美国艺术家莱斯利·休伊特个展,展出其“实时重复”( Riffs on Real Time)系列的最新摄影作品,并穿插黑影相片、数字显色照片、极简雕塑等新的空间色块。该系列作品从2002年起创作至今,由3个层面串联而成:日常生活的抓拍、历史文献的图像资料、工作室的地板凹槽纹理。 _______ 📸 Ringo Cheung. Courtesy Perrotin. @westbundartfair #westbundartanddesign #perrotin #lesliehewitt #artfair #shanghai


Meet Sophie Calle in this interview and discover her solo show, on view at Perrotin Paris, until Dec. 22. 🌟 . In this video, Sophie Calle explains the process of creation of her project « Souris Calle » : « one thing leading to another, friends, musicians and chance meetings led to a total of 39 songs, and 40 if you count my own. » . Watch the whole interview on our website, IG TV and Facebook page! ______ Rencontrez Sophie Calle à travers cette interview et découvrez-en plus sur son exposition personnelle, actuellement visible à la Galerie Perrotin de Paris jusqu’au 22 décembre. . Dans cette vidéo, Sophie Calle explique le processus de création de son projet « Souris Calle » : « de fil en aiguille, les amis, les musiciens, les chanteurs et les rencontres occasionnelles [nous ont conduit] à 39 interprétations, et 40 si vous comptez la mienne». 🎼 • 📹 #sophiecalle #souriscalle #interview #perrotin #paris #exhibition 🐱 LP with: @aarontheband @laurieandersonofficial @juliettearmanet #MathieuBaillot #MazarinePingeot @alexbeaupain @benjamin_biolay_ #Bono @brigittedefrance #Camille @arnaudcathrine @florentmarchetofficiel @jeannecherhal #Christophe #Clarika #PascalComelade #JarvisCocker @loudoillon #StephaneEicher #FredericLo #ThomasFersen @feuchatterton #IreneJacob #JeanMichelJarre @kerenannmusic #Kincy #RagnarKjartansson #KristinAnna @pierrelapointe.officiel @albindelasimone #Miossec @mirwais.official #FabrizioMoretti #JosephMount @thenational #LinusOhrn @ayumipaul @mariemodiano @petervonpoehl @raphaelharoche @nicolasirkis @caseyspooner #Wolfram @michael_stipeofficial @minatindle @pharrell