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I’ve been sitting here for a solid ten minutes wondering how to kick off this birthday caption. Do I describe your luscious curls? Do I talk about our sweet tendency to hold hands? Do I recount our sister adventures often involving flowers? Do I allude to our many moments of straight up weirdness where we just bounce off one another’s crazy and hilarious whims until we’re nearly peeing ourselves? Camila, I’m always grateful for the connection we have. For the ability to be the ultimate silliest version of myself with you. I see us many years from now with matching silver hair, making the same jokes, walking through thrift stores and gardens commenting on colors and our ideas of the best aesthetic. I love you and treasure what we have so dearly. Thanks for getting my vibes, for supporting me, and for loving me just so damn hard. Happy Birthday you insanely wonderful person! May this be an extra lovely year for you 🦋 #happycamilasbirthdaytoall #noonecanhandleafidgetspinnerlikethisgirl #wedohalloweenright #unicornsistersforever #early00vibes


My aesthetic in shells 🐚🐷 #gimmethempinks


Just a bunny getting her sweet tooth on 💖 #pink4ever #truelifeimobsessedwithpins #itshowiexpressmyself


When the ice cream shop has lavender flavor and you have your lavender pin on 💜 #itskismet #soyummy #itsalmosttooprettytoeat #jkitsalmostgone #addictedtothecream


Here is a photo of me being enthusiastic about being on top of Stone Mountain 🌈 #happyting


When you find out your best friend is dressing as Belle so you show up as Gaston to steal her away ❤️💛❤️ #happyhalloween #belle #gaston #costumes #bestfriends #julioisthebeast


I’m back in Gainesville with my Lacie, a belly full of Satchel’s, and a Hyppo pop in my hand. I feel so blessed right now. #gainesvillevibes #ibleedorangeblueandsatchels #gogators #lacefacegoodness @lacefacekillah @thehyppogainesville @satchelspizza


Happy Birthday Mami 💕 I remember every year when we asked you what you wanted for your birthday, you’d say you only needed our love. It always felt like loving us and others was your top priority. Every smile I give to others, the compliments I hand out to strangers, the hugs I give out (sometimes forcibly) are all for you. Thank you for raising Camila and I with an abundance of love. You’ve given me the mission of spreading that sunshine you left in us. You are the definition of “lover not a fighter”, except when someone upset you on the road and you called them a “creatura de dios”. Even when you were trying to be mean, you were nice lol. You’re a rockstar of love Mami. If you’re reading this, call your mom, tell her you love her. Thank her for the advice and guidance she’s given you in your life. Kiss her cheeks for the sweetness she’s shared with you. Ask her about her teenage days, her first love, her hometown, her favorite job. Hug her tight and remember life is to be loved and appreciated.


Honestly this is the most cool I’ll ever look 😎 🤙 #kelseaslastsplash #surfsupbro #thatsatightchaka


Rub a dub dub, Airstream in the tub 💧


Meet Sterling, our Airstream Flying Cloud 25 FB! We are currently parked in front of our cousin's house, because they are the bomb. (Thank you @kalia_garrido & @nolan_garrido 😘) We'll stay here, while we pack him up and get ready for our travels ❤️ #airstream #airstreamlife #airstream25fb #flyingcloud #airstreamflyingcloud


We purchased our new home today 😅🚄❤️ What a day filled with emotions!!! I was excited, scared, humbled, giddy, and grateful. More details coming soon 🌈 #airstream #airstreamlife #digitalnomad


They told us we'd need a truck, so we got a truck ❤️ #yesiknewmyshoeswouldmatch


When I moved to CO, I never thought I would find and fit in a group. Not that I wouldn't make friends here and there, but I just doubted that I'd find a group of girls that were chill, loving, and willing to embrace an addition to their circle. I was so wrong! I met these ladies at my first job at Lucky Brand and was straight up thrown by them. A group of girls who were funny, charming as hell, diverse af, and just good to their cores? Seemed to good to be true! But it wasn't! Even though it's been over a year that we've worked together at Lucky Brand, busy with conflicting schedules and dietary preferences, we still found time to go out to the woods and spend a weekend together. I love you ladies! I am so lucky (haha) to have you all in my life. #girlpower #missingmelissalunaandninytha


Here's something I wore this week 🌼 clothes from @relevantgoods 💫 #whatgabbiwears #randochillvibesinsummer #inthewrongera #clogitup #sweedishhasbeens


7 years ago I was sitting under the stars in my backyard with this guy that I worked with at Abercrombie & Fitch. He told me he really liked me. I told him I really like him too. Tonight we sat at our favorite restaurant @unclerestaurant talking about the past seven years and the next seven to come. I feel truly blessed @govinda_ Let's be weird together forever 🐼❤️🐨


When you're obsessed with a human this much and she turns 1, the only option is to be this extra. 💕👶🏻💕 #teamzen #zenayamoon #truelifeimazenatic #zenruleseverytingaeoundme


My dear @govinda_ I'd get married to you everyday if I could 😘 I couldn't be happier than in the mountains with you making our vow in front of Krishna. Love you forever koala bear #blessup